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Best Apps Like Allihoopa: Best Music Socializing App

In contrast to the year 2000 when you had to buy CD or DVD music albums, listening to the radio, or viewing MTV for your most recent hits, you can use online streaming services to access your preferred music.

Trailblazing services such as iTunes and Pandora are setting the pace for many others, creating a new revenue stream for producers and helping internet music to go mainstream.

Let's find out first about the Allihoopa app. Allihoopa was an interesting collaborative platform for mobile applications. The focus was on making mobile music and providing the end-user with a limited set of instruments. Examples of this are the Figure and Take apps. The player on their website looked a little bit like SoundCloud. Allihoopa has been used as an audio hosting platform even for commercial users by many people. It can be imagined that Propellerhead uses his audio engine. This app was shut down in January 2019.

Apps Like Allihoopa

No worries if Allihoopa was shut down. There are several apps like Allihoopa in the market. That you can easily use them as an alternative to Allihoopa. You will find a list of apps down below:


SoundCloud has a broad selection of songs and podcasts as a user-oriented musical streaming service so that users can not only stream content but also upload some of their content. The service is on all devices and is available for Windows users on a desktop app. The free version of SoundCloud allows you to skip and mix songs in a limitless way, download the original track in the unloose format, and are available on Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers in progressive web applications.

You can also customize their playlists, repost work on their account by other creators and share music with different social media platforms. SoundCloud provides direct user support so that you can donate directly to them or via links on their website.

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Pandora is one of the top music streaming services that offer music and podcasts for individual listening according to your tastes and preferences. More than 70 million monthly users, whether you are at home and on the go, have a highly personalized listening experience. You can use Pandora's web version or access your favorite content via its mobile app. It is one of the biggest providers of streaming music and offers a leading digital audio advertising platform to connect you to your favorite audio entertainment.

Pandora makes it easy to create or search for stations that suit your activity or your mood from your favorite artists, songs, and genres. You can find podcasts that talk to you as well.

Reverb Nation

ReverbNation is the best free application for streaming music to find local artists. You can use a website or mobile app to stream or download music and join the website as a fan or artist, depending on your needs. Once you sign up, you may find trendy music, videos, functional collections, and, as opposed to Spotify which restricts you to some features, click to play content immediately or download it to save it unless you upgrade to premium plans. 

You can customize and save playlists, follow artists and favorite music, see shows and charts in your area to keep up with future artists or live events. The main downside is that ReverbNation has a smaller selection of titles and artists.

Xbox Music

Xbox Music is worthy of consideration if you have a Windows device and want to hear free music. Xbox Music can be used without any restrictions. A massive 30-million-track catalog with artist-based radio stations is provided by the Microsoft Video and Music streaming service, free but with ads. Xbox Music can also be found on mobile devices, but it goes further and adds free streaming to your web player. However, the streaming of web players is only possible on Windows devices.

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LiveXLive, formerly Slacker Radio, brings together live music streams with well-informed music and knowledgeable DJs to make playlists fun and fun. The Free Music Streaming Service offers well-covered stations and fun playlists, informative DJs, and intuitive designs. The Slacker name on all apps gives LiveXLive some marking confusion. Moreover, you can still stream music online, but both services do not give their clients lyrics, particularly for the free classes.

Mix CLoud

Mixcloud provides a free streaming playback experience, allowing you to play a show three times a week. You can read tracklists while you're listening, but the free version is supported by ads and only looking forward. This audio-streaming platform lets you explore and stream millions of radio shows, DJ mixes, and podcasts free of charge to satisfy every mood and taste. Moreover, you can get Mixcloud to track your favorite events on iOS or Android devices, listen to devices, and build your playlists.

You can also upload unlimited audio displays, curate your channels and find and build a fan base in the free version. By subscribing to their channels you can also support creators and the Music that you love.

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There are several apps like Allihoopa. This app is shut but you can find different apps like this and enjoy it. Above mentioned apps are free and for the better version, you may get the premium version. 

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