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Sep 17, 21  |  Ibrahim Imran

Six Apps like Topbuzz: The Best Alternatives

Are you in search of the best apps like Topbuzz? You've come to the right place. Here we have listed the best alternatives for you. Go ahead and check out the best apps like Topbuzz below! 

TopBuzz is a fantastic program that allows its users to watch a live trivia game show while also winning thrilling cash rewards. TopBuzz - Play for Real Money in Beat The Q is popular software that allows players to answer basic questions and win large rewards while on the go. It enables you to expand your thinking and win large sums of money by utilizing your own intellect and expertise. It enables you to beat the Q in a live trivia game show in order to win fantastic rewards. TopBuzz - Win Real Cash in Beats, on the other hand, The Q also allows you to customize your sports, news, and entertainment from over 10,000 reputable news sources such as USA Today, Reuters, Mashable, CNN, Bloomberg, Refinery29, and more. 

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List of Topbuzz Alternative Apps to Never Get Bored Again

Here is a List of Apps like Topbuzz. These are best Topbuzz alternatives apps that you can use for creating buzz around mobile and web.

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100 PICS

100 PICS Quiz is a fantastic quiz game that is also one of the most popular guess-the-picture games available. 100 PICS Quiz - Guess the Picture Trivia Games has an interesting selection of over 10,000 photos to guess, over 100 quiz subjects to play, and new game pack categories to better engage its players. You may have a lot of fun with our fantastic image trivia platform and bring real-time entertainment to your otherwise boring time. All you have to do is download the apps like Topbuzz, recognize the given images, and win money (win more coins by using fewer clues).

It allows you to use coins to receive tips and purchase new quiz packs. Every day when you visit this app to have a quality fun time, you will receive a free pack from 100 PICS Quiz - guess the picture trivia games. This photo trivia game software is suitable for all members of your family, including children, toddlers, mothers, fathers, adults, boys, grandmothers, and grandfathers. You may also use this family-friendly software to solve amusing word and photo puzzles and guess the animals, games, fairy tales, emojis, pets, and other items.

Logo Quiz

Logo Quiz has a thriving community of users that use it on a regular basis. With over 60,000,000 downloads from all around the world, it is most certainly one of the most well-known applications for guessing companies. Logo Quiz is a free-to-download and use software that allows you to have a blast guessing the brand names of hundreds of logos from well-known firms all around the world. It allows you to see numerous brand logos on a daily basis and in varied locations. It has provided you with over 2500 brands to guess in over 52 thrilling and spectacular stages.

People from all around the world use Logo Quiz on a regular basis. It is most likely one of the most well-known apps like Topbuzz, with over 60,000,000 downloads from across the world to guess the brands. Logo Quiz is a free-to-download and use software that allows you to have a great time guessing the brand names of a large number of logos from well-known firms across the world. Every day and everywhere, it allows you to view numerous company logos. It has provided you with over 2500 logos to guess in over 52 thrilling and magnificent stages.

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We all know Buzzfeed and its weird yet entertaining video and audio content. If you are looking at an alternative of TopBuzz then the only thing available to you - that closely resembles apps like Topbuzz and also Buzzfeed itself.

it is a great alternative mainly because it offers commentary on almost every topic out there. Users can easily see their favorite topics on Buzzfeed and get help as and when needed.


Another great apps like Topbuzz that you can use online for watching interesting content on relevant topics is BrightSide. It is a great app for users who are looking for Topbuzz alternatives because Brightside closely resembles the content produced by Topbuzz. The only problem is that Brightside doesn't have funny videos. It mostly focuses on content that is out in the public. Users can easily use Brightside on their smartphones or watch the video content directly on YouTube channel. Brightside has over 60 million subscribers on YouTube alone. It is a great app like Topbuzz news app.


Quiz is a great alternative apps like Topbuzz that is a wonderful program that allows users to play trivia games by guessing logos. Quiz: Logo Game is an excellent application for those who believe they are familiar with corporations and their logos from all around the world. This is an excellent platform for guessing over 1600 brands from across the world, including some well-known British, American, French, German, and other firms. It allows players to play over 96 fascinating and entertaining levels, each of which increases in complexity as you go.

It also includes some intriguing British levels as well as Retro levels, which allow you to put your knowledge of former corporations to the test. You can keep a close eye on your progress and monitor your metrics in real time. On the two distinct leaderboards in the Quiz: Logo game, you may compete with your friends and gamers from all around the world. Simply download the Quiz app and play trivia games on automobiles, fashion, movies, gaming, and a variety of other brands.

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Food Quiz

Food Quiz is a useful tool for foodies and food enthusiasts. It is the world's most comprehensive food quiz app, with over 9600 items and counting. Food Quiz is one of the greatest collections of food-related products from across the world, allowing you to try delicacies from different parts of the world. It increases the excitement for foodies all over the world by challenging them to guess these meals and products, and it allows you to compete with your friends to see who has the most nerves to solve the most foods. Food Quiz is a Trivia Box creation that allows players to appreciate the actual challenges of correctly guessing the most foods. Its progress will be synchronized with Facebook, allowing you to use it on your PC-like device.

You may choose from over 500 meal packs divided into over 25 categories to enjoy a wide variety of cuisines. This software, which is available in more than eight languages, allows you to compete with your Facebook friends and even ask for their assistance. On the scoreboard, you may compare your ranking to that of your friends. So, to enjoy a high-quality graphics food quiz app, simply download Food Quiz.


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