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GPT-4 Chatbot: Will It Really Revolutionize the World?

Mar 14, 23  |  Bakhtain Afzal

What if we told you your next algebraic head-scratcher wouldn't ask for browsing over hundreds of web pages or a trip to Wikipedia? Instead, it's a lot more of a magic wand wave now. 

For the longest time, AI has had a fair resemblance to what we millennials know, the Hunger Games' dystopia. Today, the advancement of AI is mainly a result of OpenAI - striving to improve Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of humans.

OpenAI's GPT4 language model, widely anticipated but not yet released, has been the focus of unrestrained, ludicrous conjecture in recent months. Yet, the news of it has successfully stirred a storm in the tech world.

And for a fact, the development and emergence of GPT-4 - our knight in shining armor - gives us a sneak peek into the future. 

Buckle up your belts as we take you on a journey revolving around exciting, and innovative features of OpenAI GPT 4, the GPT3 parameters, its benefits and the predicted release date.

What is GPT?

To generate new text, the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) uses publicly available data to train a deep learning model. Typical applications include conversational AI, question answering, text summarization, machine translation, categorization, and code creation.

Not only do GPT models have wide uses, but they can also be fine-tuned using individualized data to provide optimal outcomes. Besides this, employing transformers, its users save money by cutting on computer power, time, and other resources.

What Was Before GPT?

Before GPT or Chat GPT4, there were mostly Natural Language Processing (NLP) models, which were trained for sole purposes like categorization, translation, etc. Every one of them used supervised learning, and you can run chat GPT locally

Now, there are two problems with this kind of trained model: 

  1. Need for more annotated data. 
  2. Inability to generalize tasks.

What Is the Use of ChatGPT?

Are you among the few who still haven't explored Open AI Chatbot? Are you still in the process of understanding the role played by chatGPT? Or just want to explore more applications of the AI-powered chatbot?

No matter your reason, we are all here to discover everything about it. ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that can have natural-sounding conversations and provide detailed responses to any question.

Wondering what immediate practical applications are there for ChatGPT beyond the excitement and buzz? 

To mention a few, here are the top use cases of the Open AI Chatbot:

Write and Debug Code

No matter how much expertise you have as a programmer, you will inevitably discover some errors in your code. Instead of spending hours searching for a missing comma, you can get to the root of the problem with the aid of ChatGPT. 

That's not all, complete sections of usable code can be written from scratch. However, there may be better ideas to put ChatGPT code on a live server.

Learn Complex Topics

Occasionally, Google search results provide you with only some necessary information. Whereas, when it comes to AI chatbots, everything you learned about in your Master's program that made your head spin to all those crazy speculations such as wormholes and dark matter - is within reach. 

Even if it's the regulations of a completely foreign sport that make no sense to you. All you need to do is write your user query, and wait for ChatGPT to do its job.

Write Songs

ChatGPT's "learned inventiveness" is perhaps one of its strongest suits. Regarding artificial intelligence, ChatGPT isn't like other solutions that deal with soulless robot ideas. 

It's also well-versed in the arts, including composing music. You have a wide enough range of musical styles to write music in virtually any genre.

What is Chat GPT4?

OpenAI is developing a new language model called ChatGPT 4.0, which can produce writing that sounds like human speech. 

It’s expected to enhance current ChatGPT technology which is based on GPT-3.5. Generative Pre-trained Transformer, or GPT, is an artificial neural network leveraging deep learning techniques to simulate human writing.

ChatGPT uses billions of parameters to tweak the output of its simulated neurons. This level of information allows a computer to more closely mimic the interconnection of a human brain, which likewise has billions of neurons.

Microsoft has revealed that it plans to release GPT4 as early as next week, which will have the capability to generate AI-powered videos from simple text prompts. One thing is sure that the GPT4 parameters are way larger than GPT3. 

What Will GPT-4 Be Capable Of? Can It Think Like Humans?

Multimodal Abilities

The Open AI Chatbot is primarily known for the multimodal abilities and features it has to offer. 

Concurrently, it responds to user concerns about GPT-3's slow response rate and problem-solving capabilities. In the case of ChatGPT 4.0, it's forecasted to have a better and more efficient response rate to user queries while showing a higher resemblance to human-like information output. However, these are all hints collected from Altman clearing out the news about GPT 4 release date.

Local Search Assistant

Secondly, due to the large spread of controversies about the GPT4 being used as a search assistant. Despite that, it can also be used as an extension in the Bing chat, i.e., you can run Chat GPT locally - but that hasn't yet been confirmed.

Again, OpenAI and Microsoft - both tight-lipped about the situation - hint that Chat GPT 4 is available as a mobile app. Today, with 85% of Americans being smartphone users, a mobile app version of Chat GPT 4 will definitely catalyze larger phone downloads and attract a wide array of audience.

Multiple Linguistic Capabilities

Researchers have built multilingual models for Chat GPT to cope with the challenges of linguistic variety, data availability, and language specificity. These models can comprehend and produce natural language responses in a wide variety of languages. It’s because they draw on data from multiple sources. As a result, this method effectively boosts the efficiency of Chat GPT in languages outside of English.

Cutting Edge Technology

The cutting-edge technology of chat GPT 4 enables it to understand and respond in different languages. For example, if you ask a question in German and expect an answer in Spanish, Open AI Chatbot can do that for you within the blink of an eye, that too, while you run Chat GPT locally.

What Are the Expected Features of GPT4?

GPT4 being in its introductory stage, most of its features are speculations being perceived from the announcements made on social media channels. To mention a few, the following are the features of GPT4:

Model Sparsity

When it comes to comparing Chat GPT vs GPT 3, model sparsity stands on the top. Sparse models can drastically cut down on processing time by using conditional computation. The model can readily include more than 1 trillion gpt4 parameters without significantly increasing the computational burden. 

On the other hand, GPT3 parameters are known to be around 75 trillion - lesser than GPT4. As a result, we can train more sophisticated language models with fewer resources.

But, OpenAI's language models have traditionally been rather complex, and the company has yet to make plans to change this. However, the GPT 4 chatbot will only employ sparse models.


If anything, GPT-4 will be more in sync with AI training than GPT-3. As of right now, OpenAI needs help with its AI alignment.

By training InstructGPT, they have already made the first move. It's a GPT-3 model taught to obey commands by humans - yet, due to lower GPT3 parameters, ChatGPT takes a step down while considering its efficiency. In the eyes of human assessors, the model outperformed GPT-3 while comparing Chat GPT vs GPT 3, notwithstanding any potential linguistic barriers.

Text-only Model

In reference to social media announcements, it's been stated that the GPT4 model, as speculated, won't accept other modes of data input. 

This primarily includes audio and video. Instead, ChatGPT 4.0 will only accept the text as its primary information input source - making it a text-only model.

What Is ChatGPT 4 Compared to 3? GPT3 vs GPT4

While comparing GPT3 vs GPT4, it is expected to observe significant performance improvements, especially concerning producing a text that mimics human response patterns to align with its efficiency.

ChatGPT 4.0 is more flexible and can perform a broader range of tasks. This includes translation, text summarization, and much more. From training software to target user goals to detecting human errors and generating valid responses, GPT 4 chatbot is there to do it all for you. Here’s what you need to know about Chat GPT vs GPT 3:


Others have hypothesized that GPT4 is larger than GPT-3 - remaining speculation. The updated model, i.e., the GPT4, shows a more considerable dependency on Machine Learning parameters and lesser on size - dispelling the common belief that larger is better. 

It will still be bigger than most first-generation neural networks, but it won't matter as much to its performance.

To illustrate, numerous language models are relatively larger than GPT4, yet they can't stand near GPT -4's efficiency or other capabilities. Smaller models pave the way for improved performance with reduced computation costs and a lower carbon footprint.

Model Size

The model size is a significant contributor to GPT3 vs GPT4. With the release of GPT4, OpenAI has increased the model size from 175 billion to 1.6 trillion parameters so that the model can tackle more complex problems than ever before.


In GPT3 vs GPT4, both use algorithms to boost the reliability of their findings. Machine learning models that employ these techniques are more precise, leading to better overall outcomes. 

The more powerful GPUs and TPUs used in GPT 4 chatbot mean it will be considerably quicker than GPT-3. This is due to the GPT3 parameters being smaller than GPT4.

How Much More Powerful Is GPT-4 than GPT-3? Chat GPT vs GPT 3

Among these text-generating Language Models are the GPT4 and GPT3 models developed by Google Brain. GPT 4 chatbot is an upgraded version of GPT-3 with more inputs and an extensive data set size. Both of these models make use of ML to produce natural-sounding text.

The older version of OpenAI, GPT-3, has 17 GB of data, whereas the current version, GPT 4 chatbot, includes 45 GB of training data. Hence, the findings provided by GPT4 are substantially more reliable than those offered by its predecessor.

GTP-3 and GTP-4 are similar in that they can both create natural language text from preexisting data. Both models incorporate machine learning techniques, so they can effectively generate text with high precision. There are distinctions between the two models, yet each can do a lot.

The Limitations of GPT 4.0?

GPT technology's potential to produce grammatically correct but logically erroneous material is a significant cause for worry. In contexts where providing inaccurate information might have dire repercussions, such as customer service or medical diagnosis, this is a critical problem. 

The fact that GPT technology is trained on massive text datasets, some of which may include private or sensitive information, raises additional privacy and data security risks. However, the most sophisticated applications of GPT technology, necessitating access to robust computational resources, might be relatively inexpensive.

When will ChatGPT 4 be Released?

There has yet to be an official word on the GPT 4 release date, but the corporation is putting more resources into text-to-image and voice recognition for now. 

Thus, you'll see it next year or perhaps next month. We have no way of knowing for sure. However, the future edition will rectify the issues of the previous one and deliver better and more efficient results.

The Significance of GPT 

For language models, GPT3 and GPT4 are significant steps forward. The widespread use of GPT3 demonstrates the high interest in the technology and its promising future. Although GPT4 is not yet available, significant improvements are anticipated to be made to these robust language models. 

The future of this type of model is exciting because of its potential to revolutionize how we interact with robots and understand natural language.

Will Bing Use Chat GPT4?

Microsoft states OpenAI GPT 4 is a more powerful AI tool than Chat GPT. And the company leaves a hint that Bing will integrate OpenAI GPT 4. 

An improvement over ChatGPT, which can only use the training acquired through 2021, Bing Chat can get current knowledge over the internet. In addition to having access to the internet, the AI model utilized by Bing Chat is substantially faster, which is crucial when used in a space out of a laboratory and integrated as a search engine extension.

What Is the Future of GPT?

Although the precise effect that GPT technology will have on the future of work is yet unclear, it is evident that this cutting-edge technology can radically alter how humans and machines collaborate. 

GPT will likely play a more critical role in the future of employment as it continues to develop and improve.


What Are the GPT4 Parameters?

According to a few speculations, Chat GPT4 parameters are around 100 trillion.

What Is the GPT4 Release Date?

According to a report published in the New York Times, ChatGPT 4 is expected to release in March 2023. But, there has yet to be a confirmed GPT 4 release date

When Did Chat GPT Release?

OpenAI released ChatGPT in November 2022.

Final Note

OpenAI GPT 4 is a revamped version of ChatGPT - the AI star of the past year. Now the news of Chat GPT4 is successfully making rounds on the internet with dubious concerns about its efficiency and the power to relearn from its mistakes. Meanwhile, Microsoft states the new language processing model to be more accurate and fast - two major user concerns in the case of Chat GPT.

While considering the lane shift to AI advancement for human benefit, fingers crossed, Chat GPT4 is the widely anticipated AI model of 2023. And we hope our article cleared the confusion about the Chat GPT 4 release date and whether you can run Chat GPT locally. 

Moreover, with a rapid increase in software development and the wave of digitization, businesses are moving towards incorporating digital solutions into their business pipeline. And a software solution can be a great idea! To find top software development companies, head towards Distinguished - a B2B service-providing company where you can find it all in a few clicks.

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