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Sola Network: Redefining Social Network

Mar 15, 23  |  Bakhtain Afzal

With technology progressing rapidly and bridging the gap between fiction and reality - earning through social media has now become a living reality for the millennials. With over 93% of internet users being social media users, social networking platforms are all geared toward connecting people.

Gen Z and Millennials boasting social media as their lifesavers, still, earning an income had been reserved for content creators, that too, only if they succeeded in muscling their way among a pool of competitors. 

Perpetually, social media is notoriously known for its data and privacy issues. That's where the majority of your favorite content creator or social media star is afraid - being hacked for all the imperceptible reasons. 

As a solution, Sola steps in as the next-gen decentralized social media platform - the ultimate problem solver. Sola network is undoubtedly the next generation, a decentralized social platform that delivers incentives to all its involved parties - regardless of its third-party developers, users, or even the core team.

Hop on as we walk through a brief overview of the Sola social network, the Sola crypto and how it's redefining the social ecosystem.

Aren't Social Networks and Social Media the Same Thing?

Even though social media and social networking are frequently used interchangeably, they are fundamentally distinct. Social networking establishes online connections and exchanges messages with friends, family, coworkers, customers, and anybody else. It refers to creating a network through an interactive environment for interpersonal and business ties.

Yet, social media is a tool or platform for social networking. The most well-known web 2.0 social networks are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, LinkedIn, Telegram, WhatsApp, and more. These platforms enable user connection and interaction through texts, posts, comments, and other channels. Users can use web-based software or programs on computers, phones, and tablets to access social media.

Here are the factors that differentiate Social Networking from Social Media:

  • Via social media websites, geographically separated relatives or friends can communicate and exchange information, images, videos, and other updates.
  • It encourages community interaction by removing time and distance obstacles. Users can connect using video communication tools like WhatsApp and text messaging.
  • Social networking enables users to share information about their studies or jobs that encourage learning and receive the most recent news and regular updates from friends and family.
  • Social networking enables companies to connect with potential and current customers and increase brand awareness through adverts.

What Is a Web3 Social Network?

Web 2.0 - the centralized web - offered the least user privacy, security, and privacy. Simply put, it dominated the world with information, but the control was in its hands - meaning content creators had no control. Following that, tech companies and large corporations could easily access personal and confidential information and alter it. That's not all, even a third party could take advantage of the lack of security loopholes and hack it. 

Web3 social network - the guardian angel - aims to create a decentralized ecosystem where users can practice complete data ownership. With over 4.7 billion active social media users, social media stands at an all-time high. 

Due to the enormous revenue generated by social media tech giants, users barely get a fraction of the total revenue. But that's different from how a Web3 social network works. It offers better user incentives such as earning a passive income through rewards, using a decentralized network, and benefiting from higher information privacy.

What is Sola Network?

Sola steps into the field of social networking, making the tables turn when it comes to the centralization of data and social interactions on media platforms. Sola - a web3 social network - is a decentralized social networking platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain, distributed nodes, and IPFS.

Sola decentralized social network aims to build an environment where all users stand on the same page and have user accessibility and freedom of choice. In addition, the Sola app stands on the foundations laid by Plague - a social media platform. Meanwhile, as the name suggests, Plague, the concept is to create user engagement through viral posts rapidly, similar to a plague. Furthermore, Sola means Social Layer allowing its users to earn rewards for the content published on the platform in its own cryptocurrency.

The Sola App

The Sola app primarily connects all Sola modules. You can download the Sola decentralized social network app on Android and iOS devices or use the Desktop version.

This social network stands on user-hosted nodes, making it highly secure from censorship bans or other consensual issues. Meanwhile, it comes with the least cost. The 3rd party developers have a constant heads-up for improving the platform's primary services or developing enhanced external app features.

Why Is Sola Needed?

Sola Network has been the long-awaited solution, especially for the digital natives with a constant lingering cloud of data security and privacy concerns. Today, blockchain technology and decentralization serve as answers to long-lasted user concerns.

dApps don't operate on the concept of centralization. There needs to be more authority responsible for data control. Meanwhile, the Sola media protects user privacy, minimizes censorship tags, and allows development flexibility.

The Beginner-Friendly Sola Vocab to Get Your Hands On

Before getting started with most apps, it's essential to understand their vocabulary; the same is true with Sola media

As a starter pack, here are the primary Sola blockchain social media platform terms to wrap your head around:


Post, card, or comment endorsements are similar to liking a post on Instagram or Facebook. For example, you upvote a post of Steemit - a blockchain social media platform - endorsements are exactly like that.

You've the option of swiping anywhere from a scale of 1-100. The endorsement process shows a clear resemblance to the Voting authority. Bear in mind, the more you use them, the more you have to lose.

Action Points (AP)

You earn action points by attracting user engagement by logging into the app daily, browsing the feed, and sharing posts on an external platform. You can use AP for endorsing cards, posts, or comments that spark your interest.


SOL token is the native currency of Sol Network. By endorsing comments or cards, you get SOL equivalent APs. Don’t worry, the Sola token distribution will be explained further in the article.

How Does Sola Work?

Sola AI is designed to be an easy-to-use app for casual social media users and those with business goals. Sola uses a stack of cards interface for spreading and sharing content. Only one card is displayed to the user at a time, and they may choose whether to endorse it or dismiss it by swiping up or down.

This unique stack of cards interface powers an efficient process of sharing content, making it more efficient than traditional social media apps. To illustrate, card endorsement helps with the spreading of content throughout the Sola decentralized social network, i.e., the higher the endorsement, the higher the post reach. Meanwhile, content endorsements are realistic rather than forced; due to using the stack of cards, users only endorse posts that are high-quality and worth being spread in the network.

The Benefits of the Sola Media App

Developing a web3 social network is already paving the way for increased transparency, privacy, and security. Yet, numerous other benefits contribute to the popularity of the Sola app - the blockchain social media platform

To mention a few, here are the top benefit of the Sola decentralized social network:

Post Maps

When accessing the analytics information on the blockchain social media platform, you get a visualization of google maps - adding to the content creator's accessibility to more straightforward content views.


The content stored in this protocol is allotted a unique content identification (CID). Based on this unique CID, all content-addressed data in IPFS may be located and retrieved.

Additionally, due to a peer-to-peer distributed hash table, there are no possibilities of server failure. And there's no possibility of data alteration.

Sola Crypto Wallet

The Sola media features a crypto wallet - enabling smooth, more efficient in-app transactions and an easier token distribution process.

Sola, Content Creation and Audience - The Dynamics of Sola Network

What's a social network without content creators and an audience? 

Well, it's all about how the audience reacts to specific content, making it the secret ingredient to formulating a successful social media platform. In contrast, its user privacy concerns where engagement and audience interaction can be limited. 

And Sola AI found it a solvable problem…it introduced information decentralization.

Content creators derive engagement, ultimately making them the critical asset of a social network. Due to that, the Sola network lets content creators benefit from crypto rewards, which can also be considered equivalent to real-world cash. 

To encourage content creators to produce high-quality content on our platform, Solana offers the following conditions for the content creator audience:

  • Simplified Content Creation

Content creators don't necessarily need to be experts in a certain field to create relevant content on Sola AI. Instead, comments or cards enable them to earn profits. For example, you can create a blog, expand your network, and do much more to generate passive income. These users can have thousands of followers, i.e., more endorsements, leading to increased APs.

  • Leveraging Existing Audience

The users don't need to make new connections. Instead, Sola's algorithmic model helps users leverage an existing audience.

  • No Registration Requirements

It doesn't have any registration requirements for making money on this platform. You can start right after you log in to the forum. Later, Sola's crypto layer allows users to leverage real-world equitable payments, i.e., through Sola token.

Meanwhile, the main pull for content creators is the token distribution perks which can be availed through Sola. And they can even attract a generous audience by offering these crypto perks.

How to Make Profit on Sola?

Here are the following ways you can make a profit on Sola AI: 

  • Receive endorsements or avail of token distribution through content creation.
  • Participate in data separation and Neutral AI learning. 
  • Ensure an immutable and distributed service through your content creator resources. 

What Is Sola Token?

Sola token (SOL) is the Sola platform's native token. Sola operates as a decentralized financial (DeFi) platform on the Solana blockchain. It's a next-generation decentralized social network that rewards users, outside developers, and the core staff. Sola is an initialism for the "social layer," which is why this organization follows that name.

With its "open ecosystem" moniker, Sola will make the vast majority of its code base freely available for anybody's review, modification, and use.

How to Buy Sola (SOL) Token?

Here's a step-by-step guide to how you can buy a Sola token through TrustWallet:

  1. Install TrustWallet:

Inside the Ethereum network are several crypto wallets, but TrustWallet is the most integrated. You can download Google Chrome and the wallet Chrome extension using a desktop computer. 

You can install it from the App Store or Google Play using your smartphone. Visit the TrustWallet website to ensure you get the authentic Chrome extension and its app.

  1. Set Up the Wallet

Register and set up the cryptocurrency wallet using the Google Chrome extension for the wallet or the mobile app you downloaded. You can use the support page for the wallet as a resource. Note down your wallet address and keep your seed phrase secure.

  1. Buy Your Base Currency

Right after you've set up your wallet, log in to the Binance account and purchase Ethereum. 

(Note: The purchase process differs for non-existing users)

  1. Send Ethereum from Binance to the Crypto Wallet

Once you buy your Ethereum, head to your wallet section and check the Ethereum you just purchased. Select "withdraw" and provide all the necessary information required. Later on:

  • Configure the network to Ethereum.
  • Enter your wallet address. 
  • Enter the transfer amount. 

Once you've selected the withdraw option, you can see the Ethereum in your TrustWallet.

  1. Choose a DEX

Multiple DEXs available; you only need to confirm that the exchange supports the wallet you choose in Step 2. For instance, you can go to "1 inch" to complete the Sola crypto transaction using the TrustWallet wallet.

  1. Connect the Wallet

Connect the TrustWallet with the desired decentralized exchange.

  1. Trade Ethereum with Sola

Choose Ethereum as your payment and then select the Sola token to acquire other Sola crypto.


How Do Web3 Apps Make Money?

Web3 apps make money through cryptocurrencies, content creation, gaming, or NFTs.

Is Sola a Decentralized Social Platform?

Yes, Sola is the newest decentralized social platform that rewards and enriches all parties participating.

What Is the Best Decentralized Social Network?

DTube stands as the top decentralized social network.

Final Note

Because Sola is a platform based on user-hosted nodes, it is resistant to banning and censorship while keeping costs at a minimal rate. Additionally, the platform encourages third-party developers to enhance its core offerings and create other services leveraging Sola.

Furthermore, with the emergence of blockchain technology and its popularity among a wide array of niches and sectors, businesses can benefit from it by connecting with a top software development company. Outsourcing can help your business by leveraging Blockchain and other software development services.

At Distinguished, we simplify finding world-leading service providers by streamlining and speeding the headhunt process - offering an extensive list of detailed enterprises and businesses. 

Transform your idea into reality today!

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