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Blockchain App Builder: How to Create Your Blockchain App

Dec 10, 21  |  Ibrahim Imran

Are you interested in becoming a blockchain app builder? Well, this article aims to provide you with the fundamentals of creating a blockchain application. Hence, dive in to learn how to create your blockchain app! 

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Understanding Blockchain Applications 

Blockchain Apps are applications that are not centralized. A blockchain does not have a server that acts as a middleman between users exchanging messages, money, or data. This offers up a slew of opportunities for a variety of industries, which is why blockchain application development is so important to so many companies.

Below we’ve mentioned some of the best real-world examples of blockchain applications. 

5 Real-World Applications of Blockchain App Builders

Here are some of the most intriguing applications of blockchain in various industries. They can be used as inspiration for blockchain applications. 

Warranteer Blockchain

Spotify employs a blockchain database to connect Spotify tunes, artists, and licensing agreements in a decentralized manner.

IBM Blockchain

IBM Blockchain is one of the best blockchain apps for logistics organizations and businesses with long supply chains, allowing them to track the status and condition of every product at every stage of the supply chain, from manufacture to distribution. Blockchain ensures complete record transparency and allows for real-time tracking of all parts' location and condition.


Spotify uses a blockchain system to connect Spotify tunes, artists, and licensing agreements in a decentralized manner.


A blockchain software for healthcare that allows secure access to medical records across several providers and actors, such as doctors, patients, hospitals, pharmacies, and insurance companies.


Securrency is a trading platform for all types of cryptocurrencies, as well as traditional assets that may be converted into Securrency tokens and exchanged.

The reason why we included this section was to present you with some insight as to how blockchain applications may operate. 

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Blockchain App Builder Guide 101 

Now, let’s get right into the steps you need to take in order to prepare yourself in becoming a blockchain app builder. While these steps don’t include the resources or education required, it is more of a general approach that you will have to follow when you do proceed to create your own blockchain app. 

Step 1: Define Your Concept

Before you begin developing a blockchain app, you must first consider the idea, just as you must with any other business or product. While blockchain is a trendy term these days, many firms can get by without it, and some activities can be completed without it.

You must find out whether investing in a blockchain application is even important. Consider the issues you wish to address with your DApp and begin to formalize your concept.

Step 2: Research About Your Competitors

Examine the current market and determine what solutions are available. Because the industry is still relatively untapped, you'll almost certainly find your niche or figure out how to perform the same thing better than another software.

Step 3: Evaluate Your Choices

From a technological standpoint, there are four approaches to create your DApp:

  • For your own application, use an open blockchain. 
  • With the help of blockchain software, you can create a private network.
  • Choose a (BaaS) and integrate the cloud service they offer into your app. BaaS products are available from Amazon, Azure, and Microsoft.
  • Create your own blockchain network on the platform that best suits your needs.

Step 4: Decide on a platform

Take a look at these options if you need to pick a platform for your blockchain project:

  • Ethereum - The most popular platform for developing blockchain applications and creating your own ecosystem using the Solidity programming language. Ethereum can also be used to develop smart contracts.
  • Hyperledger - Hyperledger is Farbic's DApp platform. Hyperledger is ideal if you require a corporate tool for exchanging data within your organization. You'll need a team of Go, Java, and JavaScript blockchain app developers to build an app on this platform.
  • R3 Corda - R3 Corda is a commerce, healthcare, trade finance, and supply chain-focused platform. Corda is a framework for developing permissioned blockchains with the added benefit of being easy to interface with legacy systems.
  • Ripple - Ripple is a fantastic platform for anyone looking to build a financial tool. Ripple allows you to send money and connect to banks and payment providers from anywhere on the earth. Ripple is lightning quick, with up to five transactions per second possible.

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Ready to Build Your Blockchain App?

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