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Apps Like Dreamscope: Best Photo Editing Apps

Sep 23, 22  |  Admin

Apps like Dreamscope is a web and mobile app that turns your photos into paintings. It has advanced AI (artificial intelligence) to edit your photos and turn them into hand-painted paintings. The app has a bunch of editing tools that help you edit your images professionally. Dreamscope has the largest community of designers in the world who share their experiences daily to teach newcomers and share their new ideas. 

It also has a massive library of more than 5000 paintings and is regularly updated with new images. There is also an option that allows you to upload your own creation and get real-time feedback to make it more interesting. Dreamscope's core functionality includes a simple interface, powerful editing tools, automatically turning your image into a painting, and more.

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Top Alternative Apps Like Dreamscope

Here Are Some alternates apps like Dreamscope mobile app. Let's see all of them in detail and read their reviews.

Magic Carbon Photo Lab Effects

Magic Carbon Photo Lab Effects Glitter Art is a simple yet powerful photography app with a variety of creative options for transforming everyday photos into masterpieces. It's one of the most inspiring photo editors, with hundreds of unique lighting effects, as well as stunning glitters and sparkles.

You can quickly produce beautiful pixel dispersion effect images or sparkling glitters effect photos to share on social media accounts with the help of this application. It features one of the largest collections of fashionable and fantastic photo effects of any other editing program, with over 800 effects to date. This app can also be considered as an alternative apps like Dreamscope.

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Heart Crown Photo Editor Camera

Heart Crown Picture Editor Camera is an all-in-one photo and video editing tool designed for those who want to create gorgeous videos and photos right on their phone. Mixer App Co. designed it, and it's only available on mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

It's a simple and straightforward software that lets you go very cutesy with hundreds of heart crown effects, flower crowns, and kitty stickers, among other things. The software starts out simple, but it now has over 2 million users all around the world who can use it to make their photographs and videos more appealing. This app can also be considered as an alternative apps like Dreamscope.

Snap Photo Editor

Snap photo editor Collage Maker & Photo Editor was developed and released on Android and iOS. It's a fantastic program that adds a powerful beauty editor filter to your photos, making them even more memorable.

The software not only helps you take great photos, but it also allows you to edit and tweak them to make them look more professional. Snap Photo Editor is a visually appealing photo editing tool with hundreds of functions to help you become a cool photographer and draw unexpected attention. Snap photo editor is one of the best apps like Dreamscope.


PinksCam Kawaii Self Camera is a fun photography software for females that includes a variety of new editing options. The software is ideal for females who adore the color pink and wish to snap a selfie with pink textures, effects, and backgrounds, among other things.

It's a basic and straightforward picture and video editing program that lets you edit and share an unlimited number of photos and movies. You may even take or import a photo from your phone and modify it whatever you wish. 

If you are looking for functionalities of apps like Dreamscope then PinksCam is for you.

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A Color Story

A Color Story is a photographic app that emphasizes new content, bright whites, and vibrant colors. A Color Story LLC developed and distributed the software, which is available for download on Android and iOS devices. 

It's a powerful photo and video editing program that lets you take an endless number of photos or films, customize them to your liking, and share them with others.

Analog Paris

Analog Paris is the seventh app in the Analog Film City Series, which includes over ten different photographic filters and up to 30 different color filters. It includes several new effects and editing capabilities to deliver a professional photography experience, as contrasted to other editing programs.

Exposure, brightness, sharpen, highlights, shadows, rotate and flip, contrast, temperature, and many other editing options are available. Analog Paris is a digital camera that allows you to record endless videos or shoot photos with various effects.


Brillar - Sparkly Video Photo is an excellent tool for adding glitter effects to videos and photos. It comes with a variety of useful tools for snapping selfies, personalizing images, and sharing photos with friends.

You may choose from over 100 filters and effects on the app, and you can see them in real-time before taking your selfie. It allows you to concentrate on taking great photos rather than retouching them.

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PLOTAVERSE is a digital art platform that lets you create, share, and discover content in the most efficient way imaginable. It's a photo-editing program that lets you add spectacular effects, filters, and stickers to your photos and movies.

You may also use the app to express your tale through animated photos that you can share on your favorite social media sites. PLOTAVERSE is a unique and revolutionary program that allows you to quickly animate any image while adding video overlays for advanced effects.

Photo Glitter Light Effect

Photo Glitter Light Effect is a free-to-use photography app for Android and iOS devices, developed by Addquick Inc. Hundreds of Sakura effects are available in the app, each with its unique set of colors, stars, and other elements.

In comparison to other photo editing apps, Photo Glitter Light Effect is a simple and convenient one. To use all of the capabilities of the app without any restrictions, you must first download it to your mobile device. Glittering effects are included, as well as all of the professional tools, such as filters, effects, stickers, and zoom in and out support.


Glixel – Glitter is a fantastic photo-editing program that allows you to quickly make extraordinary pixel effect photographs. Create or capture photos with pixel dispersion effects or sparkling glitters effects, then share them right away on social media using the app.

Pixel Effects - Photo Editor is a replacement for KiraKira, but it comes with a slew of new features and tools to help you make your photographs more fascinating. It creates sparkling glitters effects photographs and pixel dispersion effects photos using a freehand finger draw function.


Finally, which software you use for your work is entirely up to you. It is dependent on your requirements and Your preference. Additionally, if you wish to create an app similar to dreamscope, connect with top mobile app development firms at Distinguished.io 

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