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Top Apps Like Magic Piano by Smule 2021

Sep 21, 22  |  

Are you in search of apps like magic piano by Smule? Well in this blog you will find a long list of apps like magic piano. You’re in the right place. 

Magic Piano is like a piano prodigy, every time, everywhere. Play your favorite songs with a spin and every time it sounds great. Track light beams to guide the right note with your fingertips. The notes, rhythm, and tempo, which make your creativity and expressiveness shine. Change your piano into an organ, synth Funky 80, harpsichord, and more, try out different instruments.

You may subscribe to our complete song and instrument catalog for unlimited access. Spread on the Smule Globe app or listen to songs from other players and give them some love for their performance. You can share your items via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

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Apps Like Magic Piano 2021

There are several apps like Magic Piano by Smule that are listed below:

Piano Crush

Never seemed so realistic to piano games! Play anywhere with the virtual piano keyboard. Tap the piano keys and play like a real pianist, following suggestions from these music games. There are more than 300 piano melodies! Select from many styles and genres, you can play Beethoven's Symphony #5 or The Animals' House of The Resting Sun instantly from a classical to a popular repertoire! From enhanced library and search help, you quickly find fantastic songs. Every week new piano songs will be added!

Make it sound different for your piano sound! Change to Harp, Accordion, and even Violin your virtual piano sound. Experience the diversity and originality of piano game sounds!

Play your music on the piano, have fun and share a positive feeling for the piano! Destroy your friends to beat your best result!

Piano 3D

The Piano 3D app offers you the ability to study piano on your smartphone. It offers 3D graphics, audio and visual experience to make learning interactive. You can write personal songs and share them with friends and family members via social media platforms via the music composer feature.

Real AR Piano 3D The 88 keyboard app comes with touch support for you to learn piano. You can import songs from third-party music apps and slow down track speed for note-by-note learning. It allows users to record the performance of their consumers through the app recorder. Hundreds of songs app Piano 3D - Play and Learn offer an extensive library of songs created by other users with increased reality effects. You can also record audio during playback and piano learning.

Piano Melody Free

The Piano Melody app allows you to hear your favorite songs from over 1000 different eras and genres in a vast library. To accept multitasks, display labels, and highlight the affected keys, you can set a keyboard. It has a piano that can adjust to the screen size of the device. Users can accurately complete their levels to gain stars and increase their progress.

It comes with features to resize keyboard buttons according to your requirements and with bigger keys, you can get the right notes. It displays 3 octaves on your smartphone's screen at the smallest size. After each level, the app shows a list of keys you have pressed and keys you need to press.

The interface of the Piano Melody Free app contains a set menu with the options to change the tuning speed, volume, vibration, and auto-scroll functionality. A range of notes can also be selected via a slider or by taping 1-5.

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Tiny Piano 

The Tiny Piano music app has over 400 renowned songs that can be enjoyed on your smart device. You can slow down or accelerate songs to match your level of skill. It includes touch tracking functions that display touched keys in different colors. To play the song and learn the piano further, press the keys as the bar drops. The app is free to use; however, it includes in-app shopping.

You need to buy in-app or unlock all songs in a single purchase to unlock additional tracks. The sound can be silenced by users taping the music button at the right top of the screen. Tiny piano - The Play and Learn songs free application offers a song library, where you can search by entering keywords for your favorite song. During your stay, you can enjoy the piano and the singing of friends and family.

Grand Piano

Grand Piano is a Dmytro Denys app that features a virtual 88 keyboard piano that plays piano without much strain on all your handheld devices. It has a double mode, which enables you to play the piano on a single screen via two keyboards.

The application supports external MIDI keys so that you can also play on physical keys. You can allow labels of keynotes to study various keys during the piano. Its interface includes a slider to move the keyboard forward or back to all components. To change musical instruments in real-time, you can tap the music button.

Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is an integrated piano digital simulator that teaches users how to play the piano and to enjoy favored songs. There are more than four modes for an 88-key keyboard, including single-row, double-row, and chord mode. You can adjust the size of the keyboard following our size for a great deal. Perfect Klavier – The app Learn to Play includes MIDI and Audio recording features for teachers or friends. You can share or set the recorded audio file directly. It gives three different guide patterns for piano learning on your smartphone, for example, dropping notes, waterfall, and music sheets.

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There are many other apps like magic piano. You can find them free on Apple Store or Play Store.

Which app do you select? Which app is the best app for you? It all depends on your personal preferences, likes, and needs? You can get help from this blog about which app to choose for free as an alternative to a Magic Piano app.

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