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Chatbot Process Flow Diagram: Create More than Just a “Bot”

Dec 07, 2021  |  Ibrahim Imran

Wondering what the chatbot process flow diagram is all about? Well, you're certainly in the right place. While chatbots seem all that great in terms of engaging the visitor on your site, it ain't that simple.

In order to ensure your chatbot actually brings you customers and investors, the chatbot.. shouldn't be a chatbot. Sounds confusing? Well, keep reading on! 

What is a Chatbot Process Flow Diagram?

The seamless development of thoughts and responses in a conversation is known as conversation flow. A natural exchange of invitation and inspiration to talk takes place, resulting in a pleasant and relaxing experience. 

Writing a flowable script is a crucial component of the design process for a chatbot. People are accustomed to digital assistants like Siri and Alexa conversing in a sophisticated manner, and consumer polls suggest that they anticipate bots to have human-level conversational qualities, from intellect to humor.

You don't want your chatbot to give your company a bad first impression, thus you don't want it to be inept. If your bot talks and performs effectively, it can relieve your agents' workload while also promoting a positive brand image.

Following a proper chatbot process flow diagram can really make a difference with the little bot you have to represent your business. So, without further ado, here are 7 tips to make the most out of your chatbot with a chatbot process flow. 

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Putting conversational user interface into context

Conversational interfaces have gradually made their way into our daily lives. When you call your bank, the automated voice assistant instructs you to use phrases rather than the dial pad to make requests. We talk to Alexa as if she were a genuine person in our house. "You've got mail," we've come a long way.

As a result, no one has time for chatbots that aren't up to par. Because conversational UI raises the bar for intelligence, scripts must be carefully written.

Writing for conversational UI isn't easy; it needs a lot of imagination and forethought. Mariana Lin, Siri's writer, and creative director likened it to writing for a surrealist play. You'll make a character with objectives, but you'll have no idea what the other characters will do.

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Make a decision about the chatbot's purpose.

Determine the aim of your chatbot as the first stage in developing your conversational flow. That's true, just because your chatbot isn't human doesn't mean it won't be questioned about its duties.

What does it make a living doing? Is your chatbot similar to a Walmart greeter in terms of assisting customers with their purchases?

What will your target audience do with it? Quick activities like tracking the status of a shipment or long-term goals like fitness tracking?

How much work will it entail? Will it send users reminders on a regular basis or pop up every now and then to congratulate them on reaching a goal? Or is it more of a hit-and-run situation, like checking the weather or game stats?

Make a fictitious CV for your chatbot. Make a list of its responsibilities and abilities. Concentrate on its advantages.

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Create a persona for your chatbot.

Create a backstory for your chatbot before you start crafting your screenplay. This is a strategy that is commonly employed in fiction writing, but it will give your bot more authenticity and help you develop its voice.

For example, if you were assigned to write a tale about a girl in a creative writing class, you could be at a loss for words. 

You might have an easier time envisioning what the girl looks like, sounds like, and feels like if you were told she's fifteen and going through her first breakup.

The character of your chatbot will aid you in determining the tone, writing style, maturity, and politeness with which you will write. It doesn't have to be interesting; your chatbot may just be a cheery bank teller or a hipster beer snob.

Connect your chatbot to your brand to make it more realistic and effective. A law company may not be the best fit for a chatbot with funny and emoji-heavy writing. Because your chatbot represents your company, it should appear and sound like a member of your team.

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