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Future of Crypto - The Next Crypto Bull Run [2023]

Jan 31, 23  |  Bakhtain Afzal

Turning to the page to 2021, Bitcoin was the protagonist of this successful book. And many other chapters followed the sway of an unprecedented crypto market boom. The crypto market’s cap increased by 18.5%, and Bitcoin outperformed 2021’s market stats. 

The key role players in the rise of Bitcoin and the overall crypto market were government regulations, institutional adoption, and the increasing use of Crypto instead of cash. To sum it up, it was the best-known year for cryptocurrencies.

Whereas, in 2022, Crypto came crashing down to Earth which mainly welcomed ambiguousness among crypto investors. After the unexpected crypto turmoil and capricious events, investors now question when the crypto market will enter a bull market again.

To answer that, continue reading as we explore everything related to cryptocurrency prices prediction, such as Crypto bull run history, the future cryptocurrency, Gala coin price prediction and the next crypto bull run prediction. 

What Is a Crypto Bull Run?

A bull run is a period when many investors buy crypto assets or securities that outweigh the crypto supply based on increasing demand. Following that, the crypto prices increase. 

Here’s an example of crypto bull run works.

When you see a quick increase in the price of crypto assets, it means that most investors are fully confident in the asset, which has an incremental effect on its value.

Hence, the investors that positively believe in a progressive increase in the future cryptocurrency or an asset’s price are known as “bulls.” At the same time, due to the meaningful increase in a crypto’s value due to public confidence, many investors use this strategy to determine the investors’ optimism. And this is known as “market sentiments.”

As mentioned above, crypto prices significantly increase during a bull run. 

For example, here’s a historical Bitcoin price chart.

  • 2013: $100 - $1,000
  • 2017: $1,000 - $19,000
  • 2021: $29,000 - $64,000

How Often Does the Bull Run Happen?

Crypto bull runs mainly happen in a sparse frequency throughout the years. And, as a matter of fact, due to the high volatility of the crypto market, bull runs can happen at a susceptible rate which makes crypto bull run prediction a long debate. Some market experts anticipate repeated bull runs, while others predict a prolonged period of gloomy conditions. 

Optimism and investor confidence in digital assets determine how long a bull run will actually last -  simultaneously affecting the cryptocurrency prices prediction. 

How Long Does a Crypto Bull Run Last?

The longer a bull run continues, the higher the positive value of a crypto asset; in simpler words, they both go hand in hand. Furthermore, this results in a chain reaction leading to an increase in a crypto asset's demand among significant investors. A bull run could last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, but it's more likely to extend a few months to a year.

More specifically, the length of a crypto bull run prediction is around 4 years. Historically, the crypto bull run creating a record for being the longest bull run was of S&P 500, which lasted for 11 years - from 2009 to 2020.

When Is the Next Bull Market Crypto?

The internet is flooded with speculations and rumors about the next bull market prediction. But there needs to be a solid crypto 2023 prediction about the next crypto bull run, and so far, there's nothing like that. Although various predictions are floating all over the crypto news, experts are putting forward their varying crypto analyses. 

According to some experts, 2023 is labeled as a recovery year for Bitcoin. And it's expected to trade around $50,000 - $100,000 within the next few years. Contrastingly, based on historical data, the next bull market prediction expects a bull run in the mid or by the end of 2024.

Will Crypto Market Recover in 2023?

While 2022 wasn't the best year for the crypto market - the crypto economy took a slide down the bridge. Considering the data from Google Finance, the average value of Bitcoin (the most widely held and well-known cryptocurrency) fell by 64%.

Yes, numerous reasons make investors pessimistic about crypto. But crypto analysts are now putting forward reasons for crypto enthusiasts to believe in crypto's recovery, resulting in the next bull market prediction. 

Here are the top two reasons that contribute to a positive Crypto 2023 prediction

Rise of DeFi

In the Decentralized Finance area, Ethereum stands at the forefront; it enables smart contracts which allow secure financial transactions. The experts believe that the value will shift from speculative crypto assets to more sustainable cryptocurrencies that offer utility and an application-driven ecosystem—for example, Ethereum.

Various cryptocurrencies rely on Ethereum, including NFT-based games, decentralized social networks, and different forms of commerce. These often build on the Ethereum blockchain or use the Ethereum (ETH) token for transactions.

Fluctuating Value of Crypto

2022’s crypto winter wasn’t the first time in the crypto market’s history.  Bitcoin's annual returns dropped by 58%, and the continued price slump persisted until 2017. Since 2018, for 18 months straight, Bitcoin's value has fallen precipitously. Though, both times, investors favored Bitcoin for future which helped it to recover and make a strong comeback.

When compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum (the other major crypto asset) experienced roughly identical patterns of severe falls followed by a sharp rise from 2018 to 2020.

Hence, crypto is the “roach” that escapes from every significant fall, which portrays a destined final crash. And the primary reason behind its ability to recover is its decentralized nature.

Cryptocurrency Prices Prediction

Investors have had to deal with the price volatility of cryptocurrencies for the past 14 months, and it shows no signs of abating. That implies that investors familiar with or intrigued about cryptocurrencies have already experienced living in a world of annual crypto price prediction.

Here we will be covering a range of price predictions ranging from Spell token price prediction to Ankr price prediction 2023. 


The current Spell Token price prediction states its price will range from $0.003636 to $0.006868 by 2030.

Before the currency Spell token price prediction, the lowest monthly price on average was $0.00052350, while the highest monthly price on average was $0.00053560. 

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu prediction mentions the crypto asset to have more features in 2023. Due to its increasing significance in Shibaverse and ShibaSwap, the asset's price is expected to rise by $0.000040. 

Meanwhile, the 5-year Shiba Inu prediction suggests that the Shiba Inu is expected to grow further due to developers working on Metaverse and decentralization exchange. Shiba Inu Prediction states the cryptocurrency to hit $0.0001 by 2025.


There will only be 50 billion Gala tokens created, making them a demanded asset. Additionally, an increased demand results in a higher GALA coin price prediction, leading to a risen value over the next few years.

According to analysts, the GALA coin price prediction hints towards an average price of a single GALA to be $0.299418. 

Immutable X 

Immutable X Token price prediction suggests that the IMX will hit and even surpass its all-time high in 2026. The minimum value of 2026 virtual currency is $2.67, with an average value of $2.81. Whereas the maximum value of 2026 virtual currency is $3.01.

Immutable X Token price prediction states that by 2026 the price of Immutable X might reach as high as $12.17, representing a potential increase of 1,669.00%.


The last 30 days hint towards its green days, leading to an optimistic Ankr price prediction 2023 - with price volatility of 20.21%. Considering the record of the last 30 days, the Ankr price prediction 2023 suggests it to be an excellent time to buy ANKR.

When Is the Next Crypto Bull Run 2024?

The crypto market is notorious for its high volatility rate, meaning that the crypto assets' prices can rapidly fluctuate. For example, the history of the crypto bull run states that Ethereum and Bitcoin for future prices can rise unprecedentedly by over 100% with no warnings.

Although past performance or overviewing the crypto bull run history can help, yet, it's not the best indicator of making a bull run prediction. All you need to do is make decisions based on your objectives and risk tolerance.

While a bull run is sparsely expected in the year 2024, experts suggest that by the end of year '24, Bitcoin might not see a bull run or a bull market. And despite Bitcoin's long reign in the crypto market, experts predict that the rise of other cryptocurrencies in 2024 - will potentially dethrone Bitcoin. 

In 2024, many crypto market experts will make their cryptocurrency prices prediction. Some suggest that Bitcoin is predicted to grow in the coming year. In contrast, other experts believe that other cryptocurrencies, such as RIA, TAMA, D2T, and IMPT, will grow in the coming year with massive potential.

Which Crypto Is Best for 2023?

Needless to say, 2022 hasn't been nearly as successful as other years for the crypto industry. The cryptocurrency market entered a bear market, and the value of most significant currencies plunged. However, there’s no guarantee that the crypto market is here to stay, but the crypto market has made a significant comeback. 

Since the crypto crash, it’s hard to determine which crypto is best to invest in. Still, considering the top benefits of a crypto asset, Ethereum gets termed as the best crypto for 2023.


As the second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum is well-known and widely held by crypto investors.

While the time for Ethereum's 10,000% spike is likely over, it still has room to develop. It gained popularity due to its usage of smart contracts on a blockchain - allowing programmers to create decentralized applications (dApps). Ethereum has a significant head start over its competitors due to its early adoption of smart contracts.

Ethereum's long-awaited "Merge" to a Proof-of-Stake system occurred in September 2022, greatly enhancing the network's efficiency and sustainability. Today, Ethereum stands as the top choice for investors, especially during the current cryptocurrency 2023 recovery period, due to its utility, efficiency and sustainability.

Hence, investors are predicting cryptocurrency 2023 as the best year to make digital investments.

How High Will Bitcoin Go In 2023?

While cryptocurrency 2023 is the recovery year that contributes to a successful future of Crypto; Bitcoin for future is predicted to precede a rise in 2023. Since the past year, 2022, only contributed to a tremendous crypto downfall, the year before that, 2021 led to a rise in Bitcoin’s valuation - it was at $46,000. 

Today, crypto enthusiasts are hoping for a third wave of valuation. 

While a few still predict an uncertain future of crypto, the other half sit with fingers crossed for a Bitcoin comeback. Referring to the stats, Bitcoin will fall by $5,000 in 2023 due to tight monetary policy and high-interest rates. Additionally, it’s preferred for most investors not to invest in Bitcoin based on uncertainty and high volatility. 

Is Crypto Going to Crash Again?

Yes, there’s a possibility for crypto to crash again. A crypto market can crash due to coins crashing or other major crypto events. In addition, a crypto market can sink due to high-interest rates, tight monetary policies, rising inflation, and several other macroeconomic factors. These factors can have a significant potential to crash a crypto market.

To illustrate a recent example, Bitcoin went through a significant fall in November 2021, i.e., by 75%. 

Will Crypto Stay Forever - The Future of Crypto

Do you still remember how cryptocurrency was born out of the dark web? Or how dangerous human curiosity between the keyboard and the chair may cause sophisticated global ransomware assaults like 2017's WannaCry to sweep across the globe in a matter of days? 

But we didn't shut off cyberspace or email. Placing technology in the hands of responsible actors and promoting responsible use is the most sustainable approach for all breakthrough technologies.

This is when the regulatory and policy issue with the colossal crypto disasters of 2022 begins to show its head. The future cryptocurrency will be shaped by the countries allowing ethical competitiveness. Even while they have the potential to do immense harm in the wrong hands, cryptography and blockchains will remain essential components of the modern economic toolset.


When Is the Next Bull Market Crypto?

The next Crypto bull run is expected to begin in the mid or by the end of the year 2024.

Will Crypto Stay Forever?

On average, a crypto winter lasts 4 years, but this time, it's expected to recover completely by 2026. Although the volatility rate makes it a risky option, yet, the decentralized nature of it makes it a liability in the long run. 

Does Crypto Have a Future 2023?

The future of crypto in 2023 is a high-risk option for investors. The reason why investors have been cautioned about the crypto winter leading to higher liquidity issues and bankruptcies. 

Final Note

In conclusion, whether you are trading or investing, know that the crypto market is highly volatile and unpredictable. There are no foolproof methods for predicting market movements. However, your ROI may be affected by how much time and effort you put into researching crypto 2023 prediction and how well you comprehend the risks involved by understanding the crypto bull run history.

In addition, a definite factor contributing to the rise of Crypto is its decentralized nature due to its adaptation of blockchain technology. While blockchain technology and its demand is rising, you can now get in touch with custom software development companies at Distinguished, who can tailor a solution according to your business requirements.

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