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Best Practices for Chatbot Development You Need to be Aware of

Dec 01, 21  |  Ibrahim Imran

Chatbots have become a really important customer engagement tool that online businesses must take into consideration when establishing websites for visitors to turn into customers. 

Chatbots, or simply bots, should be a popular term if you're a growing company focused on cutting-edge technology. Bots have transitioned from toys to customer engagement and e-commerce tools, thanks to Facebook's introduction of bots on FB Messenger and the growing popularity of Microsoft Bot platform.

In this article, you’ll find the best practices for chatbot development that guarantees success. 

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6 Best Practices for Chatbot Development 

What is the best plan for bot creation and what are the best practices? For a successful bot development project, here are some of best practices for chatbot development.

Be aware of your target market.

First and foremost, creating a successful bot necessitates a thorough grasp of the customer's product or service, as well as its user base. The first goal should be to figure out how useful this bot is to the target audience. Bots are classified into the following categories based on their uses: entertainment bots, commerce bots, news bots, utility bots, and customer support bots. Talk to them about the bot and pay attention to their responses.

Identifying the most appropriate use case situations

Businesses are finding their way into more use cases where human judgement and effort have historically been required as bot technology improves. Assistant bots, finance compliance, augmenting HR processes, and other related corporate use cases are just a few examples. In terms of automation and augmentation, the use cases can be classified and discussed. Routine task automation can boost overall productivity and performance.

 Humans are better at switching tasks and sorting through gigabytes of data than augmentation bots driven by artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Bots can listen to a customer's demands and assist with filtering through a large number of options, doing more accurate searches, and prompting the user for important information as needed. During a conversation, a bot can also collect specific feedback.

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Selecting the Most Appropriate Bot Development Framework

Businesses can create bots from the ground up or employ frameworks designed to mass-produce bots. Apart from tech behemoths like Microsoft and Facebook, a slew of startups have developed their own frameworks and specialized solutions. The following are some of the most well-known frameworks for creating Bots:

  • Facebook Bot Engine 
  • MS Bot Framework
  • API.ai
  • Kik
  • Pandorabots
  • Chatscript

Since relying significantly on a platform carries the danger of the parent firm changing rules and conditions, custom bot development has become increasingly popular. Businesses with a lack of clarity and programming abilities should contact a Bot development company to create a custom bot with perfection. 

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Connecting the systems that are relevant

Routine chores that are tiresome for an employee should be automated by a well-designed chatbot. As a result, it should work as an employee in your company. A chatbot should be able to understand business logic and deliver the end results to the right staff with ease. Expect a small number of people to attend the bot. Internal communication systems like Trello and Slack should be integrated with the bot.

Telling the sales team to log into a chatbot management console to see what leads have arrived is not a good idea. These can be immediately exported to your company's existing sales management software. Also, don't give your chatbot a clear product list that will inevitably become outdated. Connect it to the product database you already have.

Conversation with Clarity

Despite the fact that a bot cannot replace human-to-human connection, the development team should make it as user-friendly as possible. This necessitates a conversational logic that comprehends the user's point of view in terms of coherence and context. The bot should start and lead the conversation.


Failure is a possibility

Conversations with bots can be nonlinear, with consumers asking questions that the bot developer did not anticipate. As a result, the developer should devise a strategy for failure. To avoid an undesirable user experience, the bot design should provide the following responses:

  • Go back to a prior state.
  • Restart a discussion 

On the subject of failure respectfully inquire as to what the user is attempting to achieve.

A clearer explanation can sometimes get the bot back on track. If this isn't the case, record the user's aim and add new paths to the chatbot later to deal with the situation. If you can accurately detect when a user fails to complete a job, you'll have the information you need to make the most significant changes the next time you upgrade the bot. 

Aside from automated analytics, explicit feedback from users via email or social media may provide information for app changes. As a result, chatbots promise a more efficient and intelligent online experience. Our new virtual assistants will be ready at all times, able to listen and react intelligently to our questions. If you're ready to take the next step in technology, visit our bot development page and give it a shot.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding chatbot development

How much does chatbot development cost? 

The cost of developing chatbots depends on the complexity of the project and the team of developers you hire. Generally, the cost of chatbot development can be between $15,000 to $90,000.

How much time does it take to create a chatbot? 

The time it takes to create a chatbot depends on the complexity of the project, the  team of developers, and the resources you have available. Generally, the time it takes to create a chatbot is between 4-9 weeks. 

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