Sep 22, 21

Top Apps Like Nearify Free for Android and iOS

Do you like socializing or want to attend public events? Well, you’re in the right place. In this blog, you will find a list of apps that are similar to nearify. Let’s find out what kind of app is nearify. 

Nearify is a free mobile app that lets you learn all that you like and discover about the public event you want. It has a huge community of users worldwide who are able to discover, find and share incredible events in Nearify. Use this platform to find out what events your friends love and when their favorite artists, musicians, singers, and standup comedians come to visit.

As similar to any other apps, Nearify also offers a safe and effective chat option for its users to discuss events with members. You can also share it with friends via social network platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter after finding your event.

Free Apps Like Nearify

In this article, you will find apps like nearify. Mentioned apps are completely free for Android and iOS versions. Let’s find out more, below:

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It's one of the mobile Social Networking apps like Nearify that shows you moms close by and makes meetings easy. The ultimate goal of this platform is to offer the best place to express your feelings and increase your social life for all mothers. It also offers all the same services to moms, such as discovering and connecting with other moms, chatting, creating community, proposing time to meet, and creating guest lists for your event. Like other apps, it also requires an e-mail address and all additional information to be registered. In this app, you can easily post pictures, ask questions, create events, invite other mummies to the event and have fun. 

We 3

We3 is an excellent social app for your mobile phones and tablets to make friends. The app includes machine learning and social science algorithms to make new friends without going anywhere else. More than 150 factors, including interests, activities, values, global vision, and many other factors, are taken into account in the app. The app enables you to track and manage all your common characteristics, basic objectives, and mutual interests. You can download photos and your status with this social application just for others to see what you're up to. On this app, you can easily upload photos and videos. You can easily share them with your friends and family. This is one of the apps like nearify. This is one of the Nearify similar apps and completely free. 


For you, your family, your neighbors, and your community, Nextdoor is a private social network platform. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to connect and discuss things with locals in your district apps like Nearify. The next app is specifically designed for people who want to know about and talk about their neighbors. This app is easily available on Play Store and Apple App Store platforms. You can access it anytime or anywhere in the world.

This app allows worldwide user organizations to monitor the crime in the neighborhood, find the best painting, discuss special projects, meet people based on similar concerns and do a lot more. Apart from that, the Nextdoor app also allows you to find new homes, invite friends, set up groups, and simply click on postings. Nextdoor also allows its users to create events and join others in creating contacts via their mobile phones and tablets.

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Meetup is a free social network platform that brings people from thousands of cities together to do more in their lifetime. It is completely free on Google Play Store and iOS Apple Store. You can access it at all times, anywhere in the world.

The application is designed specifically for users who want to teach or learn new things and meet new guests. It brings together different people around the world to do what it can do, explore, teach and learn. The Meetup app includes a number of groups including Writers, Technology, the Family, Adventure, and Health care. Each group has millions of members who share their opinions about what they want and what their thoughts are. 


Yubo (Yellow) was developed and published by Twelve Apps Android and iOS platform as a Social Media Mobile App. The app allows you to meet and enjoy new friends, like Facebook, Snapchat, and other apps. It makes friendship at the next level and celebrates and meets cool people. You can meet new friends from all over the world by swiping left to right. You can use the Yubo app to swipe and make friends. Worldwide, there are more than 15 million users, so you can meet new people in sufficient numbers.

In private conversations, it also offers a one-on-one chat with your new friends. You can send unrestricted posts, images, videos, and everything else in the media during the conversation. It has a GO Live system like Facebook that allows you to have live sessions with over 10 people simultaneously.

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Foursquare City Guide

Foursquare City Guide is a free mobile app that takes you anytime, anywhere in the world, to the perfect location. It's a simple and easy-to-use app that helps you figure out where you are and what you are looking for. This helps people in the trusted global community get helpful and positive tips and track where they want to go. You can read brief tips written by real people with this platform, join the community, meet new friends, discover hidden gems, and much more. You can also read positive feedback from users of all other users concerning several topics.


There are many other apps like Nearify. You can find them free on Apple Store or Play Store.

Which app do you select? Which app is the best app for you? It all depends on your personal preferences, likes, and needs? You can get help from this blog about which app to choose for free as an alternative to a Nearify app.

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