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Sep 17, 21  |  

Apps Similar to Textgram: Alternatives for iOS & Android

A picture valued at 1,000 words. But it's probably worth much more a picture with a few valuable words. Digital marketers and influencers are aware of the importance and accompanying words of good visuals. You frequently use various photo and text editing applications to add meaning to your images.

Textgram is one of the popular Android apps in the inter smart development category published in the Google Play Store. Textgram is available on photos. Textgram app has gained popularity on the Google Play Store and Everyone's contents rating from Android users with an aggregated rating of 4.37 out of 296 247+ users.

Top Apps Similar to Textgram

There is a number of apps similar to textgram android Arts & Design that have similar characteristics such as Textgram, most of them have Intersmart development.

Textgram enables you to create beautiful graffiti or photos for your social networks or instant Messaging applications from any text and share them with your friends.

You can also add stickers, frames, filters, and other items to the tops of your photos. In the Textgram Store, you can upload and use a lot of free backgrounds and frames.

Following are the apps similar to textgram are listed below:


With over 10 million downloads and perfectly integrated features, Canva is one of the most popular photo editing applications for adding text into visuals, particularly in order to create quotes images usually seen on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest

Besides adding text, Canva is ideally suited for your business to create posters, flyers, banners, and even logos. Canva is the right app for you or your business if you are looking for an app with additional features rather than just text editing.

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Unfold for Story Creation 

If you want to edit videos for Instagram stories or for Facebook, Unfold is the perfect application for you. It is free and offers many themes to tell stories that you want to share. It is available for free. It features various fonts, frames, colors, and other features.

Often, developers introduce brand new features such as Tommy Hilfiger, which enable your visuals to look powerful and soundy. You can save pictures per picture while also saving stories that look smart and minimalist and then upload them to Instagram.

Phonto for Adding Texts 

Phonto can combine beautiful imaging, with over 200 built-in fonts to flatter your design, as its name implies. You can also download additional fonts in accordance with the exact style.

The application is extremely intuitive and allows you to make your photos more attractive with various text manipulations. While the app itself is free of charge, it can sometimes be crowded in ads, so you can free yourself from ads and use all its features by upgrading it for some money. It is a great app similar to Textgram.

Font Studio

Font Studio is one of the simple and similar apps like textgram android application that encourages users to combine superb visuals with a wide range of fonts and features to enhance the animation, realistic and motivational look of their photos. Users can create high-end, designs without being a designer by profession with the correct font and the right effects.

The app provides 120 built-in fonts while allowing users to add more than one layer to the text and modify the size, color, transparency, and more. The only downside is that the free app comes with too many advertisements to handle, so developers are encouraged to upgrade to the paid version. It is another great app similar to Textgram.

Textagram X

The good news is that textgram app free will work on all lower-end devices and the older Android versions if you are running an older phone. It will also appeal to people who aren't so technologically knowledgeable and need an app that is easy to use. You only need to take a picture and easily insert the text you want to edit.

Textgram app free for android app offers a wide range of backgrounds to decorate your text and stickers and filters for various art styles. Like Canva, the app provides an automatic look-to-be relationship that matches various photo formats such as Instagram, Instagram Story, Facebook Post, Pinterest, and even blogs.


This app allows you to be innovative with multiple designs and fonts to create the perfect picture for your story or for feed. It enables users to play with the app and try new styles to match perfectly, which is the great part of this app. The application provides a large range of font choices, making resizing, rotating, and coloring the text you are using easy.

In addition to the fonts, the app offers many artifacts to distinguish your photo and many effects and filters to make it truly astonishing. As with the title above, this application comes complete with in-app shopping, although powerful visual messages are not necessary.

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Caption It

Subjects add value to your photos, and Subject It may be a perfect choice to empower, move and encourage those who want to make subtitles. You can either capture or import a picture directly from your gallery. Drag and place the text easily anyway.

For those who want to personalize their photos, add funny or wise titles and choose different colors, and turning for their texts, this is an excellent application.


The overlay is an ideal app for photographers who want to provide their captivating photos with added value. With the right quote, pictures look even more artistic and stylish, and with this app, you can add nice typography and layout. The app connects to the most popular social networks, making sharing even easier. Since the application has been installed over 5 million times, its impeccable quality is only demonstrated.

Users can choose between 65 or more different fonts to flaunt visuals by using a custom typeface function; you can mix them and choose different colors that match their design. In combination with typography, there are many overlays for the production of breathtaking posters. It is easy for users to add quotes, birthday cards, loving quotes, calmness, and other famous quotes. Lastly, there are many picture filters, masks, erasers, and various features to increase design quality.

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There are many other apps similar to Textgram. When it comes to selecting a suitable app for editing pictures, making stories for social media, or making flyers or brochures for your business it all depends on the preferences. Personal choices make the app favorite and suitable for the person. 

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