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Apr 21, 22  |  Ashar Ali

Can You Destroy An NFT: How, Why And Cost

A non-fungible token is a one-of-one digital asset maintained on the blockchain that provides for proof of ownership. NFTexplained.info is a team of long-term crypto investors with blockchain expertise. An NFT may be ‘burned' but not ‘deleted'. An NFT is regarded as immutable once it is created or uploaded to the blockchain. An NFT may be ‘burned' by sending it to an unreachable address.

An NFT is recorded on the blockchain, a peer-to-peer database where all users may view the owner. The blockchain is designed so that everyone on the network can view and verify all transactions. This prevents tampering of data (or blocks) in the blockchain. Due to the structure of the blockchain, ‘deleting' an NFT is impossible, but ‘burning' an NFT is conceivable. The NFT will still exist on the blockchain, but it will be ‘burned' or withdrawn from circulation.

NFTexplained.info defines ‘burning' an NFT. This describes Can You Destroy An NFT, the address to use for burning, and why someone would burn cryptocurrencies or NFTs. Finally, we will discuss Can You Destroy An NFT: How, Why And Cost.

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How Can You Destroy An NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) can be hard to burn at first, but the NFT marketplaces make it easy for anyone to burn their token if they need to do so. This will probably answer the question “Can You Destroy An NFT”. 

To burn your NFT, go to the place where you made it. Take a look at the NFT you want to burn, then click on the settings button and choose "burn token." In some cases, you may need to go to your contract and click "write contract." Then, look for the burn function, enter your tokenId, and click write to write your contract.

You will be charged the number of fees for the burn, and the token will be removed from your account after the burn. Make sure you want to do this before you start.

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