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Apps Like Knappily to Boost Your Productivity

Sep 24, 2022  |  Ibrahim Imran

Want to increase your productivity? In search of apps like Knappily? Well, you have certainly come to the right place! Here we are going to be mentioning some of the best apps like knappily to boost your productivity! 

Best Apps Like Knappily

The entire world has become digital. Everything you desire is just a mouse click away, making it all the more vital to keep up with the newest technology developments. In the last few years, mobile apps have sparked a revolution, and there are several knappily apps that may significantly increase your productivity. Take a peek at five of them:


Are you forgetful by nature and frequently miss deadlines? You are the target audience for this app. ‘Keep' is a tool that allows you to store your ideas, photographs, and even audio. Because you may create a reminder before the deadline, you will never forget essential information. The UI is incredibly user-friendly, and using the App is a wonderful experience.

It was available for Android and received a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.


Knappily, on the other hand, is a completely distinct app. There are several applications that provide news updates, but this one takes a unique method to delivering the information. It takes a topic and delves into the details. The timeframe, what, why, and who is engaged, as well as the present situation.

Knappily app, you should certainly have on your phone to remain up to date with current events in a world where knowledge is regarded the actual measure of an individual. This game is also available on the Google Play Store.

By the way, ‘Knappily' is an acronym that stands for Knowledge + Application + Daily.

Apps Like Scantopia


Traveling by bus and want to read something fascinating on your phone but can't because of signal and connectivity problems? This app is for folks who are similar to you. There are times when we are aware that we are unable to access the internet, but we have little recourse other than to blame the network provider.

All of these issues are addressed in ‘Pocket.' When you have access to the internet, it allows you to store the URL and read the content offline. Simply add it to Pocket whenever you come upon anything intriguing. You never know when you'll need anything else.

Puzzle Alarm

Some individuals set ambitious alarm clocks but never get out of bed. Do you happen to be one of them? You've come to the correct location. ‘Puzzle Alarm' came up with a unique way of waking you awake. You are unable to reject or snooze the alarm. It presents you with a problem to solve, and it will stop ringing after you have completed it.

Turning off the alarm by solving a problem in the morning? After completing a problem, how could you sleep? There are additional special elements such as cacophonous noises, incredibly difficult riddles, and vibration.

Install it, and sleep aficionados will appreciate it at peak hours.


Another inventive app for jotting down whatever is on your mind. Many functions are available in this app, including the ability to submit notes through email. This is especially useful at formal events where you are expected to take rapid notes.

It may also be used to keep track of vital information as a personal record.


Once you’ve read through the descriptions we have mentioned regarding each of the apps like knappily, decide which knappily app suits your preference best and install it today! 

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