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10 Free Play To Earn Crypto Games - 2023

Jan 30, 23  |  Bakhtain Afzal

Do you remember the time when games were an escape from bitter realities? With bright colors, interactive gameplay, and a dynamic environment - everything an exhausting day asked for.

Back in the ‘90s, video games were notoriously conceptualized as leisure activities. It remained in total contrast with the generation of a potential cash flow - that is - only serving entertainment purposes. Today, the tables have turned, where gaming has transformed the perception of earning revenue while benefiting from an impressive gameplay experience.

The global gaming business is now valued at $300 billion having the largest active player base. Shockingly and surprisingly, gaming enthusiasts are hooked on exploring new ways to turn their unique gaming skills into stirring cash rewards. The most popular way to make money out of games is through game streaming, play games that reward crypto or win game tournaments.

Presently, Play-to-Earn (P2E) cuts its way through as an innovative blend of gaming while generating an impressive income. Additionally, players are shifting to earning crypto rewards and turning it into their full-time revenue generating stream or way of making a living.

So, if you are also interested in earning passive income through games, continue reading. This article will be a walkthrough of free play to earn crypto games, the best crypto games for Android & iOS, and the steps on how to make a play to earn game from scratch.

What is Play to Earn (P2E) Gaming?

Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming is a specific gaming genre that allows players to earn real-world money through gaming rewards. P2E gaming is powered by Crypto and blockchain technology that keeps a transparent network of valid transactions. As a result, it supports income streams, altogether advancing DeFi use cases.

Globally, several players are already utilizing this opportunity of games that reward Crypto for a passive income stream through their PCs, smartphones, or other gaming devices. Hence, it opens new opportunities for game designers, who are now harnessing the power of Blockchain to deliver unique, enticing and compelling gaming experience through transferable and distinctive elements. To illustrate, these can be in the shape of an NFT or a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.

Once players leverage metaverse games to make money, the gamers can export game rewards to their crypto wallet or convert them into fiat currency. Let’s dive into exploring free to earn crypto games.

List of 10 Free Play To Earn Crypto Games

Whether it's your favorite fitness game or a 3D metaverse game that flies you off to a digital verse, you can earn crypto rewards without gaming becoming a leisure activity. 

If P2E gaming sparks your curiosity about generating a cash flow, here's a list of the top 10 free to earn crypto games.

  1. Sandbox 
  2. Splinterlands 
  3. Decentraland 
  4. Illuviam 
  5. Battle of Guardians 
  6. Revv Racing 
  7. My Neighbor Alice 
  8. Gods Unchained 
  9. CryptoBlades 
  10. Zed Run

1. Sandbox

Sandbox is one of the top free play to earn crypto games that offers creativity and monetization. Sandbox was launched in 2011 by Pixowl to introduce people to the blockchain through gaming. 

Today, this play-to-earn game is a crucial player in the digital economy, allowing players to create and monetize their own multiplayer gaming experiences.


  • Players can create and trade their voxel assets.
  • Player enablement to develop different multiplayer gaming experiences.
  • You can build infrastructure on Sandbox lands.
  • Host virtual events and social experiences. 

2. Splinterlands 

Splinterlands is an impressive Player-versus-Player (PvP) card trading free to earn crypto games. The gameplay allows players to buy, collect, and trade cards called as “Splinters” to compete with opponents.

It's one of the top NFT games free to play and earn money; Matthew Rosen and Jesse Reich 2018 introduced this one of the popular free play to earn mobile games. Since then, Splinterlands has successfully attracted a decent fan base. 


  • Players can collect, trade, play and earn -  all with one platform.
  • Earning rewards requires players to fight with monsters.
  • Splinterland offers cross-browser compatibility.
  • Players can trade cards at Splinterland's marketplace.

3. Decentraland

Decentraland, created by Ariel Meilich and Esteban Ordano, stands as top-rated P2E metaverse games to make money. And since its launch in 2017, it has stood as one of the most popular virtual games, with an active player base of almost 800 players daily.

In this game, the players can develop and monetize their virtual real estate, making it a leading virtual destination for digital assets. 


  • You can design art landscapes, infrastructure, and buildings. 
  • Players can create and trade NFTs along with other in-game items.
  • Enables the creation of unlimited game versions and experiences.

4. Illuvium

Illuvium, one of the best NFT games free to play and earn money, was created by Kieran Warwick, Aaron Warwick, and Grant Warwick. All being lifelong gamers, came together to build an immersive AAA gaming experience on Ethereum Blockchain.

This interactive game offers a blend of planetary exploration and RPG action. And the gameplay features a fascinating storyline of a wrecked spaceship from where the players find themselves on a ruined planet. 


  • Players have to battle and participate in competitions to earn rewards. 
  • Capture mythical creatures to use as “special action” on the battlefield.
  • Users can collect in-game NFTs, such as ores, shards, and gemstones to trade in the in-game marketplace. 

5. Battle of Guardians

Another exciting NFT multiplayer games that reward crypto is Battle of Guardians, featuring epic in-game fighting and gaming rewards for completing quests and winning tournaments. The dynamic game environment has a fiery multi-realm virtual world. On the other hand, the players must earn Battle of Guardians' share (BGS), the game currency, and other governance tokens.


  • It offers multiple game modes to make the game more exciting. 
  • Players can trade characters in the in-game NFT marketplace.
  • It allows players to fuse two characters into one stronger character. 
  • Offers a real-time multiplayer fighting gameplay experience. 

6. Revv Racing

Free play to earn crypto games, such as racing games, are well represented in the P2E gaming list through popular play-to-earn games, such as Revv racing, introduced by Animoca Brands, its parent company. Revv Racing offers an immense gaming experience by enabling players to earn by winning racing tournaments or trading NFT race cars. 

This racing game offers a traditional simulative game experience focusing on players completing racing tournaments. Revv racing has a similar look and feels to classic PC and arcade racing games. 


  • Offers cross-device compatibility, i.e., Xbox and PlayStation.
  • Provides an exciting 3D racing experience with blockchain assets. 

7. My Neighbor Alice

Another free play to earn crypto games is My Neighbor Alice, which is a fun and interactive P2E crypto game ranking among top play to earn games free. It was developed by Antler Interactive and released in March 2021. It promotes blockchain adoption among the broader community with worldwide interest.

The gameplay enables the players to own land and perform farming activities. Meanwhile, players can make in-game marketplace purchases through ALICE - the native game token.


  • Offers interactive multiplayer gameplay. 
  • Enables players to purchase virtual plots and perform farming activities. 
  • Players can trade Avatar NFTs in the game's marketplace.

8. Gods Unchained 

Gods Unchained not only comes under games that reward crypto but is also one of the top blockchain-based play to earn ios games. It lets players collect NFT cards to compete against each other. The gameplay focuses on powerful beings called "Gods" - each with a unique ability. 

GODS, the native in-game currency, is used for purchasing cards, or players can earn them by defeating other players in the battle arena. Currently, GODS are worth $0.2258. 


  • Gives players ownership of their collection.
  • The interactive gameplay promises to hook its players.
  • It comes with a simulative game design. 

9. CryptoBlades

Crypto Blades is among the top play to earn iOS games that allows players to create characters with different elemental affinities. Mainly, there are 4 elements, each with different pros and cons. This role playing style game was launched in 2021 on the Binance Smart chain.

SKILLS is cryptoblades' native token which players can use for purchasing and forging weapons. Players have to win battles against the opponent team to earn SKILL tokens, and these SKILLS tokens can be withdrawn and sold in the secondary market. Or players can buy in-game assets through earned SKILLS. 


  • Allows users to battle against their opponents and earn rewards.
  • SKILLS can be exchanged for Fiat currency. 
  • Players can buy unique weapons and boost their character's total power by retooling them. 

10. Zed Run 

Zed Run is one of the top free to earn crypto games where users can create different horses as tradable NFTs. Players can trade these NFTs with other players on the same gaming platform. On the other hand, users can breed new horses, upgrade the existing ones and strengthen them. 

In this P2E game, players race their horses to earn in-game rewards. However, each horse has its own strengths and weaknesses, which players can upgrade to increase their winning chances in a race. 


  • Enables players to buy, breed, and race their virtual horses. 
  • Players can earn crypto rewards by winning races, trading and breeding horses. 
  • The game uses Polygon ETH as the in-game currency.

How To Make Play To Earn Game?

Making a play to earn game is simple, especially when you've access to the right tools. Here's a step-by-step process when it comes to how to make play to earn game:

  1. Concept mapping 
  2. Choose the tech stack 
  3. Server configuration
  4. Development 
  5. Testing 

Step#1: Concept Mapping

Here, the development of free crypto games and play-to-earn games is currently in its nascent stages. This section explores essential topics like NFT integration, game dynamics, and in-game features of free play to earn mobile games that meet user expectations.

Step#2: Choose the Tech Stack

Leveraging modern technologies will aid in making better free crypto games that promise to give users a smooth gaming experience. Simply put. with the right tech stack, you can make your impressive Play-to-earn games that successfully attract a wide player base.

Step#3: Server Configuration

Now the next step is to set up a server for play to earn ios games and android games. It is the most critical part of developing a P2E game as it ensures that the game's data and assets are saved on protected servers. 

Step#4: Development

After planning and analyzing, the user interface of free play to earn mobile games is made based on what the users want. The backend of the free crypto games platform is then built to offer users simplified and accessible gameplay, which gives gaming a faster response rate.

Step#5: Testing 

This is the last step to the question of “how to make play to earn game”. After backend development, the gaming platform is tested with essential bug fixes to ensure smooth gameplay. The testing phase occurs during the Alpha and Beta version launch to provide an error-free gaming experience.

Is Play-to-Earn Profitable?

Gaming, by the name of it, hints at entertainment and long hours of being glued to the screen. Today, P2E introduces the possibility of earning real-world money. Unlike traditional gaming, play to earn games free enables players to get rewarded with game assets, quests, and other in-game achievements. In Play-to-Earn games, you get rewarded with crypto rewards.

While referring to P2E gaming and profitability, gaming mainly refers to entertainment purposes. Now, there’s a possibility of making money out of it which can either be your passive income or simply cryptocurrencies that you can utilize elsewhere. 


What Is the Best Free Play-to-Earn Game?

Sandbox stands on top of the best rated play to earn games free. Meanwhile, numerous other free crypto games and NFT games free to play and earn money give great user rewards.

What Game Pays Most Crypto?

Although there are various play to earn games free that give crypto rewards. But, considering the top Play-to-Earn games list, “Splinterlands (BAT)” pays the highest crypto rewards.

What Are The Best Bitcoin Earning Games?

Here's a list of the most popular Bitcoin-earning games:

  1. Haste Arcade 
  2. Bonus Fishing 
  3. Durodogs 
  4. Cryptfights 
  5. Powchess 
  6. Peergame 

What Are the Best Crypto Games for Android?

The following are the best crypto games for Android

  1. Coin Hunt World 
  2. Axie Infinity 
  3. Upland 
  4. Farmland 
  5. League of Kingdoms 
  6. Arc8: Fun Mini Games Arcade 
  7. Binemon
  8. CropBytes: A Crypto Farm Game 

What Are the Free Play To Earn Crypto Games iOS?

Following are the free play to earn crypto games iOS

  1. Crypto Crusaders 
  2. Binemon
  3. Reward Hunters 
  4. Synergy of Serra 
  5. Farmers World

What Is the Most Profitable Play To Earn Game?

Axie Infinity, also known as AXS, is the most popular and profitable Play-to-Earn game. Players can easily make around $10-$40 daily. In AXS, players can earn crypto rewards, trade them or change them into cash.

But your gaming rewards depend on your gaming skills and the number of Axies you have and practiced you are at this game.

Final Note

Play-to-earn gaming and free play to earn crypto games iOS have revolutionized gaming into a revamped method of earning. Besides this, its growing popularity paves the way for blockchain and DeFi's widespread acceptance. In addition, P2E gaming is a lucrative approach toward growing the multibillion-dollar GameFi industry. 

While gaming is already attracting widespread popularity and gamers are generating a high income from metaverse games to make money, your business can leverage a gaming monetization approach that helps you meet your profit charts. To get in touch with top game app development companies, head towards Distinguished - a B2B service-providing platform. Grow your business today with a custom mobile game that gives your brand a facelift.

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