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How to Get an NFT Whitelist?- The Easiest Way

Dec 14, 22  |  Bakhtain Afzal

The culture of digital art and currency is booming with every passing day. Growing technologies help people with lifestyle improvement and Non Fungible Token technology is one of them.

NFTs stand as a widely popular and million-dollar industry. In 2021 OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, generated 365 million dollars just by OpenSea whitelisting. The whitelisting process is used to protect business emails, IP addresses, Web domains, applications, etc. It's also helpful in exclusive agreements between traders and trading platforms.

NFT Whitelist is mainly used by expert crypto traders to win buy battles. However, beginners in trading feel exhausted at every event because it becomes harder for these guys to book their slots in the Whitelist NFT project As we already mentioned, NFT Whitelist and crypto whitelist work like an exclusive agreement between both parties. For example, exchanges only allow those users or members who enroll their accounts in pre-launching, and after the project gets live, only these members avail of special discount offers or even free NFTs. This was the primary example of NFT Whitelists.

Now we'll tell you some essential and complicated technical aspects of the NFT whitelist marketplace those members who have their own unique whitelist address crypto can enjoy benefits like less transaction fees, exclusive content, and many more.

What Is Whitelisting?

While talking about whitelisting, people usually ask these questions? What is a whitelist? What is whitelist in crypto and what is whitelisting social Media?

What Is a Whitelist? 

Whitelisting is a process used to secure electronic data; it is also a cyber security practice that protects your Email IDs, IP addresses, Domain names, Passwords, QRs, etc. A whitelist database is controlled by IT administrators, which will be useful for securing your online data from hackers. The people who have whitelisted accounts are in the safe passage.

What Is Whitelist in Crypto?

A whitelist crypto is a database of members enrolled in any crypto coin launching event. Platforms offer Initial Exchange offerings (IEO) and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), which means only those participants who register before launching will get the offer or benefits. In IEO and ICO you'll get benefits like; fewer transaction fees, free crypto, a membership plan etc.

What Is Whitelisting Social Media?

Whitelisting social media is the process that allows brands to control and track influencer social media accounts for the sake of promotional campaigns. Brands use influencer accounts for running paid marketing campaigns regarding their products and also for brand awareness campaigns. Whitelisting social media is widely used to attract a general targeted audience for ROI. This process is also called influencer whitelisting.

How to Get Whitelisted for NFT

Experts typically use a variety of strategies to whitelist NFT projects analysis. Don't worry if you are a newbie and have no prior knowledge about NFT Whitelist and Whitelist crypto; in this blog, you will learn the true NFT whitelisting meaning.

  • Constantly update yourself and ensure you don't lose any information that can help you make some extra money via whitelist crypto. Start your research with OpenSea whitelisting digital art marketplace. The openSea is one the most extensive digital collectables forums for all. You can learn from there and even generate an income.

  • Search for digital content creators who create content according to your intent. Beeple, Trevor Jones, and FEWOCiOUS are the best NFT creators. Join the discord server and whitelist NFT projects communities. Also, join the creator's Twitter handles to stay updated regarding upcoming projects.

  • What are NFT games whitelist? Gaming is a wildly popular tech category; many children and adults like gaming. But have you ever heard that you can make money by playing games? Pioneer game development companies are now focusing on creating blockchain-based NFT games. Some people enjoy playing, and some invest. In 2021 globally people invested almost 3.4BN in the NFT games whitelist. After hearing about such a large amount of money, people just asked, is NFT gaming profitable? Yes, NFT gaming is highly profitable and comes with various options; you can play and earn (P2E), earn by investing in gaming NFT, or even stake. 

Top NFT Games Whitelist

These are the top 3 NFT games whitelist:

  1. Axie Infinity - Pokemon-Inspired NFT Game.
  2. Decentraland - Buy and Sell Virtual Land.
  3. PirateXPirate -  Pirate Metaverse PXP Tokens.

How To Get A NFT?

Investing in NFTs is a wealthy idea but a complicated one and it also depends on the investor's research work. However, some people already make millions of dollars by investing in NFT, and it's not luck by chance. OpenSea is a fantastic platform for NFT buying and selling. You can easily mint your favourite NFT by using OpenSea whitelisting; this whitelisting method accommodates you to reserve your spot for minting. Non Fungible Token is now taking over the digital world by using blockchain technology. In 2021, The Merge became the highest-selling Non-Fungible-Token (NFT), but very few people buy The Merge NFT by using the NFT Whitelists process. The Pak's is a founder and creator of The Merge NFT; he was also a crypto investor. You can buy Pak's whitelist crypto projects easily by using your unique Whitelist address crypto.

Top NFT Marketplaces

There are more than 16 emerging NFT Whitelist marketplaces you can use to learn about how to get an NFT:

1. OpenSea

2. Rarible

3. Atomic Market

4. Bakery Swap

5. Super Rare

6. Foundation

7. Portion

8. Known Origin

9. Enjin Marketplace

10. Nifty Gateway

11. Decentraland

12. Async Art

13. Zora

14. Mintable 

15. Institut

16. Magic Eden

All these NFTs pioneers listed only top digital collectables on their platforms and spread awareness regarding Whitelist NFT projects. First, get your whitelist address crypto from your exchange and then go for buying.

Reading this, by now, you exactly know How to get an NFT.

How to Get Free NFTs?

If you're interested in NFTs like, Bored apes, Cryptopunks, and Axieinfinity but don't have much money to buy? Don't worry. We'll explain how to get an NFT for free.

  • Join discord communities and participate in airdrops. Airdrops are one of the easiest ways to get free NFTs. Platforms usually use airdrops for project promotion, community growth, and reward distribution.

  • Search online via Google and any social media platforms Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, etc. You can also use the search term "NFT Giveaway" for project research, and if you get any of them, apply and whitelist yourself.

  • Play-to-earn (P2E) is also a unique method that offers free NFTs as a winning reward. There are dozens of blockchain-based games available online that offer free NFTs giveaways.  

How to Sell Whitelist NFT?

You can use secondary marketplaces to sell your digital collectables openSea and Rarrible is a secondary NFT whitelist marketplace widely used by investors or traders for asset flipping.

Due to higher competition in buy battles, interested participants moved on to secondary marketplaces to buy NFTs at higher prices than usual. Also, the gas price issues were very cursing for 2nd buyers. Generally, the NFT Whitelist holders charge double fees, and there is no check and balance in it by secondary marketplaces; it only depends on the hype of a particular NFT. 

For example, if you bought an NFT at a price of 1ETH and the demand for your NFT was high, you can quickly flip it on a secondary market at double the price. But ensure that it depends on hype and demand.

How to Create and Sell NFT for Free?

Yes, you can do it for free. Without prior knowledge about programming or coding, you can create your own unique digital collectable for free and even make money from it. NFTs are entirely different from cryptocurrency; NFTs give verified digital ownership. On the other hand, crypto is interchangeable. You need to connect your crypto wallet when you create an account with a blockchain-based platform. The first time using this platform might differ from apps like Facebook and Twitter. Those sites use social media accounts or email to log in.

However, blockchain-based platforms require the use of crypto wallets. For example, Rarible supports many wallets, including MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, Portis, Torus, and MyEtherWallet.

What Is Presale Whitelist NFT?

Digital art/collectables, metaverse land, gaming assets, and some physical items are derived as NFTs. Preselling usually depends on projects. Some projects offer pre-selling options only to those specific members who have already whitelisted their wallet addresses before token launching. Presale whitelist NFT strategy helping communities in sustainable growth.

What Is a Whitelisted Address?

A whitelist address crypto is an advanced and secure feature offered by exchanges to protect and limit the transactions of a specific account holder. Exchanges have the built-in feature of crypto address whitelisting. Once you whitelist someone's wallet address, you can only send a token and crypto to a listed address. Similarly, by applying for any whitelist crypto and NFT event that offers whitelisting benefits, the account holder can then send crypto and digital assets to you.

What is Whitelist Discord?

The next important step in the process of whitelisting is to know about the Whitelist Discord. People who use this forum discuss various topics, from routine behaviours to artistic endeavours. Discord might sound like one of the many terms in the NFT world that you need help understanding if you're new to it.

The good thing is that Discord is a user-friendly app and that you can connect with other NFT Whitelist community members and makers on its platform. Within the greater community, Discord servers function like little platforms.

These are specific communities that focus their efforts on a single objective. Getting whitelisted on Discord enables you to acquire an NFT Whitelist at a reduced cost in addition to the chance to profit when it decreases. If you're lucky, you might be able to acquire one for free! Before taking advantage of such a compelling chance, you must finish a few tasks on the server. The project team set up these procedures for potential applicants.

You must pass the test to be added to that list. Whitelisting isn't a window that is always open, so keep that in mind. The group gives your wallet address the go-ahead to mint the project at a particular time and date. You may be permitted to the mint at any moment within the next 24 hours. 

The Easiest Way to Get Whitelisted

There are many ways available for you to get yourself whitelisted for NFTs, depending on your approach; if you have good research skills and investment, then go for it.

This mechanism helps you to overcome gas fees and early access to NFT Whitelist and tokens. If you're interested in crypto investing, whitelisting is a good option.  The majority of top blockchain-based platforms offer the best prices and are also safe to purchase or invest in.

They also provide an NFT creation facility that'll help you create your desired digital collectable for free or even sell it if you want. In this blog post, we cover all necessary points related to NFT Whitelists and crypto. NFT Whitelists methods are in favour of both parties. You can use this method for selling your own NFT or even for buying it to ensure that your research is accurate and worthy.

You don't need to worry if you're motivated to learn more but need help growing your career in the blockchain sector. Platforms like; Solana, Binance, Okex, Kucoin, and Bybit offer free training about crypto and investment, so keep an eye on it. 


How Much to Charge for Whitelisting?

This range depends on the hype and the demand for specific crypto and NFT projects. But most project owners charge a 5% fee for whitelisting. 

What Does Whitelist Mean in NFT?

Digital/NFT content producers offer an NFT Whitelist as a technical method. This tactic was implemented by communities to directly engage a larger audience and generate purchases for events as pre-launching approval. Whitelist is one of the safest techniques for large-size businesses and communities.

What Is a Whitelist Spot?

NFT Whitelist, also known as whitelist spot, is a process used to approve wallet addresses for near future events.

Final Note

The purpose of NFT whitelisting in its truest sense is to lower gas prices and regulate supply and demand. But the technical NFT Whitelisting meaning is slightly different.

It was just a myth that creators use the NFT Whitelist method for their personal benefit. But in reality, it's not like that. Due to higher demand, platforms introduced the whitelisting option for NFTs to control the supply chain and reduced carbon footprint problems.

Last but not least cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible-Token technology are gaining a strong footing in the international market, and people are investing their savings in NFT and crypto. Top custom software development companies are working in the following technical fields and assisting small and large businesses in brand growth. Distinguished has a list of top custom software development companies that offer IT business solutions. 

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