Sep 21, 21

How to Create An App Like Swiggy - Quick Overview

Nowadays, when it comes to finding information regarding anything, it is easy to access the data, but often the data found is not simple to comprehend. Ultimately, this leads the reader to ponder whether they have found the answer they were looking for. Hence, in case you were searching for a sound explanation regarding the cost of building an app like swiggy, we’ve got your back! 

This article aims to provide a quick overview of the cost of building an app like swiggy in the most simplest way possible. We’ll be covering some important factors and give sound reasoning behind the estimates we provide! Therefore, when you’re done with this article, you’ll know what the cost of developing the app is and how to create an app like swiggy that makes an impact.

Swiggy Application Development 

A restaurant is the ideal setting for pampering your taste sensations. However, there are already a plethora of restaurants, cafés, food joints, and other establishments. Choosing the ideal restaurant to satisfy and pamper your taste senses can be difficult. We can notice hints of online food virtually everywhere - on our Facebook newsfeeds, Instagram feeds, and other social media platforms. As the market becomes more competitive, restaurants and food businesses strive to come up with innovative ways to stay afloat.

They have a significant difficulty in not just attracting new consumers, but also keeping existing ones. In this situation, you must distinguish yourself from other food establishments. Go for an internet presence in addition to your physical presence, offerings, and hospitality. Go for a mobile presence to be even more exact. Get a restaurant app to set yourself apart from the competition and to communicate with your customers.

Why Do You Need A Restaurant App?

It may be a wonderful way to boost sales because consumers can not only reserve a table but also purchase meals through the website. Other than this here are two more solid reasons for why your restaurant should have an app.

Retargeting: Push notifications might help you stay in front of your foodies' minds. Many firms have found it to be a game-changer. You may send promotions, meal offers, food delivery discounts, and more to retarget your clients.

Branding: Having an app is more than just a sales channel; it also develops trust among users, resulting in the creation of a brand.

Consider the case of Taco Bell, a large restaurant company that launched its own Android and iOS app in October 2014, and within a year, the app had over 3 million installations, resulting in increased revenue and in-app orders that were around 20% higher than the typical orders placed directly.

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Development Cost of App Like Swiggy 

Yes, we promised to get down to the chase real quick, so without wasting any more time, let’s get right into it. 

An app like Swiggy may cost anything between $6500 and $11,000 to build. Since Swiggy is a database software, it will cost more to build than basic restaurant applications. The price of a restaurant app is determined by the following criteria.

App Platform. (Android, iOS, or Windows): The cost of developing a Zomato-like app for iOS differs from Android. In 2012, the graph below compares the average per hour cost of developing a mobile app for various operating systems (by location) in US dollars.

App Design. In the case of a restaurant app, it must have a user-friendly and engaging design in order to attract repeat customers, which necessitates the use of modern technology. Depending on your requirements, the cost of designing may vary from case to instance.

App Functionality. Every industry has its own set of features and functions. Offering reviews and ratings has been shown to be beneficial for restaurant apps, table reservations, food ordering, and delivery. Again, the price is determined by the features you desire.

App Developer. The cost of hiring a developer is determined by the developer's level of skill in a certain platform. According to Indeed, a mobile app developer in the United States costs about $107,000 per year, but hiring a competent app developer in India costs only $4,400 per year.

How to Create An App Like Swiggy?

Now that you’ve got the cost of developing an app like swiggy, you might be wondering how to create an app like swiggy. Of course, when you do invest in app development, Swiggy is just an example of what you’re looking for in your application. The truth is, you’re going to want an app that is even better than Swiggy, right? So, connect with the best app development companies in the world at today.

In case you’re wondering how to make sure that you hire the right app developer, consider to keep in mind the following characteristics that are a must-have in developers;

  • Sound knowledge regarding the platform you desire to create the app on (iOS or Android)
  • Should have years of experience under his belt
  • Portfolio should be diverse (Creative & Unique application software solutions)
  • Must have designed and developed a restaurant app during his/her tenure.

Now you’ve got the tips to hire the right person for the job, so what are you waiting for? Stop wondering how to create an app like swiggy and get a professional to do it for you! 

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