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Aug 30, 22  |  Ashar Ali

Can You Work In The Metaverse? A Complete Overview

Imagine a future where you could hold a seaside meeting, take meeting notes in space, or travel from London to New York without leaving your home. Too many appointments today? Then send your AI-enabled digital doppelganger to help. These samples give a look into "the metaverse," a concept established by Neal Stephenson in 1992 to represent a future virtual reality environment. Metaverse is a network of 3-D virtual worlds where individuals may socialize, transact commerce, and make social relationships using virtual "avatars." Imagine a VR internet.

How to reach the metaverse? Many existing working environments in metaverse solutions just need a computer, mouse, and keyboard, but for a complete 3-D experience, you need a VR-enabled headgear. Rapid development is also being made in computer-generated holography that doesn't need headsets (either by employing virtual viewing windows to produce holographic displays from computer pictures or by using holographic pods to project people) images into real space during events or meetings). Companies like Meta are pioneering haptic (touch) gloves that let users interact with 3-D virtual objects and feel movement, texture, and pressure.

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Businesses are looking for ways to improve their remote and hybrid employee experiences by making them more lifelike, consistent, and involved as a consequence of the pandemic. New immersive forms of team collaboration; the rise of new digital, AI-enabled colleagues; the acceleration of learning and skill acquisition via virtualization and gamified technologies; and the eventual rise of a metaverse economy with new businesses and work roles all seem likely to be reshaped by the metaverse.

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