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Best Apps Like Hotstar Free on Android and iOS 2021

Oct 04, 22  |  

If you’re looking for one of the best entertaining apps for watching your favorite shows, live sports matches, and much more. There are a plethora of apps through which you can watch your favorite shows. One of the best apps is Hotstar and there are lots of apps like Hotstar. In this blog, you will find out the list of apps like Hotstar.  

First, let’s find out what sort of features Hotstar has.

We can watch a variety of TV series, the latest movies, and even cricket matches on Hotstar. To access the hosted material, users can either use the app or go to the website. Users must purchase a premium subscription to gain access to its high-end features. As a result, customers frequently turn to apps like Hotstar to obtain superior material at a lower cost. You can use this app both on Android and iOS platforms.

Best Apps Like Hotstar

There are thousands of apps like Hotstar available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can download them for free. Let's find out the list of apps like Hotstar.

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Snaptube allows you to watch and download as many videos as you like quickly and securely. All types of video sharing and hosting sites can be found in one location. You will be able to find a wide range of stuff without having to use any other software in this manner. Snaptube, like Hotstar, offers a wide range of TV shows, movies, sports videos, and other content. Snaptube, unlike Hotstar, is completely free and allows for the download of high-definition content. Snaptube is one of the top Hotstar-like apps because of all of this.


Netflix is a popular app for watching popular TV episodes and movies from across the world on your mobile device. On Netflix, you can find and watch all of the award-winning TV shows and movies, which are updated daily. Recommend TV shows and movies from the same genre as the ones you watch the most. Get notified when new episodes and releases are available. Download movies and Television shows to your phone and watch them whenever and wherever you want. 

Thorough any internet-connected gadgets. You can watch Netflix on your smart TV, set-top boxes, games consoles, tablets, computers, and smartphones. 


Hulu is one of the most popular apps like Hotstar. Hulu is popular because it features a unique combination of vintage and current TV shows, including Seinfeld and The Simpsons. If you want to journey back in time and relive your childhood memories, Hulu should be at the top of your list. Another important benefit is that Hulu distributes new episodes faster than other streaming platforms. For example, one or two days after it appears on TV, a new episode would probably be released to the web. As you know, Netflix would rather wait until a season is over before all episodes are downloaded.

Hulu is only available in the U.S. and Japan at the moment, so remember. Although the initial package costs $5.99, advertising is available to you. If you want an ad-free watching experience upgrade to your $11.99 per month membership.

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HBO Max contains lots of material. If you select the Video Streaming platform of HBO, you will not be disappointed. This is not unreasonable. If you like the HBO series, you don't have to join up for this streaming subscription. It's anticipated that popular films including Chernobyl, Throne Game, and Westworld will be screened. Also, classic HBO shows like The Sopranos are available.

Even better, HBO Max is not just for the HBO series. Popular sitcoms are also available, like The Big Bang Theory, Friends, and Pretty Little Liars. WarnerMedia shows can also stream from other television networks, such as Cartoon Network, CNN, TNT, and TBS. The pricing is $14.99 a month from HBO Max. If you look at the other services' prices in this list, that is a lot of money. However, the fee may be justified due to the vastness of its content repository.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video is one of the apps like Hotstar now. Similar to Hotstar, it allows you to browse its large film and TV series catalog. Some titles are only accessible on Amazon Prime Video, including Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The video streaming service of Amazon should release more original series if you are searching for new shows, thus it's worth checking it out.

Access to the Prime Video is already included in the Amazon Prime subscription. This can be the ideal solution for you when you are already a member because you won't have to pay anything. But you can use it for $8.99 per month as an independent service.

Disney Plus

For young people, Disney Plus is one of the apps like Hotstar. This video streaming service is a terrific choice if you want to provide your children with a platform to view their favorite Disney cartoons and films on demand. And Disney produces some of the most fun family films, as you may know, so consider using this platform if your family appreciates connection over a fantastic movie. Recall that Disney is also behind famous brands such as Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar. Disney Plus' monthly price is just $6.99. You might opt for a $69.99 annual subscription if you want to save even more money.

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There are a plethora of apps like Hotstar. Choices differ from preferences, needs, liking, and dislikes. You can select any apps like Hotstar according to your preference. 

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