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Apps like Accubattery: Best Alternatives for Smartphones

Sep 28, 22  |  

Your battery is draining fast and you don’t have an alternative available to get it fixed. What will you do in such a situation? That is where a battery checker app comes in handy. In this article, we will discuss Accubattery, a battery health and usage app. 

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What is AccuBattery?

AccuBattery is a battery tuning app for Android and iOS users. It helps users to easily optimize their battery timings, reduce the number of apps that they are using through careful AI and data pattern detection.

The app is downloaded by over a million users and is a great app for anyone that would like to improve their battery timings on smartphones.

However, AccuBattery is not the only app available in the market. You can easily find many apps like Accubattery that offer proper battery optimization, better performance, and all it is available for completely free. Let’s learn about AccuBattery alternatives available in the market.

List of Best Apps Like Accubattery for Smartphones

Here is a list of the best apps like Accubattery for iOS and Android that you can use for your smartphones.


BatteryCare app's main function is to provide data about your device's temperature and battery condition. It is a great app like Accubattery and its best feature is quick charging. The feature offers a fundamental idea of reducing variables that waste a lot of battery capacity, such as wifi and bluetooth. Because there are numerous programs operating in the background while there is wifi, the power drains rapidly. Because Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are comparable, eliminating these two sources will allow your smartphone to recharge more quickly.

As a result, several other apps that require the device's wifi and bluetooth will not operate while you use the app to fast charge.

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The battery bar adds an energy bar/battery level indication to your phone's top bar/status bar.

The battery bar is a more appealing method to monitor Android's energy/battery status.

You may change the thickness of the energy bar, the color of the power bar, the battery %, the position of the batterybar, and the color line, among other things.

When you connect your charger, turn your status bar green or activate pulsing animation. When the battery is depleted beyond the stated percentage, the power bar turns red. BatteryBar is a great app like Accubattery that you can use.


With sophisticated touch screens and gadgets, Device Info is an useful and straightforward Android application that offers you comprehensive information about your mobile device. Device Info/ Phone Info, for example, contains data about the CPU, RAM, OS, Sensors, Storage, Battery, SIM, Bluetooth, Network, Installed Apps, System Apps, Display, Camera, Temperature, and so on. In addition, device Info/phone Info may perform hardware checks on your device. It is a lot like an accubattery app that you can use to improve your smartphone timings.

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Android's most attractive and powerful rechargeable battery monitor! You may view real-time battery temperature and information, such as battery temperature, health, power status, and voltage. Many tools are available with the battery monitor. One-tap boost, ram widget, processor widget, charger widget, desktop floating window, status bar floating window, and overheat warning are some of the features available. It's incredibly easy to keep track of your RAM, CPU, and battery. BatteryMon is a great app like Accubattery.

Last Real Shutdown

This app is not available on Google Play but you can directly download from many online app stores available. Last Real Shutdown is a little portable program that lets you see when your computer was last properly shut down.

It not only provides data about the last full shutdown, but it also allows you to totally shut down your laptop with a single button push. Last Real Shutdown is a great app like Accubattery for people who want to optimize their smartphone performance.


It is a great software for desktop as well as smartphones. BattStat lets you find out your current battery statistics and how they can be improved. It works great for users and has had a positive rating in the past. If you are looking for apps like Accubattery then BattStat should be on top of your list.

Battery Optimizer

Looking for battery optimization apps that can offer you the best battery coverage? Battery Optimizer is a great app to do that. It is also a perfect alternative to AccuBattery and praised by many users who have used it in the past. You can download and install the Battery Optimizer app directly on your smartphone from Google Play. 


The BattCursor app is available for smartphones and desktops. It just visualizes the battery bar so that users who are not always sure about when to charge their laptops or smartphones can do so. BattCursor will keep them informed about the battery timings as well. It is a perfect alternative to Accubattery.

Looking for Apps Like AccuBattery?

We have created a list of the best apps like Accubattery that you can use on your smartphone. The apps are not only great for iOS and Android but some of them are also available as laptop software. This way you can monitor your battery on laptop and smartphone - both at the same time! Isn’t that great?

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