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Sep 20, 21  |  Ibrahim Imran

Apps Similar to Hushed: The Best Alternatives

Are you in search of the best apps similar to hushed? You’ve come to the right place! Here we’re mentioning the apps similar to hushed you can check out today!

Top Apps Similar to Hushed

Hushed gives you a personal phone number that you may use to speak, text, message, and call. It is a widely used platform that allows users from all over the globe to send and receive end-to-end encrypted messages as well as an unlimited number of private throwaway phone numbers. Hushed App for a Different Number With Get a 2nd Phone Number, you may have numerous phone numbers with unique audio calls for each one, as well as create as many message aliases as you like. You can control all of your personal information with great security, allowing you to communicate and call in complete secrecy. Apart from that, you may enjoy self-deleting communications with specific expiration dates, and none of this requires a credit check or a credit card.

Now, let's check out the top apps similar to hushed! 


Sideline is a program that allows its users to have a second phone number, but it is much more than that. It is a fantastic communication software developed by Pinger, Inc. that allows users to collaborate without disclosing their personal phone numbers. This software has a lot of great features that enable an effective workflow with your subordinates, customers, or a collaborative team. Sideline - Second Phone Number has certain professional capabilities, such as all calls, voicemails, and text messages you'll need to manage, expand, or start a business. 

Auto-replay, Team Numbers, Custom Numbers, Local Area codes, Business Area Code, Business Texting, and Enterprise Texting are some of its main features that give their unique functions. Other professional features include Carrier Reliability, Unlimited Calling, SMS and MMS Messaging, Custom Caller ID support, Voicemail to Text support, Number Porting, online messaging, and do not disturb mode. So, to have real-time pleasure while working effectively, simply download this app.


Burner – 2nd Phone Number is a market-leading program that offers the most authentic and finest second line for private texting, calling, and photo messaging. It allows you to create a secondary phone number for your business, work, salesmen, forms, online shopping, delivery, domestic, and official work in order to keep your primary phone number secret. Burner - 2nd Phone Number is a great business phone number software for single entrepreneurs, startups, side projects, and small company owners, and it integrates with Google Drive and other productivity apps. Slack, Dropbox, and other similar services are available. It's ideal if you need to communicate with someone but don't want to give them your personal phone number.

Online dating, job hunting, some professional persons, private chats, anonymous and secret messaging, and more all benefit from temporary phone numbers. You can acquire phone numbers in any area code, establish numerous throwaway numbers, access your address book, control your ringtone and SMS notifications, and much more. As a result, by utilizing this software, you may do business and complete tasks while being anonymous and private.


Telos is an app that allows you to enjoy unlimited free calling and text messaging while still allowing you to keep your personal number private from others. It provides the convenience of limitless calling and text messaging, allowing you to not only enjoy these activities but also keep them safe. With this software in your pocket, you can choose a second phone number in any US area code, add a second, third, or fourth line to your tablet or phone, have a blast calling and messaging, and save a lot of money on international messages and calls.


Line2 – Second Phone Number is your second phone number that works as a fully-featured business phone system on your smartphones, computers, tablets, and smartwatches. It is beautifully built for professionals, businesses, and freelancers who are concerned about their mobile phones. Line2 – Second Phone Number effectively lets you call and message from a separate number on some devices that you and your team already have, right through your existing cellular number or Wi-Fi with anyone in Canada and the United States for a reasonable price or with Line2 users for free, right through your existing cellular number or Wi-Fi.

This software is perfect for you and your coworkers since it provides a dedicated number with the area code of your choice. It allows you to keep your personal and professional lives distinct without the need for additional cumbersome gear or large landline phones. You may interact with your partners without being interrupted by advertisements and at no additional expense. Its premium service has certain strong capabilities, but the basic functions are available for free.

TextMe Up 

TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts is a fantastic software for making your phone service to function similarly to email. It's a sophisticated application for having a second phone number for any purpose. With this program, you may simply make free phone calls and text messages to anyone around the world, even if they don't have the TextMe Up app. TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts software allows you to establish numerous phone numbers and manage them from a single account, allowing you to quickly create a phone number for your company, online shopping, or anything else to keep all of your personal and commercial activities separate and safe.

If you're a traveler, you may also get an international phone number to communicate with your pals from other countries. You can access TextMe Up from anywhere, so if your phone is stolen or lost for whatever reason, you can quickly retrieve your phone number by logging in from your computer, laptop, tablet, or any other phone. TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts also comes with a number of unique features that make free texting and calling possible. So simply download it to get a smartphone number for your company.



Talkatone is another fantastic software for getting a free second phone number. Talkatone has created a fantastic tool called LIc. It's a fantastic communication tool that allows you to do all of your business tasks in a safe and secure manner. Users of Talkatone: Free Texts, Calls, and Phone Number may call anyone without using up their cell minutes. By keeping your messages and call history secure, you may effortlessly change your mobile number at any moment. It comes with hundreds of stickers to allow you to have a wonderful time conversing with your friends and other unknown numbers without disclosing your personal information.

Talkatone: Free Texts, Calls, and Phone Number gives you a second phone number and allows you to make free calls. By installing this app on your phone, you may enjoy free calls, MMS, and SMS with your free Canada or US phone lines. You may simply change your phone number at any moment, as well as take advantage of free image texting, a free burner number, and many other benefits. It allows you to make low-cost international calls to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nigeria, Columbia, Guatemala, and other countries.


So, if you were looking for apps similar to hushed, now you’ve got the best alternatives to check out! Visit Distinguished.io for more information on popular apps and much more! 


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