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Sep 14, 21  |  Sharjeel Ashraf

Car Parking App Development: Features, Costs, and Benefits

With an increasing number of automobiles on the road, it has become time-consuming to hunt for a parking spot everywhere you go. 

All parking lots are overflowing with automobiles, much to the chagrin of the drivers. To find a parking spot that is comfortable and not in a dangerous zone, one must go around the parking areas numerous times. This is not only frustrating but it also wastes a lot of precious time that can otherwise have been saved.

IT has offered a wealth of assistance to car drivers in resolving this issue by providing them with car parking spot locators through mobile apps. These mobile apps lead them directly to vacant spaces where they may park their cars safely.

Car Parking Mobile App Business Types

  • Company Specific car parking apps
  • General (Used by Governments) 
  • Private Car Parking Apps

Functionality of Car parking App Development

Car parking mobile apps not only provide a solution to drivers seeking a parking space for their vehicle, but they also provide a hassle-free experience without having to keep walking about the parking lot in quest of a spot. 

These car parking mobile applications have made life simpler since they allow users to reserve a parking place ahead of time, preventing last-minute disruptions.

Following functionality is needed when developing a car parking mobile app.

Searching: At first, users find their automobile on the app using GPS or by inputting the place they are at.

Comparing: The customers can check for available parking places and compare which one is ideal for them based on price and distance between their intended location and the spot.

Booking: The driver of the car can reserve a parking space by using a unique code.

Payments are made entirely online. The fourth step is to pay for the reserved parking space.

Driving: Using navigation, the app then assists drivers in reaching the destination. This contributes to a more smooth parking experience.

Parking: The final step is to park the automobile in the place designated by the driver.

Features of Car Parking Mobile App Development

Here is a list of features that the car parking mobile app would require to function properly. 


  • Register / Login
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Location search
  • Estimated Arrival & Departure time
  • Schedule booking for parking space
  • Car Back Request
  • User Profile
  • Manage History 
  • Payment Options
  • Ratings and Reviews 


  • User Management
  • Revenue Control
  • Driver Management
  • Approve/Reject Driver Profile
  • Add or Remove A Driver
  • Booking Manager
  • Location Management (Add/remove)
  • Reports

Parking Control Panel

  • Social Login/SignUp
  • KYC Proof 
  • Contact Customers
  • Get Payment from Customers
  • Check Reviews and Ratings
  • Accept or Decline Parking Request

Cost of Car Parking Mobile App Development

The cost of building a parking locator app varies depending on key aspects and the presence of other functionalities. Consider the following criteria in determining the cost of the application:

Geo Location of Car Parking App Development 

The geographical location of the app developers is a key factor in determining the cost of an application. The app owner may either employ a full-time team of developers or hire professionals on an hourly basis to construct the app. Examine the hourly rates for developers in various locations:

  • European developers: £ 80 – £ 120 per hour
  • U.S. developers: $ 140 – $ 260 per hour
  • Eastern Europe developers: $ 45 – $ 50 per hour
  • Asian developers: $ 20 – $ 35 per hour

Timeline of Project

This is also a substantial factor for car parking app development costs. The less time you require to develop the application, the greater the final cost would be.

So, if we sum all the fundamental expenses needed for car parking app development, we may estimate that such an app will cost between $ 8000 and $ 15000. If you opt to add specific features to both the Android and iOS versions, you can expect to pay between $ 18000 and $ 35000.


If you want to create an on-demand parking locating app, you must consider a number of factors. One of the burgeoning sectors is automotive software development. Furthermore, there is a lot of room for new competitors to grab specialized markets. Although you may expect an amazing application, the end outcome will only be faultless if you employ the correct team of professional app developers in the same field to create your app. It is one of the thriving industries with a bright future.

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