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Dec 08, 21  |  Ibrahim Imran

Blockchain Game Development: Cost, Features, Resources

Interested in learning about blockchain game development? Well, this article aims to provide you with some insight into the blockchain gaming world. We’ll be covering everything from the cost of blockchain game development and its features. 

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Understanding Blockchain Game Development in Detail 

Let's take a look at the steps involved in creating a blockchain game. The procedure itself is a little difficult to grasp. However, we have broken it into sections to make it easier for our readers. Each section has covered a different component of blockchain game creation.

Let's get started!

Examine the Blockchain Infrastructure and gain a thorough understanding of it.

Always keep in mind what blockchain is and how sophisticated blockchain security works. Learn about the blockchain application, its integration, and the benefits of the blockchain. Learn about the restrictions, downsides, and issues that it has.

Blockchain engineers should be familiar with distributed ledger technologies, hash functions, and blockchain consensus. The blockchain architecture and techniques are defined in the white paper. Furthermore, understanding alternative blockchains and how they work, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Neo, and Hyperledger, is critical.

Recognize various data structures and databases

According to demand and requirement, a blockchain developer must structure the blockchain network. They must now be familiar with and comprehend the numerous forms of finest databases and data structures for the target network.

Comprehend the Smart Contract Development Process

The blockchain developer must be familiar with the many forms of smart contracts as well as how to create them.

Recognize decentralization and its use in blockchain.

Different blockchain platforms, protocols, and methods can be used to create dApps. As a result, it is critical for a blockchain game creator to recognize and comprehend decentralization.

Knowledge of Cryptography

The fundamentals of blockchain operations are cryptography and a digital ledger. The developer should be familiar with cryptography's fundamentals, all of the algorithms that pertain to cryptography, and which algorithms are ideal for different sorts of blockchain networks. Furthermore, the developers must be familiar with the algorithms' development process.

Educate yourself about cryptoeconomics

Learn about the economics of cryptocurrencies and how they're implemented on the blockchain (coding). Game theory, mathematical frameworks for framing Cryptonomics, and the conflicts involved in framing are all covered in several blockchain developer training courses. It's also important to understand the elements that influence Cryptonomics and related monetary policies.

Computer programming

For the construction of any advanced and functional software, including decentralized apps or dApps, computer programming is a must. However, in some circumstances, a beginner's decentralized software can be developed without any coding knowledge.

That concludes our discussion of the many facets of blockchain development. When working on a blockchain game, one must be extremely cautious in all aspects. All of these aspects contribute to the development of a cutting-edge blockchain game application.

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Cost of Blockchain Game Development 

How much does it cost to develop a blockchain game app? The most frequently discussed aspect of every gaming application is its development cost. Similarly, when working on producing crypto games, it is one of the most crucial things to examine carefully.

The solution to this question, however, is not straightforward. To determine the true cost of development, many other aspects must be considered. Geographical location, target platform (Android or iOS), integrated technologies, app complexity, and app design are all aspects to consider.

As a result, the cost of producing an app in the United States or Europe is more than in any other part of the world.

This is also true for your app's technological stack and design. To summarize, the higher the expense of development, the more advanced functionality in the software. Testing tools are expensive, too, in addition to UI/UX design and front and back end development.

Taking all of these things into account, the cost of developing a blockchain game app with all of the sophisticated features and a similar user experience ranges from $50000 to $60,000. The price may even rise due to a variety of other variables.

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Features of Blockchain Game Development 

While we’re not diving into the technical jargon, we’ll be providing you with some insight into the significant features blockchain brings to the gaming world. 

Games are typically centralized systems. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, as the saying goes. Everything works the same way here: all assets, history, data, and game currency remain in the original game at all times. As a result, the developers retain all property rights.

Decentralization, in turn, is brought about by blockchain, particularly when it comes to asset exchange. Items won or purchased in one game can be sold and utilized in another in decentralized games. Meanwhile, the player will be the true owner of the object and will be able to resell it for a profit. Smart contracts are used to enable ownership. Ownership of the digital asset is immediately handed to the player when a predetermined condition is satisfied, such as purchasing the asset or achieving goals.

Immutable transactions are also made possible by blockchain. This means that gamers' purchases and asset ownership information can't be changed, updated, or removed.

Another benefit of the blockchain, and something that modern game's lack, is transparency. To fulfill missions, players must purchase a variety of resources such as equipment, cars, swords, and tanks. Many goods are classified as rare and have a high price tag. But how can you check an item's rarity and make sure it's really worth the money? In this regard, blockchain has an advantage over the competition.

The blockchain enables the tokenization of game assets and the construction of decentralized markets. Because the ledger is available to the public, it is possible to track information about a specific object as well as the purchasing and selling process. As a result, the transparency given by blockchain boosts gamers' trust and aids them in ensuring that they are in possession of an original and uncommon object.

Last but not least, better data and payment security. This is accomplished through the use of sophisticated cryptography, smart contracts, and blockchain technology. In video games, blockchain can also be used to combat illegal digital asset transactions.

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How to Create a Blockchain Game? 

So, now that we’ve covered the nitty-gritty details of blockchain game development, you might be wondering how to create one. Well, Distinguished.io allows you to connect with the best blockchain technology companies in the world. All you have to do is scroll through our list and find one that matches your project requirements and budget. Connect today and make your dream come true tomorrow with our help! 

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