Sep 22, 21

Apps Like Loopsie: Best Cinemagraph Creating Apps

Wondering where you can find the best cinemagraph creating apps? Well, you have come to the right place. Here you’ll find the best apps like loopsie so go ahead and check them out! 

Best Apps Like Loopsie 

Loopsie may not be the most configurable software for generating cinemagraphs, but it does offer some of the most useful elements. It generates full HD cinemagraphs and automatically stabilizes shaky films with its built-in stabilizer.

Loopsie also allows you to make cinemagraphs in both repeat and bounce modes, which I enjoyed. As a result, you may either have the video repeat from the beginning once it has finished or play it backward. Loopsie's watermark will be applied to all of your cinemagraphs in the free edition, but you may remove it with a $1.99 in-app purchase.

Furthermore, here are the best cinemagraph creating apps for you! 

Draw Motion with Stabilization

Draw Motion is a cool software that lets you make a cinemagraph out of a video or a Live Photo. Simply draw on your photo to conceal the moving and static portions, and you'll have a creative cinemagraph in no time.

The video stabilizer is one of the app's greatest features. By selecting “Stabilize” when creating the video, you may produce steady and smooth cinemagraphs. You may also post your cinemagraphs on social media to show off your artistic abilities.


With Zeotropic, you can make beautiful cinemagraphs from a single photo. It's simple to use: simply capture the motion points on your photo, mask the parts you wish to remain static, and add music or overlays to make it dynamic, and you'll have a unique cinemagraph.

You'll appreciate the app's audio function, which lets you use the Sounds Library to add any music or audio. Additionally, the many overlays and 3D effects transform your cinemagraphs into mini masterpieces.

Top Apps Like Droidcam

Cinemagraph Pro

Due to its outstanding customization possibilities and user-friendly design, Cinemagraph Pro by Flixel is the go-to software for many professional photographers. You can make cinemagraphs from both still photos and films, and you can modify the pace of the repetition and bounce styles.

The sole drawback of Cinemagraph Pro is its annual fee of $200. Though you may use it for free if you don't mind the watermark and lesser video quality, if you want to use it professionally, you'll have to pay $200 each year for the entire package. The bundle includes the Cinemagraph Pro software as well as the Flixel cloud service.


It's a good program for making cinemagraphs, however, it's missing a stabilizer. As a result, you'll need to utilize a smartphone tripod or ensure that you have some form of support to avoid making a wobbly video. You'll have to sketch an area that you wish to animate and then film the video, just like the other applications on our list.

The Cinemagraph app, for example, allows you to modify your cinemagraph frame by frame. In each frame, you may apply a variety of filters and personalize the animation. You may easily rapidly generate a cinemagraph from a focused item by tapping on the focused object.


Although the fotodanz developers had ceased maintaining it for some time, they have just resumed work on it and it is once again ready for show time. It works in a similar way as MaskArt; all you have to do is record a video (using the Fotodanz app) and mark the region you want to animate.

Unfortunately, you can only capture videos for 5 seconds, but this is more than enough for cinemagraphs. You may also change the loop styles, modify the duration and speed, rotate the image, and apply filters. Making cinemagraphs is free, however, accessing the sophisticated filters requires an in-app payment.

Tops Apps Like Bottled 

PICOO Camera

You just choose a region on the screen that you wish to animate and then film the video for a stunning cinemagraph using PICOO Camera. To choose the region, you may either use a square or circular pattern or create a custom area with your finger.


Although the result may not be flawless in some scenarios, PICOO Camera performs admirably in the majority of them. It also comes with filters to make your cinemagraphs even more beautiful.

Motion Stills

Motion Stills is a Google app that enables you to make both cinemagraphs and time-lapse films. It is, however, quite rudimentary, and there are few extra editing capabilities. Nonetheless, the video stabilization option is well worth a try.

Using the app's excellent stabilizer, you can make a looping 3-second movie that seems like a still image. There are no editing tools available, but you may still connect clips to make a movie.


Now that you have come across the list of top apps like loopsie, go ahead and figure out which one is best for you! 


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