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Apps Like iFunny: The Best Alternatives 

Oct 05, 2022  |  Ibrahim Imran

In search of apps like iFunny? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here we are going to be mentioning some of the best apps like iFunny to help you in not only enjoying a wide collection of memes but also in making your collection! 

Top Similar Apps Like iFunny

iFunny is a fantastic platform that allows its users all around the world to enjoy the best memes, videos, and photos. iFunny not only allows you to browse through a large selection of memes and hilarious stuff, but it also assists you in creating your own collection. It's a lighthearted application that brings a grin to your face when you need it most.

iFunny is a social networking tool that allows you to freely share photographs, videos, and gifs. It's also known as the meme-making app, where you can not only make memes but also browse through hundreds of thousands of other people's creations. It has over 10 million users all around the world who may freely share their photos and videos.

iFunny also has a comment section where you can share your thoughts on memes and other topics. It's incredibly simple to use; all you have to do is download the app, sign up with Facebook, and start having fun. iFunny is a fantastic tool for killing time while enjoying entertaining material xx

Now, without further ado, here are the top apps like iFunny


9GAG is a free online social media application that allows users to submit and share their own material. Every day, millions of people visit to pass the time and find new acquaintances from all around the world. The software loads quickly and allows for effortless scrolling, saving time for finding memes or having a good laugh.

It's not only an entertainment app; it also allows you to talk about everything that interests you, whether it's gaming, relationships, cooking, anime, or anything else. The most interesting aspect of this software is that it has over 36 million Facebook fans and up to 40 million Instagram followers, making it simple to spread your work of art across social media.

It's a completely free app that you may use from anywhere in the world. You can use 9GAG's services whenever, wherever, and whenever you want, so you'll never be bored at home, at class, or at work. Get fantastic ideas and have the time of your life. 9 GAG is a fun app for people of all ages to enjoy a variety of engaging activities all on one platform.

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StumbleUpon is the most powerful online application for discovering your favorite content all in one place. Mobile phones and tablets running Windows, iOS, and Android can utilize the software. It helps users to find and rate online articles, videos, and photographs that are tailored to their preferences.

To identify and deliver your favorite items, the app uses peer sourcing and social networking principles. Simply type your topic of interest into the search field, and it will return a satisfying combination of articles, photographs, videos, news, and quotes.

The app's material is also divided into several categories, making it easier to navigate and use. StumbleUpon is a social networking site where you can keep track of your friends and share your finds.

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LOL Pics

LOL Pics is a majorly entertaining tool produced by Tap Tap Entertainment that allows you to watch the most spectacular content for free and have a hilarious time. It's a very addicting programme that contains the best amusing pictures, jokes, gifs, and memes available for mobile and tablet devices. It's an enormously beautiful place to get exquisite stuff, whether you're looking for fail photos, cute photos, wtf photos, hilarious Tumblr posts, tweets, or intriguing data, for example. 

It offers millions of items in over 20 distinct hilarious categories where you can get excellent material. It's a simple and easy-to-use program that allows you to submit, view, share, and vote on photos.

Best Vines

Best Vines is a free online Entertainment application developed by AVodev that is available on mobile phones and tablets. It's not a social networking software where you can upload, post, vote on, and share material; rather, it's a vine-watching app where you can watch the funniest and most brilliant vines.

With the aid of this app, you may view the greatest videos from numerous Facebook pages on your mobile device quickly and easily. The nicest part about this software is that you can store and share your favorite vines without needing to use any social media platforms.

Funny or Die

Funny or Die is a mobile and tablet application that delivers the most funny material from the web to your phone or tablet. It features exclusive content from the usual staff of in-house writers, directors, and producers, as well as occasional contributions from celebrities like James Franco and Judd Apatow.

Funny or Die is one of the greatest, if not the only, platforms for staying up to date on all the newest entertainment and educational news. The app contains a variety of content kinds, such as video, image, articles, and gifs, to provide you with more things to look at on your mobile device while you go about your day.

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Amino - Communities and Chats is a social app that allows you to explore, discover, and obsess about the topics you're interested in. There are a number of communities on the app, and each one has fantastic material, friendly people, and interesting events. The application is available for Android and iOS platforms and is absolutely free to use.

You may also use this app to discover and search new communities for whatever you're interested in, write on the blog, leave a comment, and share it with others. To begin, you must first establish your profile by validating your email address and all other essential details.

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