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Dec 03, 21  |  Sharjeel Ashraf

DaoPush Advertising Platform Review - All You Need to Know

DaoPush is an advertising platform that allows advertisers with a multitude of possibilities for acquiring leads, generating more traffic for their brands, and increasing overall visibility of their products or services.

DaoPush mostly focuses on push notifications, prompts, and pop-ups but is gradually increasing the number of offerings it has in store. It is a great advertising platform that is affiliated with Terra Leads, ApiLead, InstallMonster, ZipMonster.  It should be noted that all the companies we listed above have already won the trust of thousands of webmasters.

DaoPush advertising platform works with all geographies and lets you manage unlimited traffic to landing pages through any channel of your choice.  

DaoPush offers services for:

  • Owners of websites
  • Extensions
  • Clickunder/popunder networks
  • Ad purchasers for driving visitors to landing pages

Main Advantages for Publishers on DaoPush

  • The percentage of revenue shared is determined by turnover and can range from 10% to 90%.
  • The use of a smart ad campaign rotation strategy results in the highest CPM possible.
  • Sanctions from search engines may be avoided.
  • Integration is a breeze.
  • Hundreds of proven landing pages in every category and location, all with customized translations
  • Daily payouts of $10 to Webmoney, Epayments, Wire, Paypal, and Bitcoin are available upon request.
  • Users are sent in a sparing mode.


Main Advantages for Advertisers on DaoPush

  • Minimum price is $0.001 per click, minimum deposit $50
  • Huge volume in network
  • Own base of subscribers, which is regularly updated
  • Highly convertible traffic with ROI up to 400%

Key Features of DaoPush You Should Know

  • The membership fee is $5, and the cost per click starts at $0.001.
  • Funds can be deposited and withdrawn using any payment system (including Webmoney, Epayments, Wire, and Paypal), with a minimum payment of $10.
  • Many landings have been tested across all verticals and geographies, with native translations.
  • Any traffic source may be easily integrated.
  • Sending to users in sparring mode
  • Every 15 minutes, the statistics are updated.
  • Advertising moderation that is quick and honest
  • Own subscriber database that is updated on a regular basis
  • Highly converted traffic with a 400% return on investment


How Publishers Can Earn from DaoPush Advertising Network?

Publishers looking to start earning from DaoPush advertising network can do so by creating their account. Once the account is created on the platform, they can get scripts that they can add to their network.

DaoPush network will take a week for approval.

A publisher will have the option to:

  • Link or Site scripts
  • choice of the landing page 
  • Details about advertiser and link
  • Option to download or save scripts and other assets

Screengrab of DaoPush advertisements

Getting Payments from DaoPush

The best part about DaoPush advertising platform is that the payouts are easy. You can also get DaoPush payments through the following mediums.

  • DaoPush pays if your account reaches $10 or more in a single day
  • They have a daily payment method that makes it easier for your to earn more from DaoPush easily
  • The team is supportive and anyone with the right amount of experience can easily earn affiliate income from DaoPush push notification platform

DaoPush Push Notification Platform: Types of Ads

DaoPush offers multiple push notifications to its users. These are:

  1. Popunder

After clicking on the website, a second ad section loads beneath the active window or tab.

  1. In-page Push

The In-Page Push banner appears on the user's smartphone as a push notification. An extra source of revenue for site owners, as well as a new audience (including iOS visitors) for marketers who are unfamiliar with push notifications.

  1. Push Notifications

Notifications that show on the user's PC, smartphone, or tablet's screen in the form of popup notifications. Use one of our custom landing pages to monetize your site.

FAQs of DaoPush Advertising Platform

  1. What countries does DaoPush Notification Platform support?

We cover the entire globe, however keep in mind that pricing for clicks/shows vary based on the country of impression.

  1. How much traffic can you get from your campaigns?

The amount of traffic generated is determined by a variety of targeting parameters, including country, category, rate, web browser, and operating system.

  1. What is the frequency of DaoPush push notifications?

Push alerts are sent out every hour on the hour. If an ad campaign includes 'by Time' notice targeting, the user will see advertising at HIS LOCAL TIME.

  1. How can you change the type of ads campaign created?

Changing a campaign's pay type from CPM to CPC or CPC to CPM is currently not possible. If you want to modify the pay type of an existing campaign, you must replicate it and alter the paytype mode.

  1. What model is more profitable for DaoPush Advertising Platform: CPC or CPM?

Both are excellent. The distinction lies in the end aim that you wish to achieve. CPM is greater if you launched an ad campaign to notify people about website or service news. If your ultimate objective is to increase sales, CPC is typically the way to go.

  1. What, where, and how much money can you withdraw?

You can start withdrawing from $ 10 and go up from there. Payments for the preceding week's period are made on Thursdays. There is also the option of placing an urgent payment order. Only business days are used to make urgent payments.

  1. How much can you earn with DaoPush Notification?

Your earning potential is limitless! Please keep in mind that impressions and clicks from Europe, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada (tiers 1 and 2), as well as Russia and Ukraine, are the most profitable. Please contact the management for the most up-to-date pricing.

  1. What OS & browsers are compatible with DaoPush Advertising Platform?

The program works with all operating systems and web browsers.


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