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Unreal vs Unity Engine: Which One Is Best?

Jan 23, 23  |  Bakhtain Afzal

From Game Boy to Metaverse gaming, the gaming community is all set to shake up the marketplace expectations. The immense market volume growth signals a projection of hitting $383.60 billion by 2027.

Gaming, a popular and accessible recreation, surpasses cinema attendance - transitioning out of its intended recreational sphere by offering users unconventional entertainment possibilities. Undoubtedly, innovative tech advancements accelerate the rise of game development companies. It resulted in a promising yet creative team that sits behind the screen for creating immersive gameplay. And to assist the game development process, developers use software development environments known as gaming engines.

In this article, we’ll walk you through a comparison of Unreal vs Unity , Game engine pros and cons, Unity vs Unreal for beginners and the process of selecting the best gaming engine.

What Is Unity?

Unity is a 2D/3D cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies. The game engine has been around since its release at Word Developer Conference. In addition, its Unique selling point (USP) is providing developers with easy access to a wide array of game development tools. 

Over the decades, Unity has evolved and offers to keep up with the latest development practices. Today, the game engine provides cutting edge development tools and accommodates developers with an ease-of-use. Despite its popularity, Unity pros and cons are the main highlights of every developer’s decision when it comes to selecting a game engine.


The following are the Unity engine features

2D and 3D Graphics

2D and 3D graphics support are top-tier Unity engine features - enabling the freedom of selection from numerous art styles. All graphic types come with a specialized toolset and script APIs.

The 3D graphics offer a robust toolset for custom object creation and lighting effects through Shader Graph. Nevertheless, developers can also create 2D tilemaps straightaway in the Unity engine. 

Easy To Understand Structure

Unity offers a transparent composition for game architecture. On the other hand, games made using Unity feature a “level” divided into a “scene” containing all game objects needed for the gameplay. A bullet, enemy, and background are all examples of gameplay objects. 

API Scripting

Unity API scripting is one of the critical Unity engine features, enabling quick access to the game engine’s features - both general and specific game features. Since games made using Unity have scenes, further divided into a class, that class comes with an API that can be modified through code.

Simply put, the Unity Scripting API allows a programmatic interaction between an editor and Unity’s game engine.

Cross-platform Support

Unity’s cross-platform support offers game compatibility for various platforms, like  Android, Windows, iOS, and the list goes on. Additionally, games made using Unity can be converted into HTML5, yielding optimal game performance.

Asset Store

May it be anything, from graphical assets to game templates, Unity Asset Store’s got you covered. It offers a wide range of free and paid gaming assets that aid in accelerating a game development project.

It gives easy access to assets enabling the package manager to perform a simple installation, limiting manual procedures. Making it a better option while considering Unity vs Unreal for beginners.

What is Unreal?

Unreal is a game engine developed by Epic Games in 1998. Initially, it was developed as a first-person shooter game. With time, it has evolved into a game engine that creates a wide genre, such as fighting games, Stealth and MMORPGs.

Unreal offers essential development tools and techniques with an active beginner community.

Let’s dive in with Unreal engine features and how they help developing the ultimate gameplay. 


The following are Unreal engine features:

Virtual Shadow Maps

Unreal engine features the latest shadow mapping technique to deliver consistent and high-resolution shadowing. This technique’s objective is to provide immersive-shadow resolution while supporting a detailed object geometry.

In addition, it offers soft shadows for a simple shadowing solution at a low-performance cost, making it ideal for a gripping and simulative experience.

Lumen Global Lighting System

Lumen is Unreal’s dynamic illuminations and reflections system. It aims to offer next-generation consoles with simulative lighting and reflections, even in detailed in-game environments.

Word Partition Tool

Developers often require dividing levels into sublevels to create large game maps. As a result, it speeds up loading and makes the game’s environment more simulative. However, it is a quick fix, making it challenging for developers to overview an expanded game image. Additionally, it requires collaboration on file sharing.

MetaHuman Character Creator

The MetaHuman tool offers designing realistic characters. Additionally, it facilitates the character production pipeline by streamlining the animation phase by offering ease-of-use and acceleration production for game designers.

Unreal vs Unity: The Pros and Cons

Unreal Engine features are the reason behind their popularity, making it a top-tier game engine offering quick prototyping. In addition, it provides user flexibility and a robust testing environment for games made using Unreal. 

Let’s overview the Unreal engine pros and cons that must be considered before deciding on Unreal vs Unity:

Unreal Engine Pros

Nothing beats it when it comes to building cinematics and animations in a game. Some of its benefits are highlighted below:

  • Ease-of-Use: 

Unreal Engine has evolved into an updated version that supports ease of use for developers.

  • Robust Toolset:

A robust toolset allows 3D game creation with interactive gameplay and aesthetic game design.

  • Asset Store: 

Unreal features an asset store to purchase models for building a game prototype.

  • Doesn’t Require a C++ Experience:

It also has a blueprint system that allows the creation of game logic with no prior C++ experience.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Games made using Unreal are compatible with numerous platforms, including mobile devices.

Unreal Engine Cons

Despite its benefits, it still comes with certain drawbacks, which are explored below:

  • Engine Complexity:

To compare game engines, i.e., Godot or Unity, Unreal's complexity is one of its drawbacks.

  • Small Community: 

It has a very small community, making it hard to get your queries answered related to games made using Unreal. Not only this, the experts familiar with Unreal are bound by studio contracts, decreasing the likelihood of online assistance.

Unity Engine Pros

The main feature contributing to Unreal vs Unity is that Unity gained popularity from the way it has democratized the game development process. Until the late 2000s, game development was a costly and timely process that necessitated the introduction of game engines. Unity gets massive attention due to its pros, which are as follows:

  • Customized for Mobiles: 

Unity allows the development of compelling games with ready-made features, such as analytics, in-game payments and advertising that fuel monetizing strategies. 

  • Cross-platform Compatibility:

Unity offers localization i.e., a flexible code - supporting its cross-platform compatibility. Although tweaks can be needed, a Unity game can be reliably adapted for multiple platforms, such as mobile devices, consoles, etc.

  • User-Friendly:

Compared to other technologies, Unity offers ease of use. However, other engines are complex.

  • Asset Store:

The Unity Asset Store has a variety of assets, ready-made 3D models, audio, scripting languages, and object modeling, such as a scenic background and so much more that developers can benefit from.

  • Large Community:

Unity’s community is always available for development assistance. Unity programming is used by more than 2.5 million developers right now, and the number of users is growing quickly.

  • Less Coding:

Unity runs on Boo, JavaScript, and C# languages. However, writing code isn’t necessary for game development.

Unity Engine Cons

Undeniably, to compare game engines, even Unity has its limitations, especially when it comes to game scripts, memory and updates. The primary cons are listed below:

  • High memory usage:

It uses more memory, leading to OOM and debugging issues.

  • No source codes:

Since there are no source codes, it is hard to find, address, and fix performance problems.

  • High Asset Cost:

Unity engine can be costly if you want to use all of its features (render textures, stencil buffer support, etc.).

How To Select The Best Game Engine?

After discussing the Unity and Unreal engine pros and cons, let’s proceed with selecting the best game engine. When it comes to choosing the right tool for any job, there needs to be a standard solution. Every developer has to compare game engines , weigh the Unity and Unreal engine pros and cons based on their needs. 

With that in mind, let's consider a few things to consider when looking for a game engine.


The level of in-game physics and mechanics an Engine provides should fit well with the quality of the game that you plan to create. Besides this, the player hardware must be supported. 

Some engines that work well on PC or PlayStation may work better on mobile platforms. To illustrate that, some Engines support higher event-driven programming on Consoles and PCs than mobile devices.

Engine Compatibility 

If you want to make a cross-platform game, make sure you select an engine with cross-platform compatibility.

Optimization and Rendering Speed 

A good game engine should allow real-time rendering, capable of performing with different import formats. Whether a game is 2D or 3D, it should have a dynamic environment that stands compatible with the overall game-feel.

Can You Use Unreal Assets in Unreal?

When it comes to the question: “ can you use Unreal assets in Unreal ?” You should avoid Unreal assets as much as possible. Especially if they’re always visible to a player. Because many games, especially the ones that don’t have a remarkable architecture, use Unreal default assets. Meaning that many players will recognize them and think that your game architecture lacks an interactive dialogue system and in-game immersive detailing. 

When game assets are sold in mass, the same rule applies, i.e., it affects the overall User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). So, it's better to avoid it. Instead, when it comes to the question of “can you use Unreal assets in Unreal” - you can opt for custom game development, which promisingly offers better game mechanics, in-game physics and interactive gameplay.

Can You Use Unity Assets in Unreal?

The answer to " can you use Unity Assets in Unreal " is a yes. The EULA for the Unity Asset Store says that you can use assets as "embedded components of electronic games and digital media," but it doesn't say that you have to use Unity to do this. Some "restricted" assets have their own license terms that might not let them be used anywhere else. Most of the resources on the Unity Asset Store are "non-restricted," which means they can be utilized in other engines and software.

Most of the time, assets made for one game engine may not work with another. Mainly, when it comes to "can you use Unity Assets in Unreal", it is because every game engine has its own set of tools and file formats - and assets made for one engine might not work with another. If you want to use assets from one engine in another, you should do a lot of research and testing to make sure it can be done and that the results are good.

Which Is More Powerful Unity or Unreal?

Unity and Unreal are both significant game engines, so it's hard to say which one is better. To compare game engines, but similar to Unity pros and cons, every game engine comes with them. But the right choice depends on a developer’s needs and programming language preference.

With Unity, game developers can use an engine with a large number of users and great support for both 2D and 3D games. When comparing the engines, Unity vs Unreal for beginners , Unity is more beginner-friendly because it uses C#.

Due to its high-quality and photorealistic 3D graphics, Unreal Engine is perfect for making big and complicated games. But because you need to have previous C++ programming language knowledge, it may be harder for new coders to use. Whereas, Unreal Engine is a better choice for developers with more experience.

Unity vs Unreal for Beginners

When it comes to Unreal vs Unity for juniors, one thing that should be kept in mind is that Unity 3D is a good place to start if you want to learn how to code and become a game developer. On the other hand, Unreal is better for you if you want better graphics and resolution for an interactive game environment.

Unreal vs Unity for Mobile Games - Which Is the Better Option?

Reading about Unreal vs Unity for mobile games , due to operational differences, more people use Unreal Engine to make cross-platform games - to support compatibility. Making it a better option for mobile games.

Unity, on the other hand, is mainly used to make game plugins. Unity has more modules and add-ons than Unreal when it comes to assets. When considering Unreal vs Unity for mobile games, both mobile game engines have great graphics, but the Unreal Engine has almost 3x as many options for better resolution.

Also, Unreal can render and process projects more quicker than Unity. This may be why you have to pay royalties to use the Unreal Engine even though it is free.

Unreal 5 vs Unity

A side-by-side comparison of Unreal 5 vs Unity , both can create visually stunning game objects, but Unity requires more effort and detailing to get compatible results than Unreal 5. On the other hand, both come with varying costs as well when Unreal 5 vs Unity are compared.

Why is Unity more popular than Unreal?

Overall, users found Unity a bit easier to use, thanks to its native C# coding language, which should be familiar to all developers, and its overall workspace layout. It's easier to "jump in" and start development projects on this platform than Unreal Engine, which has a steeper learning curve.

Unity vs Unreal Market Share

Unity vs Unreal market share is a main topic of discussion for game app development companies. Statistically, Unity has a market share of 26.17% in the Game Development market, while Unreal Engine has a market share of 13.94%. Resulting in Unity being a market leader in the game development industry, with a higher market share, when Unity vs Unreal Market share is compared.


What Programming Language Does Unreal Engine 5 Use?

Both Unity and UnrealEngine use C++ in their source code. Unity was written partly in C++ and C#, while UnrealEngine was written entirely in C++.

Is Unreal Harder Than Unity?

Unity uses C#, which is similar to C++ but is much easier to learn and understand. This makes it a great place to start if you want to learn how to code.

Should I Use Unity or Unreal?

Unity is the right tool for you if you're making 2D content. Unreal can be used to create 2D games, but Epic Games is putting less effort into this than they are with Unity.

Final Note 

This blog explores Unreal and Unity pros and cons along with Unity vs Unreal market share in detail. 

Unity and Unreal are significant game engines, so it's hard to say which is better. With both one, it would be easier to make games. Both have pros and cons, but the right choice depends on what the developer needs and what language they prefer. 

Although, you can successfully implement a monetization strategy with custom game app development. To reach the best game app developers, head towards Distinguished - a B2B service-providing platform where you can find a list of top game app developers for your custom project.

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