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Top Apps Like Jodel Free for Android and iOS

Sep 27, 22  |  

In today’s world, everybody is occupied with busy schedules. People are finding new ways to entertain themselves. As we know, humans are social animals. They love socializing more rather than any other work. 

As the digital world is evolving. Many socializing apps have been developed with more enhanced features and are user-friendly.

Let's talk about the Jodel app first. Jodel- Your City Chat has been developed by The Jodel Venture GmbH as a magnificent chatting platform. The app allows you to connect with students in your area immediately and also get all the updates about popular conversations in the vicinity in real-time. You will discover all the hottest news, occasions, stories, and jokes in the surrounding community with this platform. You can post messages and pictures in real-time with this app known as the Jodels.

Jodel app also offers an option to voters to choose what their campus is about, so their users can vote for other people's posts. You can discover and meet new posts to gather Karma points and become the Jodeling Master. You can communicate anonymously with other users, share and discover the warmest news from your area, talk to various thrilling groups and enjoy a great deal more right on this fine platform.

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Best Alternative Apps Like Jodel

You will find the complete list of apps like Jodel in this article that you can use to find local communities. 


The spout is an anonymous free location chat application that lets you express and connect to others around you free of charge. The Spout app can be used on Android and iOS platforms and can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time.

You can share anything with what's in your mind, through this application, ask advice, ask questions and see what others say. It allows you to talk to people around the globe, whether at home, at school, at work, or on a journey. Spout lets you handle your profile virtually and never discloses it to anyone else. 

One of the greatest things about this app is that it lets you send messages everywhere. The Spout App also provides a wide range of prominent features, including adaptation locations, voting options, expression, spoutcoins earnings, no registration or information tracking, communication with others, and more. Spout, as compared to others, is among the best anonymous chatting platforms.


Sarahah is an anonymous feedback application launched in 2016 that can be used on iOS and on Android platforms. The app lets people read text messages to others and the person reads them anonymously.

For those who want to know themselves without hesitation, it is one of the most suitable applications. With this application, you can receive honest feedback from your friends and colleagues that enhance your friendship by learning about your strength and improvement areas.

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Candid is a Free Mobile app developed by Voiceme Pvt Ltd for iOS and Android platforms for anonymous discussions. The app gives you the opportunity to freely express your intimate feelings, deep emotions, dark thoughts, and every other sensitive thing.

People with unemployment, family problems, negative thinkers, and relationships that have broken, can be anonymous to share their emotions. You have to register via Facebook after installing the app, check the email address, and stay anonymous for anything you like here.

Without apprehension and judgment, you can use a name for your desired character. You can display your inner self through text and audio confession anonymously through this application. There are several hashtags available, including family, social, public health, friends, and work, and new hashtags can then be added to express your feelings.


Honestly, this is one of the excellent mobile apps like Jodel which allows you in a private and positive environment to discover how your friends feel about you. This is an app that offers extreme privacy, free and enjoyable, where you can answer questions about yourself, meet new friends anonymously.

Honestly, it provides you with an enormous range of questions, which will also make it more interesting and enjoyable for you to ask new questions. It's a simple and easy application with lots and lots of exciting things that can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime. You simply need to download, sign up on Facebook, ask and share your question with friends via Facebook or other social networking platforms.

You can also find nearby people and make new friends with the help of this application. In the form of texts, photographs, or short videos you honestly send messages. Honestly, it is one of the best applications for those who want to learn how friends feel privately about you.


For people wishing to express themselves anonymously, Vent is a free mobile application. The application is addictive and it helps you connect with a community that is supportive, positive, and understanding. It makes it easy for people around the world to share their true feelings.

The aircraft has millions of customers all over the world waiting to hear what you are saying. It is an ideal alternative to Sarahah and provides many new features that enhance it over others.

Many exciting and entertaining groups and new friends can be intuitively joined. You can also share your personal contact information; via your cellular phones, you can send images, videos, gifs, and voice messages.

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There are tons of social media apps like Jodel. People use social networking platforms according to their preferences and choices. You can select any app according to your needs and preferences. You can make friends, ask questions, search for advice and have fun with an anonymous identity. 

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