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Apps Like Scantopia: Best Alternatives for You

Sep 24, 22  |  Ibrahim Imran

Are you searching for apps like scantopia? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here we are going to be listing the top apps like scantopia! 

Best Apps Like Scantopia 

So, why do people search for apps like scantopia? Well, Scantopia Barcode Scanner Game has features that allow users to win real money by scanning product barcodes. Its user interface displays the entire amount of money, allowing you to spend within your budget. The software has capabilities that allow you to scan codes at stores or at home to sort items according to their favorability. The jackpot, cash out, scan, win, and wired sweeps buttons are all located on the home screen.

Scantopia Barcode Scanner Game app also has elements that allow you to win large sums of money on a weekly basis, as well as play strange sweepstakes to win modest sums of money on a daily basis. It also displays the users' names as well as the total sum won. You may add products to your favourite list by scanning QR codes and tapping the yes button.

Now, without further ado, here are the best apps like scantopia for you! 

Apps Like Goibibo


VirtualCards is a beautifully designed app that allows you to retain all of your loyalty and membership cards on your phone or tablet. Virtual Cards – Loyalty Cards and Coupons Wallet is a great software produced by Virtual Cards SRL Inc. on the market that allows you to join over 300,000 other users and download the app for free.

The Virtual Cards app makes it very simple to access and monitor all of the most recent promos and deals from all of your favorite companies and loyalty cards. The app notifies you of all latest changes, including rewards and discounts for your favorite brands and retailers.


Beep'nGo is a well-designed mobile wallet that is used by millions of individuals across the world. Your barcode loyalty, gift cards, memberships, incentives, and more are all beautifully stored and backed up in this app. You can utilise the Beep'nGo's proprietary barcode beaming technology to check out at scanners all around the world in a way you've never seen before.

You can save money by searching for online coupons, in-store bargains, and offers from the shops you frequent. Beep'n Go - Wallet and Coupons is a useful software for finding the best bargains, coupons, and deals from local grocery shops and merchants and saving money in style.

Apps Like Justdial


Stocard is an attractively designed application that allows all worldwide users to keep all of their reward cards in a safe and convenient location. Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet is a fantastic solution designed by Stocard GmbH that allows you to store all of your reward cards in one convenient location. The software allows you to earn points without having to do much.

It has a simple and quick setup process, includes special deals and promotions, stores all of your cards on your wrist (using a wristwatch), and gives you fast access to everything in your wallet.

You may accurately digitalize your rewards cards by uncluttering your wallet by scanning codes over your cards from major retailers such as Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, and many more in a matter of seconds.

The Gyft 

The Gyft app allows you to pick from hundreds of gift card alternatives from a variety of well-known stores, like Starbucks, Sephora, Nordstrom, and many others. Gyft – Mobile Gift Card Wallet is a beautiful platform created by gift Inc. that allows you to send e-gifts to your friends and family members while also adding a joyful remark or videos.

To add that personal touch, you may record exact video greetings and send them together with the gift card. You may also order the card at any time and have it delivered on Mother's Day. Gyft is one of the safest gift card apps available on both the App Store and the Play Store. It assists you in managing, checking, and storing the balance of the account.

Coupons and Cash Back App

Discounts and Cash Back Software is a fantastic app that allows you to save money when shopping by allowing you to access hundreds of coupons and weekly advertisements. The Coupons and Cashbacks app is a beautiful software that allows you to obtain coupons, weekly advertisements, and sale information, as well as redeem them straight from your phone (no need to print anything).

It's a coupon software that curates the finest bargains and deals for you to enjoy without having to do any work. The program includes nearly every category, including fashion retailers, drugstores, children's stores, and superstores, among others. You can get in-store mobile deals, coupons, and offers from all your most likely stores such as Payless Shows.

Top Mobile App Development Companies 

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