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8 Best Lightning Network Wallets (2023)

Mar 09, 23  |  Bakhtain Afzal

Folding the leaf back to primitive means of trading, it was all about gold bars, pearls and seashells serving as currencies. Today, the form of trading has evolved, especially after the digitalization phase - from self-driving cars to gathering digital assets - everything has taken a turn for the better. 

While catching a glimpse of the previous modes of human trade and survival, currencies are the long lived rulers of the trading system. May it be a medieval trade or world crypto trades, tech advancements are already pushing us into an avant-garde finance world. In the previous year, 82% of high profile individuals invested in crypto.

Although cryptocurrencies embark on revolutionized modes of finance, Bitcoin is unquestionably the Crypto king with its slow and unscalable solution. And, that’s where Lightning Network steps in. The Network is still in its infancy, it’s an off chain scaling solution that offers cheaper and faster payments. 

To give you a better understanding of Lightning Network and the Lightning Network wallet. This article covers everything from lightning network apps to answering your questions of “Is Bluewallet safe? That’s not all, it also explores “what’s the best Bitcoin lightning wallet” 

Hop on!

What Is Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is the 2nd layer Bitcoin transaction protocol. It aims to aid Bticoin’s scalability and lower transaction costs. The working of it features a nodes’ network where the funds are stored. These funds can be used for making quicker and easier transactions without waiting for on-chain confirmations.

This Network also allows users to perform cheaper transactions without depending on a third-party intermediary - leading towards efficient transactions that can be used for different purposes. 

However, the concept of Lightning Network is still in its infancy, yet, the Lightning Network has gained over 5,490 BTC, which is 3,350 BTC more than in 2022. Meaning, the Network’s been a host to great success. Thanks to the viable scaling solutions it provides for Bitcoin.

Who Owns Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network, developed by Lightning Laboratories, is primarily managed by Elizabeth Stark. The network is itself an internet-deployed application that operates on thousands of nodes globally.

Features of the Lightning Network

Today, Bitcoin can process 7 tps, whereas, Visa can process 24,000 tps. Hence, making VISA a real competitor in the transaction processing arena. And, for Bitcoin to gain mass adoption, it comes with the direct challenge of competing with VISA’s transactional speed.

While scalability and speed have been 2 large challenges for Bitcoin, Lightning Network only paves the path for smoother and easier Bitcoin payments. 

Here are the key features of the Lightning Network apps:


Lightning Network users open payment channels to perform off-chain transactions that are resolved (closed) on the main Bitcoin Blockchain (on-chain).


Nodes, it can be referred to as a software that connects Lightning Network streamlining sending and receiving Bitcoin. This network is built of different nodes, paving the way for scalable Bitcoin transactions. 


The payment requests made on the Lightning network apps later turned into QR codes, which are known as invoices. It includes all necessary information for payment completion on the network. For example, it stores payment amounts, Blockchain invoices, and a lot more. 

Is There a Coin for Lightning Network?

No, Lightning doesn’t have its own token or even a Blockchain. Instead, it uses Bitcoin’s currency for different applications, such as opening or closing channels.

Best Lightning Wallets

The Lightning network being a leading option for performing crypto transactions, you’ll first need a wallet that supports these payments. Here’s a list of the best Lightning wallets that you can opt for:

  1. Wallet of Satoshi

The Wallet of Satoshi is a mobile-only wallet that is tailored for transactional purposes, that too, quick and easy. Simply put, through the wallet of Satoshi, you can benefit from swift acceptance and receival of payments without numerous challenges popping one after the other.

Furthermore, this best Bitcoin lightning wallet offers easier management of different wallets along with the ability to conveniently switch between different cryptocurrencies. It only comes with one basic requirement and that’s a wallet compatible device. And it supports both, Android and iOS. 

On the other hand, users can primarily benefit from the privacy policies of this wallet. Based on advanced encryption technologies that ensure complete transparency as well as a funds’ protection. You don’t even have to worry about KYC requirements or having to provide this best Bitcoin lightning wallet with your personal information.

  1. Electrum Wallet

By its name, Electrum Wallet is a decentralized and open-sourced Bitcoin lightning wallet removes the need for centralization of authority.

This best lightning network wallet is a secure method for storing, managing and transacting with your Bitcoin while using the Lightning network. It enables you to perform instant and cheaper transactions. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly interface. Making the Bitcoin lightning wallet accessible to store and manage funds on the Electrum Wallet.

  1. Breez Wallet

Breez Wallet was developed to simplify and expedite Bitcoin transactions. The Breez wallet allows for quick and one-tap transfers between any number of wallets or payers. It also has native support for the Lightning Network, allowing you to take advantage of its low costs and quick transactions.

With this app, you can use your Bitcoin to buy stuff and pay for services. Breez employs multi-signature technology to ensure the safety of its users' assets, letting them keep their money in an encrypted vault protected by reputable third parties.

In addition, the Breez wallet has high-end safety measures like two-factor authentication and biometric login, so your money will always be secure. Breez allows you to send and receive money from anywhere.

  1. Zap Wallet

The Zapp wallet, being the best lightning network wallet, enables users to gain, store, manage and perform transactions with total ease. As a non-custodial wallet, users can fully control their payments without worrying about third-party intermediaries.

In addition to that, it comes with an easy-to-use user interface, enabling enhanced user accessibility. The Zap wallet offers cross-compatibility, i.e., both, it can be accessed via your mobile device or desktop. Initially, it requires the users to enter their Lightning Network details created on the Zap Wallet website - leading to a unique user key code generation.

The unique user key code stores the user funds’ record without being stored on the Zap server.

  1. Blue Wallet

The design of Blue Wallet, the best lightning network wallet specifically targets the enhancement of the Bitcoin experience. This Bitcoin wallet allows users to benefit from making quick and low-cost payments - a painless Lightning Network experience. Following that, it provides a range of features, such as seed backups, 2-factor verification, custom payment invoices and so much more. Further clarifying the confusion of “Is Bluewallet safe?”

On top of that, users can even use the Tor network for an increased level of security, plus anonymity. Being an open-source authority, Blue Wallet Bitcoin can be updated and improved by the development team. 

Mainly, with Blue Wallet Bitcoin, you get the highest guarantee for security - the user attracting force. While offering a variety of advanced features, Blue Wallet also stands as a top choice due to its easy-to-use interface.

  1. Phoenix Wallet

Phoenix - an open-source, multi-platform Bitcoin wallet that prioritizes ease of use and safety. It is cross-platform, so you may use it on your PC or mobile device, and it supports several different cryptocurrencies. You may purchase and sell cryptocurrencies with the help of its built-in exchange, encrypted wallets, and user-friendly UI.

Furthermore, this wallet provides a number of extra security features, including safe backup and recovery, a comprehensive transaction history, and system-wide alerts. Phoenix is the best option since it has a built-in exchange that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies without leaving their wallets.

The Phoenix platform also includes leading safety options like multi-signature and two-factor authentication.

  1. Muun Bitcoin Wallet

Muun, a Bitcoin wallet, aims to facilitate Bitcoin storage, transfer, and receival. Multi-signature wallets and hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallets are two examples of sophisticated security measures that are built in without complicating the system's setup or operation.

Users have complete authority over their private keys, and can easily create backups and restore Muun Bitcoin Wallet. You may see the status of your transactions in real time and get alerted when the money arrives.

Muun's simple user interface also makes storing and managing Bitcoin effortless. This wallet offers easy access to your Bitcoin balance and transaction history, as well as the ability to make one-time and regular payments to other users.

  1. Eclair Wallet

Being a mobile-compatible Lightning wallet, Eclair enables users to again, send, store, manage and receive Bitcoin through a safe and secure channel - Lightning Network. While the Eclair wallet stands as a prime option for both, Android and iOS users, it’s also the accessibility that makes it at the top of the charts.

By using the Eclair wallet (Lightning network), users can benefit from high levels of security with minimum “double spending” risks. Along that, the dual layered Eclair Wallet architecture lets users send and receive Bitcoin payments easily. That too, without having to confirm transactions.

In order to do instantaneous monetary transactions, users of the lightning network must first establish payment channels with one another. This spares consumers the time and money required to wait for Blockchain transactions to be processed.

The wallet has several safeguards built in to ensure the safety of its users' money. Support for open-source hardware wallets, two-factor authentication, and data encryption are all on the list. It also has a sleek, user-friendly UI that's perfect for novices. In-depth information about each transaction is provided so that consumers may monitor their financial dealings at any moment.

How Do I Setup My Lightning Network Wallet?

Being a crypto owner, you must be familiar with setting up a self-hosted Bitcoin wallet. The process of setting up a Lightning network wallet is no different from that. Similar to a self-hosted Bitcoin wallet, you get a unique private key. But, the difference in best lightning wallets is the key access of the private intermediaries, i.e., the crypto exchanges.

To get started with setting up your Lightning network, here’s a step-by-step process while using the example of Phoenix wallet:

  1. Download phoenix wallet on your mobile phone. Open the Phoenix app and tap, “Create new wallet.”
  2. Once the app is set-up for receiving funds, click “receive”.
  3. You’ll receive the first payment of 10,000 Satoshi.
  4. The app's built-in wallet is self-hosted, so you must find a safe place to keep your seed phrase. The Phoenix app's seed phrase may be accessed by selecting the "recovery phrase" button. Write it down somewhere and keep it somewhere safe. The creation of both private and public keys requires this seed phrase.

How Much Is BTC Lightning Transaction Fee?

By utilizing the Lightning wallet, Bitcoin transactions may be sent and received at a reduced cost and in a shorter amount of time. It's a convenient way to transmit modest quantities of Bitcoin with minimal or no transaction costs. Lightning deals are not added to the public ledger.


Does Coinbase wallet use Lightning Network?

No, Coinbase doesn’t support Lightning Network. 

Is Binance a Lightning Wallet?

Yes, Binance is a lightning wallet. It allows you to create your wallet on your account. And, once you’ve it all set-up, you can start transferring BTC.

What Is the Best Bitcoin Wallet?

Exodus and Electrum bitcoin lightning wallet are the best Bitcoin wallets.

Is Bitcoin Lightning Free?

Since the fees involved are almost zero to none, Bitcoin Lightning is almost free. 

What is Meant by Wallets That Support Lightning Network?

To transmit and receive Bitcoin with the second layer protocol, you'll need a lightning wallet. The wallet can monitor your Bitcoin (BTC) holdings on both the lightning network and the main chain.

Final Note

By using a lightning network wallet, you don’t only benefit from quick and simple payments - it's the user-security and privacy you get to leverage. And, that’s where you get your answer to “is Bluewallet safe”. Although the concept of a lightning network is still new, yet, it has faced great success.

At the end of the day, it's the Blockchain technology powering security concerns of crypto owners and enhancing the trust on digital assets. Leading to a definite surge in Blockchain development companies. And today, you can head towards Distinguished to connect with top Blockchain app developers, to get help for your next development project.

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