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Top Strategies to Convert a PHP Web Project to a Android App

Nov 04, 2022  |  Shuja Ali

A mobile app can have a lot more benefits than a simple website. But that's only possible if you have a quality mobile app with all the features and functionalities. Many businesses create websites using PHP as it is an open source programming language which is free to use and brings maximum benefits. But when they grow, they find it difficult to convert PHP project to android app. 

So, in this guide we will be discussing the two different strategies to convert PHP project to android app without much hustle and getting confused. But before we get started, you need to know the right time for converting a website to a mobile application. 

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When To Convert PHP Web Project To Android App?

There will be a time in every business where you need to create a mobile application for better exposure  and enhanced business opportunities. Although most businesses start with a web app, they switch to a mobile application at some point of time. Here are five indications that prove that the right time to convert PHP project to android app has come. 

  • Security is an issue 
  • Your audience is growing 
  • You want to enhance the user experience 
  • Reduced sales 
  • Low CTR 
  • Negative customer reviews 
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Types of Mobile Application

Before you start with the process of upgrading your web app to a fully functional mobile app, you need to be aware of the different types of mobile application. This will help you make better decisions and the app for your website will be a perfect one.

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1.Native Apps

Native apps are the ones that are functional for a single device. They have capabilities of running without an internet connection and run much faster than traditional PHP or Java applications. These applications can be down for a short period of time and may bring some server issues as well, but they are less costly and complicated in terms of coding.

2. Hybrid Apps 

Hybrid applications have a major advantage over native applications as they are available for all kinds of  devices. Due to this reason, many developers prefer hybrid apps over native ones as a single hybrid  application will be available for all the devices. Moreover, they bring a lot more functionalities and have less down time as compared to native applications. Hybrid applications are preferred over many native applications because they are flexible as well.   

3. Progressive Apps 

Progressive web applications are built using google site functions and are hosted inside Google, which itself is a major advantage. You will be able to run these applications without any internet connection more often than not. Progressive applications bring a lot of functionalities to their users when built to its potential.