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Apps Like Speaklar: English Speaking Practice Apps

Oct 05, 22  |  Ibrahim Imran

Looking to improve your English speaking skills? In search of similar apps like speaklar? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here we are going to be mentioning some of the best apps like speaklar to help you in improving your English speaking skills! 

Top Similar Apps Like Speaklar

SPEAKLAR is an app that helps users practice speaking English with complete strangers in order to improve their spoken English skills while learning proper pronunciation from native English speakers from all over the world. You can report a profile for bad behavior and add it to the blacklist.

The Speaklar: English Speaking Practice app has a simple interface with buttons on the home screen to access audio calls, group text messages, and profile sections. You can also learn new words while having fun by playing easy word games with your new buddies.

Users can make new acquaintances with whom they can share their original language and learn new creative methods to speak English in their regular activities. You can open the settings section of the English Talk app to make your profile public to strangers and receive text messages and phone calls from them. To interact with their new acquaintances, users do not need to register an account.

Now, without further ado, here are the top apps like speaklar


FluentU: Learn Languages with Videos is an educational program developed by Enux Education Limited that includes a significant number of real-life videos that may be used to learn a variety of national and international languages, including French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Korean, and others.

From the home screen, you may choose your preferred language and begin watching videos tailored to your language and pronunciation abilities. The FluentU app allows you to download a video lesson to your device's internal storage and watch it later without having to connect to a WiFi network. Using numerous social networking apps, you can transmit the definition of a term to your family members.

The FluentU: Language Learning app displays information about each video, including the total length, title, skill level, and total number of words in each video lesson. The built-in dictionary allows users to look up the meaning and definition of a difficult word in their local language.

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SpeakNative - Practice & Learn is a free English learning and practice tool that allows you to speak fluent English with a native accent in a short amount of time without having to spend any money. You can make a video conference call with a stranger and observe their facial expressions and speech patterns.

The SpeakNative app provides a quick overview of all online language exchange users, and users can tap on a profile to begin conversing with them after turning on their phone's mobile data. To keep your private data safe, you don't have to provide your personal or contact information with others.

Users can examine each stranger's profile, which includes information such as their name and the date they joined the language community. To invite strangers to your practise sessions, the SpeakNative - English Speaking Community app allows you to create a post by adding subjects and video lessons to each post.

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English Conversation app

The English Conversation app provides users with audio recordings of real-life English conversations between native speakers, allowing them to improve their communication skills and easily converse with their foreign acquaintances.

Users can choose their spoken English proficiency level and receive audio lessons tailored to that level, moving on to the next set of lessons once the previous one is completed. It features over 100 different audio conversations that are classified into three groups based on their difficulty level.

They can retake a test as many times as they like to earn full marks before moving on to the next test in the English Conversation app, which includes a comprehensive collection of aptitude tests to put their conversational skills to the test. After taking the exam, you can share your results with your family and urge them to study a second language by posting them on your social media sites.

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Speak English Fluently

Speak English Fluently is a free educational tool that can help you improve your English pronunciation and begin speaking the language more fluently while saving money. You can speak into the phone's microphone and record your voice to gauge your progress by comparing your original voice to the narrator's voice.

The Speak English Fluently app has an offline audio mode that allows you to download an audio lesson and save it to your phone's internal storage so you can listen to it later when you're not connected to the internet. By touching on the heart icon, users can add an audio discussion to their favorite folder.

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Let's Talk

Let's Talk is a K12 Insight LLC educational program that allows users to engage in live chat with a wide community of users in order to form a trusting relationship with them and begin meeting them in person to take their friendship to the next level.

Users can acquire a unique ID and other account credentials from their school or district officials to start sending messages to complete strangers right at their fingertips. All of your chats are immediately synchronized on a cloud server so you may view them on any of your other smart devices.

The Let's Talk app allows users to issue invitations to their friends and family members in order to meet new people and learn more about their community and its members. You may also share your views and ideas with other members of your community to receive feedback and suggestions.

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