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Apps Like Amino: Alternative Community Chat Apps

Amino: Communities and Chats is a social media app with a great community network that lets you explore, discover, and obsess over things. It provides all of its users with exact and authentic mobile communication. It allows you to go into the details and nerd out, allowing you to easily enjoy a chat, polls, blogs, favorites, and much more. It provides a wonderful platform for connecting with others, and you can meet compatible or like-minded people from all around the world. It has a fantastic variety of fascinating things to do all in one place. You may quickly find and browse a large number of communities linked to your interests.

Similar Apps Like Amino

There are many apps like Amino on the internet. You can choose the best of the best ones.


Reddit provides a precise and effective platform for individuals and communities to share the newest digital trends, breaking news, and ideas, among other things. Its goal is to help people find areas where they can be themselves while still allowing the Reddit community to thrive. It allows you to Share, Vote, and Discuss information. Anyone may start a community on Reddit about almost any subject. The Reddit community throughout the world votes, and down-votes and up-votes are used to categorize debates and stories. It unquestionably elevates the most fascinating, intriguing, influential, hilarious, or simply fantastic stories to the top. Redditors can also leave comments on any post they see on the site. With this fantastic software, you can quickly access the most up-to-date news on the internet, quickly discover the hottest and current topics, and receive the finest of what truly attracts or interests you.

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TalkLife- You’re Not Alone

TalkLife- You're Not Alone is a great app and a great location to talk to people who understand you. It is one of the safest social media platforms for receiving and giving assistance. You can share your thoughts and opinions with others, as well as discuss life advice in a safe and friendly environment. You can assist others by offering them survival tips and advice based on your personal experience. Thousands of users have used this app to acquire incredible information on a wide range of topics. It allows you to reveal your true self as well as publish anonymously, and it will protect your privacy and allow you to do everything you want. It has simplified and captured some of life's most difficult and wonderful events, allowing you to quickly obtain answers and perspectives on your own issue.


Quora is a question-and-answer platform that allows you to get precise and high-quality responses to your commonly asked questions in real-time. This app is used by a large number of users to create a successful experience. You can use this app to ask questions and receive detailed and useful responses. There are numerous elements that allow you to stay updated about your connected questions as well as a wide range of other topics. People use this incredible question-and-answer software to ask questions about any subject, share their expertise with others, and read additional high-quality content that is relevant and customized to them. You can use this app to explore high-quality content, keep track of your favorite topics, learn from reliable individuals, answer questions, and share your expertise.

Confess – Share Secrets

Confess – Share Secrets is a place where individuals come to confess their sins. They honestly discuss what they have done so far and how their actions have influenced the lives of others as well as their own. It's the ideal platform for individuals who wish to make a confession to alleviate their regrets, rejoice in the silly times, get over the guilt of an unconscious event, or relax in any other way. It is simply a thoughtfully designed and thought-provoking program with the ability to keep its users interested for an indefinite period of time. Confess - Share Secrets' most essential features include the ability to anonymously make confessions, view confessions made by others, interact with people who are making confessions, create a private confession group, and much more.

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Swiflie is a forum for actual people only who are recognized champions in their fields, and it invites others to openly offer their opinions on any topic. The downside with this app, which many people believe is the real benefit of using it, is that any post or content shared by others is just temporary and will be erased once a certain amount of time has passed. This assures that no one can bring legal action against you. Swiflie's biggest feature is that it allows users to stay anonymous while contributing fresh content in the publishing section. Users can also elect to remain highlighted if they so desire. Everything you share on our platform will be under your complete control at all times. If your post has too many dislikes, it will be instantly removed. Get more and more likes to extend the life of a post if you want to keep it alive.


Socratic is a fantastic program that has drastically decreased the time and effort required to complete your assignments. This is a fantastic tool for folks who seek basic, plain, and step-by-step directions to answer their issues. This software has a large number of downloads available for Android and iOS users. It's a simple program that not only finds answers to questions but also demonstrates how it does it. Socratic is a five-star homework software that helps users get answers to their problems in a wide range of subjects, including English, Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, History, Accounting, Computer, and many others. 

Apps Like Amino Conclusion

These apps like amino are social community apps. Here you can discuss your problems and get solutions from experts.

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