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Codelobster vs Phpstorm: A Complete And Quick Comparison

May 25, 22  |  Ibrahim Imran

Codelobster vs Phpstorm: Which one is better? In order to answer this, we really need to dig in and find out what both have to offer. In this article, we’ll uncover the strengths and weaknesses of both. At the end, you’ll have a great understanding of which one comes out on top of the other. 

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Codelobster vs Phpstorm: Let the Comparison Begin

In today's world, those who dare to create an integrated development environment for PHP are signing up for far more than just a PHP editor, debugger, and a few supporting tools. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some flavour of SQL are usually included in a PHP developer's stack, as are any number of front-end preprocessors or model view controller (MVC) frameworks.

This means that, in order to compete in the huge ecosystem of editors and IDEs, any PHP development environment must include plugins and convenience features for all of these related technologies.

CodeLobster PHP Edition and JetBrains PhpStorm are two programming environments that match these requirements.

Phpstorm: Benefits Explained 

Before we get into the final verdict comparison of each, let's have a look at each of them individually to see what they have to offer. Let's get started with Phpstorm right away.

Intelligent Coding Support

Hundreds of inspections check your code as you type it and analyse the entire project. PHPDoc support, a code (re)arranger and formatter, quick-fixes, and other features make it easier to develop clean, maintainable code.

Navigation with Smart Codes

The efficient, lightning-fast navigation features will help you master your codebase. The IDE recognises your destination and immediately transports you there.

Safe and Quick Refactoring

Rename, Move, Delete, Extract Method, Inline Variable, Push members Up / Pull members Down, Change Signature, and many other refactorings are safe to use. Language-specific refactorings allow you to make project-wide changes in a few clicks, all of which can be undone safely.

Debugging & Testing Made Simple

PhpStorm is known for its zero-configuration Visual Debugger, which gives you unparalleled insight into what's going on in your application at all times. It may be used locally or remotely and works with Xdebug and Zend Debugger. Unit testing with PHPUnit, Behat BDD, and profiler integration are all included.

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Codelobster: Benefits Explained 

CodeLobster was created primarily to deal with scripting on Windows computers, specifically PHP and JavaScript.

The code platform is at its core, and the development team builds a thick wall of supporting functions around it. We'll go through some of the most fundamental functions and how they can aid in this section.

Once loaded, the main IDE is quite basic, consisting of multiple panels that deal with various sets of information. These help to support the primary coding canvas in the center. You can move these around to your liking, and you can always add more or remove some.

We'll only give a quick rundown of the most useful functions because there are so many.

Color Coordination

Because script types are sometimes combined in web development, CodeLobster indicates distinct forms of code with different colors. While this may appear insignificant, it comes in handy while working on a codebase with several hundred lines.


Although many people believe that 'help' in programmes is rarely useful, CodeLobster's assistance system is context-sensitive.

This implies that help for extremely particular items like functions, tags, and properties is readily available. This is similar to having a built-in programming dictionary in the system, and it can be extremely useful for folks who are new to programming.


This is the first time we've seen it on an IDE, despite the fact that it's widespread on cellphones and maybe Google search. When CodeLobster recognises your code structure, it displays a list of methods from which you can choose.

Function autocomplete is available via a simple drop-down menu.


The PHP debugger is useful for both experienced and novice programmers since it allows scripts to be executed progressively. You'll be able to see the exact values that are computed and handed down as the script runs.

Connection to the Database

Nowadays, nearly no code is written that does not use a database, and CodeLobster provides built-in database connectivity. The SQL manager can do practically anything with a database, including running queries.


Once your code is tested and ready, you may upload it to a web server using the built-in FTP capability. Then, if necessary, any more changes can be done directly on that server.

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Codelobster vs Phpstorm: The Final Verdict in Detail 

Every major PHP MVC framework, as well as an increasing number of JavaScript libraries, are supported via CodeLobster plugins. Because this level of plugin support is rare in a PHP IDE, it's no surprise that you'll have to pay $99 for CodeLobster's top-tier license to access it.

This license also grants you access to sub-tier capabilities, like version control and CSS preprocessor support, among other perks.

JetBrains PhpStorm has all of these features, but it also has over 250 plugins, making it a bit more powerful in the plugin sector. Integrated testing with PHPUnit is also part of PhpStorm, which is a crucial tool for production code bases.

PhpStorm licensing must be renewed on an annual basis, starting at $89 and dropping to $53 after the third year. Do you require a commercial license? Depending on the number of users, this can raise the price to $199. However, it's worth noting that students, professors, and businesses are all eligible for free licenses.

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While PhpStorm's annual licensing plan is expensive, the company's regard for developers outside of the corporate market is commendable in the long term.

CodeLobster has embraced a freemium approach, which means that unless you buy one of their two licenses — Lite or Professional — you'll get a watered-down version of the software. The professional edition costs $99.95, while the Lite version is $39.95.

The most bizarre aspect of CodeLobster is that it is only accessible for Windows. It seems strange that CodeLobster would choose to ignore such a huge segment of the programming community after solving so many of the obstacles connected with PHP IDEs. Given that JetBrains provides a fully featured and cross-platform solution for the PHP IDE market, we believe CodeLobster loses the debate and will face competition in the future.

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