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Sep 17, 21  |  ibrahim imran

Top Apps like CocoPPa - Best Alternatives for Smartphone Users

Searching for apps like cocoppa for Android or iPhone? You've come to the right place! When you look at several of the major mobile services used by Japanese girls, you'll see that they all include some type of personalization option. Decolog, a popular female mobile blogging platform with 6.5 billion monthly page views, allows users to personalize their blogs with unique photographs or graphics. One of the reasons for the service's huge success is its extremely versatile customization option. Of course, these days, females want their mobile home screens to be customized as well. Here's a list of seven Japanese applications that let you do it in a really adorable way.

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CocoPPa is a smartphone software that lets users personalize their home screens using wallpaper and icons contributed by other users. It has received roughly 8 million downloads, with over 90% of them coming from outside the United States. It is mostly supported by girls aged 10 to 20. Works donated and developed by Japanese users (creators) have proven highly popular across the world.

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CocoPPa is a collaborative mobile modification site that allows people from all around the globe to design and work on app icons and backgrounds, with many of the designs already available falling into the cute category. CocoPPa was published in July of last year and has already been downloaded over 7.5 million times, with half of them originating from the United States. The startup presented a pitch at the recent Infinity Ventures Summit in Sapporo, as readers may recall.

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Touch Icon Creator

On our list of apps like cocoppa for Android and iPhone, we have Touch Icon Creator which is a straightforward software that lets users design unique app icons from photos in their photo gallery. You may, for example, use a photo of friends or relatives to make app icons. This might also be beneficial for those who read celebrity blogs on Ameblo, a popular blogging site. Although mainstream consumers may not visit internet news outlets frequently, I believe many read blogs written by friends and celebrities. Users may add shortcuts to their home screens and modify photographs to match the blog's theme.

Icon Whip

Icon Whip offers over 30 different types of adorable, unique icons, including Hello Kitty and cookie-shaped icons. The icons all have a hand-drawn appearance to them, which helps your home screen stand out. Some icons can be unlocked by sharing them on Twitter or Facebook, and premium icons may be purchased on the Deco Market.

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+Icon is for individuals who truly want to let their imagination run wild. Frames and symbols are available in the app, allowing you to quickly build your own icon. There are additional designs created in conjunction with well-known clothing companies such as X-girl and Milkfed.

Nuko Shortcut Icon

This one is dedicated to all cat lovers. Nuko Shortcut Icon allows you to alter the icons on your home screen to Japanese-style cats. In the online world, Nuko supposedly means ‘cats' (Neco in Japanese), but I had to research this up.

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Line Deco 

LINE DECO is a basic and easy-to-use decorating application for Android smartphones that includes wallpapers and icons. If you want to make your Android device even more attractive than it already is, then LINE DECO is the app for you. Wallpapers and Icons - LINE DECO offers one of the most extensive collections of icons and wallpapers, ensuring that there is something for everyone in this program. It's also in the list of top one applications due of its fantastic icons, backgrounds, and widgets. Let's have a conversation about how it works. With the IconPacks functionality of this software, you may apply wallpapers and icons all at once. Each bundle includes matching wallpapers and icons to complement your smartphone's outside appearance.

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It's a simple and quick method to personalize your smartphone. This software also includes a widget that is regarded as one of the coolest stuff for phone decorating. Here you will find an unrivaled and stunningly attractive calendar, clock, battery, and a variety of other widgets. It is one of the best apps like CocoPPa.


KittyPlay Wallpapers Ringtones is one of the greatest Google App Store apps, with a ton of fun wallpaper and ringtones to choose from. Simply said, it's a fantastic method to make your smartphone appear its best. KittyPlay Wallpapers Ringtones is a lovely software that is ideal for people who want to totally customize their smartphone. This program is completely free to use and has millions of free wallpapers that are simple to see and download. The offered wallpapers are pixel flawless and come in HD and QHD formats, which is the finest part. You may choose a backdrop from a variety of messaging applications, including WhatsApp and others.

So, if you were in search of apps like cocoppa for iPhone and Android, you've now got the best alternatives mentioned above! 

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