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Oct 13, 21  |  Irfan Raza

BOMBitUP Similar Apps: Best Prank Messaging App

BOMBitUP Apk is a fantastic software to use if you want to play a joke on your friends, wives, or even family members. With the help of BOMBitUP similar apps, you can send them a slew of emails and even hang their phone for a few seconds. You may even fake a call and have a lot of fun with this software; it has so many features that will put a smile on your face for a long time. Sometimes you capture such amusing moments that you will remember them for the rest of your lives. Not only can you send bulk SMS or make false calls using this program, but you can also send mass emails, bombitup miss calls and the best thing is that it's completely free.

You may send personalized SMS and tailor your email to fit your needs with the help of this software. If you want to spam someone's email, this software will do a great job. With the help of BOMBitUP, you may send SMS and make international calls. You can send anonymous Bombitup miss calls all over the world, but this app has a daily limit of 5 bombitup miss calls. If you want to protect yourself from SMS Bomber or someone who uses the same program to annoy you, you can sign up for this app and you won't receive any SMS, phone calls, or emails after that.

You can get the most recent update notification directly in your app. You don't need to go to any website to get the most recent version.

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Some BOMBitUP Similar Apps

People usually do not stay connected with the same thing for a long time. So they switch. Here also people switch to BOMBitUP similar apps.

Here are Some examples of BOMBitUP Similar Apps

Funny Phone Prank 

If you're looking for prank ideas, this app is perfect for you. This app is a great prank to terrify your pals. You simply need to select a horrifying gallery image, a sound, and a display time, as well as vibrate the phone and take a photo of your colleague at the time of the joke.

In the most recent version of the app, we've added new ways to scare your friends or even yourself:

Interval: In classic mode, you can choose how often the fright will appear. Choose a time of day to start the fright if the device is idle or closed; otherwise, the app will wake it up and start the scare!

Odd: The fear will start at random times throughout the day; you won't know when it will jump! Do you think you'd be brave enough to employ this mode?

Tak Zang

Tak Zang Apk will send limitless "bombitup miss calls" to any number you specify. The majority of Miss Call Bomber applications require a lot of memory, however, this one is small and can be played on any ultralight smartphone. You all know how much pleasure it is to tease our pals. You can't pass up an opportunity to make them laugh, annoyed, or pranked. The best method to do this is to call Miss Bomber. Consider your pals' reactions when he receives a slew of missed calls. What happened to me is going to frighten him. With only one tap, you may make an unlimited number of missed calls. There are other applications that can assist, but this is a lightweight program that will not cover a large amount of portable space.

It won't take up a lot of memory, either.


  • You can choose between English and Persian in the application.
  • The use of lite weight consumes a tiny amount of memory.
  • It is possible to make as many Miss calls as you want.
  • You can choose the delay between missed calls.
  • Free of charge, unrestricted request.
  • Call Bomber's best Miss
  • One is given a bell.
  • You may pause at any time.
  • It's simple to use and set up.

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Fake Call

The most professional and beautiful Prank caller ID app in the Android Market! Get yourself a phony caller id and get out of trouble! Simulate a phony caller ID to save you from an embarrassing situation such as a tedious meeting, a vexing discussion, or a worthless interview…


  • The fake calling screen is simulated as if it were an actual phone call, complete with animation. 
  • Create your own phony caller ID, photo, and phone number.
  • Multiple erroneous calls on a timetable
  • Setting up a phony fast call
  • You are able to send fake text messages
  • Plan a new bogus call for a specific time.
  • Fake today, fake in the past, and fake in the future.
  • Select the bogus caller ID from your contacts.
  • Your bogus call history is also displayed.

Fake Chat Conversations

Fake Chat Conversations is a great software for making up fake WhatsApp conversations and sending them to pals for pranks. Fake chat discussions are simple to set up. To begin, create as many accounts as you want, giving each one a unique name and photo. To make groups, you can use whatever names and photographs you wish. You may adjust anything and anything in this program, which is one of its best features. You can also include various types of documents of any length, such as audio messages. You may also modify the background for individual users and add destinations, photographs, and anything else you desire.


  • This app makes a fake profile.
  • They sent Voice messages that aren't real.
  • Free calls that are not free.
  • Emoji support has been completely overhauled.

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Examples of Best Prank Apps Like BOMBitUP 

These are some of the examples of best prank apps like BOMBitUP similar apps that you can use.

Want to Create the Best Prank Apps Like BOMBitUP 

Do you want to make create the best prank apps like BOMBitUP ? The top mobile app development company in the world are listed on Distinguished.io. Today, you may easily pick out one based on your requirements and budget and create bombitup similar apps and much more! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Answers to FAQs related to apps like BOMBitUP.

How much does it cost to create an app like BOMBitUP?

The cost of developing any app depends on the complexity of the project, developers working on the project, and the resources you have available. Generally, a small and basic prank app would cost around $5,000. On the other hand, a prank app with more complex features would cost $25,000+.

How much time does it take to create an app like BOMBitUp?

Again, the time it takes to develop any app depends on the resources and complexity of the project. Generally, an app like BOMBitUP would take 3 weeks or more if it has more complex features. 

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