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AI Coding Assistant: The New Era of Software Development

Mar 07, 23  |  Bakhtain Afzal

Human-centered AI foresees a world where humans and robots work together rather than against one another. Today, the growth and consolidation of technologies like AI, ML, DL, the IoT, and others are the foundational concepts of Revolution 4.0. Following that, AI directly influences global organizations and niches, among them, software development companies are the top ones being affected.

AI's applications are wide ranging - from facilitating an efficient workplace to manufacturing automobiles - undoubtedly, Artificial intelligence is already pervasive in many fields.

Speaking of different fields, there is no doubt that AI usage is surging within software development. And, for people coming with zero coding experience, adjusting to a development environment can be a complete head-scratching process. Thankfully, here comes an AI coding assistant to the rescue.

For years, generating a new source of code was the real inviter to a series of unwitting mistakes. But, with the advent of AI-assisted code creation tools like GitHub Copilot and Tabnine, this vision has become a reality.

Sounds interesting… 

To give you a deeper understanding of AI assisted programming, this article walks you through AI coding tools, computer assisted coding pros and cons, how they embark on a new age of AI assisted software development and all about AI without coding.

What Is AI Assisted Coding?

The term "AI assisted coding" refers to using machine learning models to generate code automatically. Many AI coding tools allow programmers to use natural language to define their desired program behavior. The tools automatically generate the relevant code with user-specified variable names and calls to other modules or services included where needed.

Referring to the functionality of AI coding assistant, these AI coding tools are powered by algorithms - trained through an incredible amount of code. Based on the existing code, the algorithm generates a custom code tailored to the user requirements and program demands.

What Is No Code AI?

No-code AI, the name suggests, is AI without coding or AI assisted coding. This refers to platforms that you can use for developing an AI system. It can also be known as the "codeless AI."

No-code Artificial intelligence (AI) paves the way for non-expert programmers to build AI systems, most often for use in business. The user-created AI system aids in categorizing and analyzing data, allowing for the development of reliable models and the subsequent making of predictions.

The primary goal of AI without coding is to democratize AI - making it available to a broader audience.

The Pros and Cons of AI Assisted Programming

Yes, AI assisted programming offers numerous benefits. Primarily, it's known for saving developers a great deal of time. 

To mention a few, here are the computer assisted coding pros and cons:


Let’s begin our discussion with its pros:

Enhanced Productivity

To get started with the computer assisted coding pros and cons, enhanced productivity stands as the top benefit of AI coding. Through AI task automation, developers can save time on completing repetitive tasks. Due to this, other functions that need a higher level of attention can be achieved with total focus. For example, AI assisted software development mainly leads to testing and coding optimization automation. And this lets programmers focus on writing new code. 

In addition to that, it allows code management and analysis - making the software development process efficient and effective. 

Accessible for Non-experienced Individuals

Software development can be daunting for those with zero coding experience. For them, this is a godsend. 

On the other hand, this isn't only bliss for the inexperienced one. Instead, it helps developers to enhance their skills. At the same time, they're more productive and efficient with the software development process. 

Project Scalability

AI assisted software development can do most of it for you, but here's the best part. AI helps in project management with great scalability despite its size and complexity. The AI algorithms ensure the development process is optimized. It guarantees to meet project deadlines with minimal chances of any delay.

Conclusively, it saves time, ensures efficiency, and delivers scalable projects. 

Higher Accuracy

This stands as one of the top advantages of AI assisted coding. The AI algorithms are more efficient and robust in detecting coding errors in almost no time. 

This is done by code pattern analysis and spotting the anomalies within the code. The algorithm can test and debug the code more efficiently, improving the code quality. Ultimately, this improves the code quality and directly increases customer satisfaction.


Now coming to the disadvantages part of Artificial Intelligence assistants:

Code Review

Developers must constantly accept (or reject) automatically written codes using an AI code explainer. They need to evaluate code regularly while benefiting from AI assisted programming, which may be a distraction for programmers. As a result, it saves time and no developers has to spend time manually creating every line of coding. 

Ethical Concerns

Exploring computer assisted coding pros and cons, another drawback of AI powered coding tools is unethicality. A significant problem with AI assisted coding tools is that they effectively copy code from another project since they educate on open-source code. As a result, ethical and legal issues are raised, such as, "do you commit plagiarism or licensing violations if your AI assisted coding tool generates code that mimics code in another GitHub repository?" Its a possibility when the individuals start suing each other over ethical concerns.

The Top AI Coding Tools

Now that you’ve read about the computer assisted coding pros and cons, here are the top AI coding tools. AI technologies are making changes in the world of programming. Since AI-made code is getting more accurate, it will only be a matter of time before it completely replaces human programmers.

Some people might see this as bad, but others think AI code explainer will make writing better code faster. In this article, we'll talk about some AI tools that programmers can use now and look at how they're changing how we write code.

Even though code made by AI assisted software development still needs work, the good part is that its constantly improving. Some AI technologies can produce even better code than code made by humans. The following is a list of the top AI Coding tools

  1. OpenAI Codex

OpenAI Codex, a model based on GPT-3, is the engine behind GitHub Copilot, is an AI coding assistant that creates code in popular IDEs like Neovim, VS Code, JetBrains, and even the cloud with GitHub Codespaces. 

Being one of the best tools for coding, it promises the ability to write code in at least 12 different languages, including BASH, JavaScript, Go, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Swift, and TypeScript. The system learns from a training set consisting of billions of lines of code available on sites like GitHub.

OpenAI made the model available to platform providers and developers in a closed beta to facilitate the creation of additional tools and integration.

  1. Tabnine

Tabnine isn't a full-stack code generator but improves the IDE's auto-completion features. While attending the University of Waterloo, Jacob Jackson developed Tabnine in Rust; it has now matured into a complete artificial intelligence (AI) based code completion tool.

Tabnine is compatible with over 20 languages and 15 editors, including popular IDEs such as VS Code, IntelliJ, Android Studio, and even Vim. It can cost as low as $432 per year for a team of three programmers.

  1. Polycoder

The Polycoder is OpenAI's answer to the Codex. Based on OpenAI's GPT-2, which was trained using a 249 GB codebase written in 12 distinct programming languages, CMU researchers designed their model of this AI code explainer. 

The developers of PolyCoder claim that their tool provides more exact C coding than any other model, including Codex. Even though most code generators are not open source, Polycoder is the top AI coding assistant.

  1. Github Copilot

To help you write better code, GitHub offers an AI tool called Copilot - largely known as one of the best tools for coding. It may generate code and make it easier to understand the code of others. Github Copilot is powered by GPT-3 and OpenAI Codex.

Developers know there is always space for enhancements and new features. There may be occasions when it's challenging to find the time. Artificial intelligence-based methods may be helpful in this situation. You can write better code more rapidly with the help of AI technology.

  1. Codiga 

Codiga is a static analysis tool that may be used with various development environments. It's an automated codec-correction tool (an AI code explainer) that operates in real-time, primarily emphasizing security. It's a method for ensuring your code is as effective, secure, and well-organized as possible. YML, JavaScript, typescript, ruby, and Java are only some of the popular programming languages supported by the platform.

This AI coding assistant helps you examine code that you or your team has already written, but if you need assistance writing new code, go elsewhere. Hence, delivering a produced product is much more efficient and quick.

Is AI Going to Replace Software Developers?

Simply put, the answer is "no." 

While a large part of a software engineer's job will always include writing code, the percentage of time spent doing so in a particular language will decrease significantly.

Most of the time will now be focused on addressing problems, therefore one needs to be creative. Not only this, they need to have good design skills, be aware of security risks, know how to tune performance, deploy and execute efficiently, and have a comprehensive grasp of how different parts of the sophisticated systems work together.

The popularity of no-code, low-code, AI-enhanced, and other AI assisted software development methods attribute capabilities to boost development efficiency - allowing organizations to react swiftly to shifting market conditions and new possibilities.

As automation, low-code environments, and AI without coding can take over more and more of the coding work, the ability to think and act like a designer will become more important for IT workers. Skills like data-driven design, human-centered design, user interface design, variety of experience, and test-and-learn will be crucial.

Yet, thanks to the legacy of the last four decades, conventional programming knowledge will be around for a while. Millions of lines of code written in Java have kept the contemporary world running in the previous twenty years. 

Several popular web pages and mobile apps are built using full-stack JavaScript. In the realms of machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things, Python is by far the most popular choice.

How Do I Become an AI Coder?

The steps you need to take to be ready for a job as an AI programmer may vary depending on your interests and goals, but all professionals need to go through a formal procedure before becoming an AI coder. 

To get you started, here are a few pointers:

Complete Your Academic Qualification

Start your career on the right foot by graduating from a recognized university. There are AI-centric degree tracks at several universities, but computer science, data science, mathematics, and statistics are helpful. 

Get your bachelor's degree by enrolling in an undergraduate program in one of these fields.

Gain Work Experience

There is a significant need for AI programmers, and many companies give preference to applicants who have either interned in the field or had prior relevant employment experience. Experience with deep learning platforms like H2O.AI, deep learning libraries, and other AI solutions may be gained via an internship during or after formal education.

Apply for a Job

Make sure your CV and cover letter showcase your talents as a programmer when you apply for employment. Include specifics about your education, employment experience, and abilities. If you have any programming certificates or professional affiliations, include them here.

Also, create a web-based portfolio that showcases your most outstanding software projects. Work done for school, pay, or enjoyment may all be shown. Provide an overview of each project, touching on your objectives and the obstacles you had to overcome. The next step is to apply to firms actively seeking AI programmers or the new trends within AI assisted programming.

Connect with Professionals 

Attending such events may be a fantastic way to meet others in your field and expand your professional network. If you're interested in a career in artificial intelligence, this is a beautiful chance to speak with AI programmers about their experiences and discuss your own. 

Bring business cards along and never leave any opportunity to exchange contact information with other professionals. At times, the people you meet via networking could share job openings, or might speak about different trends of the AI code explainer.

What Is the Future of Coding with AI?

The potential of the technology has been greatly exaggerated, as has been the case with many applications of AI and automation to date. Just putting AI in place, powering it up, and then walking away is unrealistic. Take Microsoft's Tay, an intelligent bot that became aggressive when given free rein to learn.

It takes a group of talented programmers to create a groundbreaking piece of technology, such as an AI platform that facilitates AI without coding. AI may aid these developers only in a time-saving solution like test automation or an open-source library. Just like a calculator can't replace a mathematician, current AI can't replace programmers. It's helpful, but it needs human guidance.

AI isn't trying to eliminate the need for programmers, but it is redefining the nature of their work, just as it has done for numerous other professions. It promises to reinvigorate the concept of a computer coder. As a result of different AI tools for coding, we'll have more time to concentrate on the critical job instead of the mundane, repeated duties that have become a burden. 

Thus, AI will make things more productive. Programmers will not have to go through a monotonous checklist of administrative tasks (we can leave that to the actual robots). Instead, just the most essential tasks will be prioritized.


Is Python or C++ Better for AI?

Generally, C++ is not better for AI. Instead, Python is mainly used in AI.

Is AI Coding Hard?

If you're passionate about AI coding, it won't be as hard as Google states. You can easily find basic to advanced level courses to help you with it, and you're good.

Which AI Assistant Is Best for VS Code?

Tabnine is the best assistant for VS code. Meanwhile, there are numerous other tools for coding that you can leverage as well.

Final Note

While AI has now transformed into reality and made its place in our daily lives, today, AI can even help you with what once seemed impossible for you as a beginner, software development, i.e., through AI tools for coding. 

Although an AI coding assistant can do it all for you, yet, for a unique programming code, you do need a human brain that helps you out with that. To connect with professional software app development companies, head towards Distinguished, a B2B service-providing platform where you can connect with software developers that turn your concept into reality.

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