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Apr 30, 21  |  ibrahim imran

Custom Web Application Development - A Complete Guide

Custom web application development is the process of developing an application software that operates on a web server. It is accessed by users by a web browser with a network connection. As the world has moved into becoming technologically advanced and most of our time is spent online, many organizations have now begun to develop custom web applications in order to target a specific audience with ease, retain them, and keep them engaged. In fact, web applications have proven to be a vital component of both large and small business development. This is because by using web applications, businesses can develop strategies much more efficiently and effectively. 

If you are wondering what custom web application development is and what is the web application development process, you are certainly in the right place. Here, we are going to break down the entire process of custom web app development! 

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What is Custom Web App?

To cut it short, web applications are interactive programs that perform various functions over the internet. Generally, users do not have to install the application on the device like native software, instead, they can simply use the browsers to interact with the client-side application. Client-side application also known as frontend is fueled by a server-side application and large database that is part of the backend. 

A custom web application consists of languages that depend on the browser to make the software executable, web applications are typically written in browser-supported languages like JavaScript and HTML. Some of the program are complex and need processing on the server. Others are fully static, requiring no server processing. A web application includes a web server to handle client requests, an application server to carry out the tasks required, and, in some cases, a database to store the data. 

Generally, a standard custom web application flow looks like this:

  • Via a web browser or the application's user interface, the user sends a message to the web server over the Internet.
  • This request is forwarded to the relevant web application server by the web server.
  • The web application server completes the requested operation – such as querying the database or manipulating data – and then returns the output.
  • The mobile application server sends the requested information or stored data to the web server, which then replies to the client with the requested information, which appears on the user's monitor.

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Understanding the “Custom” in Custom Web Application

What is custom web app development? Well, although all web apps can be personalized to give users a unique experience, “custom” web apps are tailored to a specific demographic, audience, or business need. Web application custom development focuses on understanding the demands, using the right technologies, and creating a customized approach to solve the problems. 

Custom Web Application Development Process

If you are looking to invest in professional custom web application development services, you surely will have to hire an experienced website development company. However, before you get into the hiring process, it is important that you understand the “process” of your customized web application development. Other than this, knowing the  web application development pricing can make the process of web app development way smoother than expected. Below we have explained the process of  designing and developing custom web applications. 

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The first stage of any project is to be creative and plan out the important things. Ideation is the stage in which you formulate your application's main purpose, conduct analysis, and write down the important specifications. Ideation is both the first and the most important step in the custom web application development process.

Gap Analysis

A gap analysis is a way of evaluating the output gaps in a company's computer systems or software implementations to see whether application standards are being fulfilled and, if not, what steps can be taken to make sure they are.

Market Research

It's important to do analysis on rivals and customers. You must check to see if there are any similar applications out there in the market to gather information that can be used to develop the application concept.


A feasibility analysis determines whether a planned project or structure is feasible. The aim of a feasibility analysis is to discover the strengths and weaknesses of a current system logically and rationally. 


You've got the vision, the numbers, and a good idea of what needs to be done; now it's time to make a plan. Directions for architecture, production, and project management are included in the planning process. This guarantees that the project runs smoothly. Selecting the best technology stack, setting goals and project sprints, allocating funding, and identifying the user experience are all examples of general project preparation.

Technology Stack

Tools, systems, programming languages, and databases make up a technology stack. The efficiency and time to market an application are directly influenced by the stack chosen. Efficiency, scalability, project sophistication, level of protection, budget, implementation expenses, and time to market, are all factors to consider when choosing a technology stack. 


From creation to mockups to finalized UI, an app design goes through several levels, but it all starts with wireframes. A wireframe is a rough drawing of how you expect the product to look until it's fully developed. It's all about positioning, routing, and identifying the user journey as soon as possible.


Now, at this stage, your web application will begin to have a visual identity. App designers will use all the information collected in the previous stages and offer the app an appearance that makes sense and is aesthetically pleasing. Within the design process, colors, typography, buttons, drop-down menu, and a complete architecture of the application’s design will take place in order to create stunning visuals and better user experience. 

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When it comes to winning and keeping clients, a good user interface offers you a huge competitive advantage. The more aesthetically appealing and intuitive an application is, the easier it is to gain people's confidence. As a result, you'll have a better chance of gaining consumers, turning them into clients who may want to tell their friends about it.

UI and User Journey

With the help of a custom website application development companies, you can surely get the UI and user journey of your application done the right way. This is a crucial part of the web application development process as it helps influence engagement. Engagement metrics are very useful because they reveal what the consumers value and what motivates them to buy. You provide an experimental atmosphere for your consumers to connect with your solutions by improving your platform's user interface. Based on the interaction feedback you collect, you will progress on a new level and shape an offering that converts users into loyal users.


Finally, you'll start writing the code to execute the designs and construct the business logic at this stage. The development process is split into two parts: front-end and back-end, which can or may not be done at the same time.


The front-end is the part of the website where a person uses and communicates with (user interface). The purpose of this custom web application development process is to ensure that the application and database work behind the scenes to deliver information to the user. 


The back-end of an application is the part of the application that is not visible to the user (what some would call, under the hood). A backend app acts as a directory for users to sort the information they need. A front-end software uses protocols to transfer data to the backend over the internet. These protocols are only for communicating between apps. Backend developers write code that helps the frontend app produce database information.


Application prototyping is the stage of the custom web application development process in which an incomplete version of the software is created in order to simulate a few aspects of the final solution. Ultimately, this helps the development team to make sure there are no problems in the application. 

Test & QA

As we get closer to the end of the custom web application development process, testing and quality assurance is of much importance. Since testing helps identify any underlying problems and quality assurance ensures there won’t be future complications, testing and QA is imperative and something that surely can’t be ignored during the development phase of the web application.

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It's time to ship the software after it meets all of the rigorous checks and the quality team gives it the green light. The top custom web application development companies platforms like GitHub, BitBucket, Beanstalk Software, and FileZilla in order to distribute web apps to servers. When the web application is launched, it enters a development process, during which modifications, enhancements, and new features are introduced in response to user reviews.


After the application has been developed and launched for the target audience to use, you need to make sure the web application goes through a check-up and maintenance process. Ultimately, this will help keep the web application up to date in terms of technological changes and changes in user demands. 

Is Custom Web App Development for You?

As you can see, we have broken down the entire process of custom web and mobile application development. Now that you have a good idea as to what goes on in the development cycle of a web application, it is time for you to acquire affordable web application development services from top custom web application development companies! See our complete list of custom web application developers and see how they can help you with your business. 

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