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Billboard Management System: Digital Billboards Explained

May 23, 2022  |  Ibrahim Imran

Ever head of a billboard management system? Wondering what it is and how to use it to your leverage? This article breaks down everything you need to know about digital billboards from how to connect it to your computer and have your very own billboard management system in place to choosing the best CMS for billboard management. 

The term "digital billboard" is no longer unusual. The massive application has raised user awareness of this cutting-edge device. Digital billboards are electronic displays that show changing content after a predetermined time interval. Static or dynamic material is possible. The primary goal of billboards in the early days was to inform the general public about local regulations. Important announcements were also displayed on them. However, later on, digital billboards became mostly used for advertising and marketing.

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Digital Billboards: The New Era of Advertisements 

We are all surrounded by numerous types of digital advertisement probing these days. There are various examples, including LED video walls, digital billboards, interactive displays, graphic displays, and street furniture. Digital sign advertising has become an integral part of modern business. Digital advertising is integrated into every firm based on its resources and needs. 

According to a study, in 2010, around 2000 digital billboards were available for rental from various US companies. In 2016, the digital billboard and signage sector had a total revenue of $19.6 billion. The numbers are still increasing. By 2032, it is expected that gross revenues would be over $32 billion. The LED display market has a lot of room for expansion.

Billboard Management Systems: Options for Controlling Digital Billboards

You've probably wondered about the control mechanism of digital screens more than once. On the basis of the control method, LED displays can be divided into two categories.

Display of Synchronized System

Simply put, your digital or electronic display will show exactly what your computer screen shows. Sending a card, receiving a card, and necessary software make up the full assembly. To connect the screen and computer, the sending card is inserted into the PC or system, while the receiving card is inserted into the screen. The advertiser can use specialist software to alter or change the material. 

You can send it by sending a card if the content is suitable. After receiving the input, the receiving card will automatically transmit the content to the screen. As a result, the visual material will be broadcast on the digital billboard screen. The lifeblood of synchronous display is a well-functioning computer. If the technology malfunctions, the LED billboards will be unable to display anything.

Display of Asynchronous System

This type of display does not require the use of a computer. The display system offers a storing feature as well as an autoplay feature. The computer system does not require this because the transmitting card includes a memory function by default. Normally, the card is kept in the cabinet of a digital billboard. The data is sent to the transmitting card via computer.

There are no hard and fast rules about whether or not computer wires should be present. Data can be sent using Ethernet wires. Otherwise, 3G, SD card, USB flash drive, or simple Wi-Fi could be used for wireless transmission. The sending card's programmes or data will eventually transfer to the receiving card. 

As a result, the content will be shown automatically on the digital billboard screens. Even if your PC crashes, you will experience no downtime. Asynchronous display has the unique ability to handle a multi-screen network at the same time.

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Billboard Management System: CMS

Digital billboards provide a special purpose. You will receive your chosen digital display manufacturer's high-quality billboard at your installation location after it is completed. Due to their enormous size, billboards are usually supplied in pieces. The components are then unloaded. They are expertly assembled by the digital display manufacturer. They afterwards appropriately install them in the designated location. 

The digital billboard will be connected to the electrical network after the hardware is installed. Depending on whether the network connection is fiber optic, cable, Wi-Fi, cellular data, or DSL, the entire network connection may replicate the operation of any web-enabled device.

Content management software is frequently used in digital billboards (CMS). Before shipping, most digital display makers install the necessary software. Don't worry if this installation doesn't happen at the manufacturer. You can get CMS later and start inserting visual content for the advertisements. The CMS is usually installed on a server. It uses a network connection to control the digital billboard.

Today's brands are more concerned with making money. In fact, they are putting everything they have to increase their visibility. As a result, they utilize public areas to their maximum capacity. To execute their advertising and marketing strategy, they use many digital billboards. A small computer is frequently attached to the electronic or digital billboard for this function. Remote control and monitoring of digital billboard content has become incredibly convenient for advertising firms. 

They have wireless access to billboard computers through their cell phones. As a result, there are no cables involved in the entire connecting process. A digital billboard advertisement requires a constantly updated IT staff. On the system, the designer develops digital advertisements that can be concurrently uploaded to several digital screens.

CMS Selection

In the LED display business, there are a plethora of CMS suppliers. Your digital display manufacturer will be able to correctly advise you on the best CMS for your digital billboards. You do not need to be concerned as long as you are dealing with compassionate and dependable digital billboard manufacturers. But, in the end, choosing a user-friendly CMS is entirely up to you. It should also manage numerous digital billboards at once.

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CMS characteristics

All of the advertisements that appear on your electronic billboards are managed by CMS. It enables you to:

  1. To upload content in any format for a variety of advertisements
  2. To keep track of which ads will run when. Also, before going to the next ad, determine the length of each one.
  3. Determine how the screen will switch while different commercials are being played.
  4. To connect to other social media networks or local updates, such as scoreboards and weather alerts
  5. To divide content into various time intervals.

Why Invest in Digital Billboards? 

Because of their incredible picture quality, digital billboards are so captivating. While watching them, one can easily forget to blink. A layperson or casual observer could think digital billboard advertising is as simple as ABC. However, this is not the case. Rather than uploading a content file and selecting the "loop" tab, it requires multiple steps and a complicated system.

Digital billboard screens are still being scrutinized. To quickly handle a technical issue, all of the screens are remotely watched. Remember, the earlier you start, the better. Immediate repairs not only save money on wear and tear, but they also increase the life of digital displays.

Advertisers display adverts in a predetermined order. The entire process is coordinated.

The new adverts can be remotely submitted by new entrants that want to market their firm. They can then be inserted into specific loops. However, the advertiser has the option of including them in separate digital display boards.

The technology tracks the airtime for the advertiser every time the advertisement gets public.

Advertisement scheduling is feasible thanks to fantastic software. For successful marketing, you can arrange each advertisement or loop of advertisements in specific time slots. For example, a theater business that wants to draw the most people would broadcast promotional ads at night or in the evening.)

Ad evaluation, traffic data, and aggregate footfall are crucial tools for determining which time of day is the most valuable. The price of the advertisement will reflect its value. As a result, digital billboard advertising is subject to bidding. This approach for selling ad space maximizes revenue for space owners or advertisers.

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Cost of Billboard Management Systems 

While the cost is always fluctuating in nature, what’s important to know is that just booking a billboard can be quite expensive. However, if in the right place, the return can be greater. For instance, the average cost of digital billboards can be anywhere from $1000 to $30,000. Additionally, the cost could go higher (3million per month) if you wish to run your advertisements on a billboard that is located in places with a high volume of people such as Time Square.  

Other than this, if you connect with an agency that can help with not only booking the right place for you, and help you in managing everything related to your billboard advertisements, the cost could go higher. However, such agencies work according to your budget, this way you can get help from people with expertise in this field while also investing a lot less than you anticipated. 

Conclusion: Do You Need a Billboard Management System? 

The best CMS companies offer dependable software and signage solutions for managing your billboard, digital, display, and signage businesses. Contracting, lease and real estate, inventory, and accounting administration are all covered by the ERP suppliers. Other manufacturers offer digital billboard and signage networks scheduling, playlist, and content management solutions. 

It's critical for buyers to understand what kind of software each vendor offers and how well it fits your business's short- and long-term needs. Others supply traditional licensed software while others provide web or cloud-based services. A lot of these companies also provide additional features for media buyers and agencies.

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