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How to Create a Game App Like Temple Run - Features and Cost

Sep 29, 22  |  

Do you want to create a game app like temple run? Then, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we will discuss how you can create a game app like temple run. What should be its features? How does it cost to create a game app like Temple run?

Temple Run is the endless running game that was established back in 2010. It got popularity not only among kids but also among adults. There are thousands of running games available on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store. Why do people love playing Temple Run? So, let’s take an insight into why this is most popular and how to create your own game app like

Temple Run.

How to Create a Game App Like Temple Run

Temple Run is one of the most popular games. It crossed 2 billion downloads. If your app is designed and created well then it might get popular soon. 

Let’s find out what should be the features of the game app like Temple Run:

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Interesting Story Line

It is very important to keep an emphasis on creating fun games. It should be fast, casual, and has an interesting, easy-to-understand history. It is also important to implement natural and intuitive controls. You should work to the extreme with the controls to get the best. Intuitive controls really fit into people's lifestyles. Furthermore, simple controllers in Temple Run have made it easy for users to play the game with a single hand. Temple Run 2 was more successful and it was a pleasure for the users since the game was more difficult and had high graphics, in which missions kept it to the user.

Interesting Chase 

The person goes about and turns around 90 degrees. Consider the character who navigates the game as a developer. To create a Temple Run app, the character is highlighted. Make the game "tension" and make the run more interesting. For example, in Temple Run, the reason was that a sacred idol was robbed. Demon monkeys pursue the character, which makes it difficult for the character to run. The game should be interesting because it hooks up the user till the end and develops more interest. 

If you add the competitive factor that makes it difficult to put down a game by bragging to your friends on social media. Naturally, the people of the park are competitive and games like Temple Run are not too difficult or easy to play because they are fun, challenging, and competitive.

Add Creative Elements

Do not forget to apply controls, jumps, and obstacles for slide and tilt. You can be more creative and add lava or fire elements. App creators must add a bar of energy to keep the runner's energy high and eliminate tiredness. All in all, the game phases should be intensive and user-friendly. 

So in Temple Run what's different? Imangi has used the basic running game formula and added a familiar but distinctive world-style that reminds the people of Indiana Jones or other jungle adventures. The combination of aspects creates a challenging and yet rewarding game which is exactly what you want to distract a person with for five minutes for a mobile device. They built a better, familiar mousetrap compared to the then-best-running Canabalt game.

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Keep Experimenting

App creators should continue to try and experiment with different things. Think of Minion 2. Think about the game subway surfers. Or consider the tones of other similar games, which have a different kind of destiny, and know what you have to do to make it happen. Sadly, the problem is either that you get it right, or you don't! Take risks and find out what the audience likes.

Careful About Timing

Of course, it is always critical for success to release even if you release the coolest app in the world at the right time. For Temple Run, it started at approximately the same time it released the iPhone 4S. When the iPhone was purchased, popular sales of applications increased.

The app's top 50 downloaded lists have been pushed to 'Holy Grail' by a great gamble with timely sales.

Is the new application fitting with certain model phones using special features? Are you monitoring new models' release dates as well as old ones' price drops that stimulate new sales? How will you maximize your market release?

Create a Game App Like Temple Run: Cost

In the majority of cases, mobile game developers could be better hired. A professional game development firm can perform this task quickly, effectively, and competently. In order to avoid any hiccups that newbie developers are bound to experience, hiring experts with a strong portfolio on app stores. Look for developers who have millions of downloads for games – you can't do them wrong.

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Most developers of mobile games charge for an hour, but some prefer to give you a fixed price quote on your basis. You want a unique UI/UX game, and both the Apple App Store and Google Play want to be released. It means that for iOS and Android you will need two versions of the game. You are looking in this scenario to spend $40K ($10K for UI/UX designs, $20K for the iOS app, and $10K for the Android application). Considering the above-mentioned Unity licenses, this is very reasonable as you obtain a unique product developed by experts and tested thoroughly for bugs and errors.

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Ready to Create a Game App Like Temple Run 

Now, you know everything about how to develop game apps like temple run. The features, the cost, and the duration. Now, you’re ready to launch your game app. 

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