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Dec 01, 21  |  Sharjeel Ashraf

Decentraland MANA vs The Sandbox SAND: Understand in Detail

Decentraland Mana vs the Sanbox Sand. What are the differences? What exactly are they? This article aims to provide you with all the answers. 

It is important to learn about new metaverse projects called Decentraland MANA and The Sandbox SAND, and then go on to the other Metaverse platforms that are now being explored.

So, decentraland Mana vs the sandbox sand, keep reading on to find out! 

What is Metaverse?

Have you seen or played Second Life? GTA? Or any other open-world action player game? Consider Metaverse as the same. 

One game that people loved to play was SIMS. Metaverse brings SIMS into the real world. 

Consider having an avatar or a skin that you can use in the metaverse. This skin can do anything that you want it to do like walking, running, studying, playing, and even getting employed. 

A few films that depict Metaverse are Free Guy, Wall E, Ready Player One, and Matrix. These movies tell about an alternate reality where people can live for as long as they want.

But making Metaverse a reality requires framework and that is what blockchain technologies like MANA and SAND are offering to their users.

You can think of MANA and SAND as open worlds where people are free to do anything they want. Two games that have become a lot famous recently and are completely multiplayer are PUBG and Fortnite. These games are limited to fighting only. But what if you can do anything with that skin? The possibilities of doing things in the Metaverse are endless.


What is Decentraland MANA?

Users may develop virtual reality experiences and monetize content and apps on Decentraland, which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The community owns the land in Decentraland forever, allowing them complete authority over their projects.

Where to Store MANA? MANA Wallet Details

According to Decentraland's website, its native token MANA follows the ERC20 standard. Decentraland, on the other hand, has just created a bridge using wallet connect, allowing Polygon users to join as well.

Decentraland Team: MANA Experts

  • Decentraland has a security advisory board (SAB) that ensures the security of Decentraland's smart contracts.
  • This group is responsible for overseeing the DAO committee's activity as well as responding to vulnerability and bug complaints in any of Decentraland's contracts. The SAB also comprises five Solidity specialists who were hand-picked by the Decentraland development team.
  • The Decentraland team includes key figures in blockchain engineering, computer science, venture capital, and data analytics, and as a result, their pedigrees and backgrounds are diverse, which we consider being a strength.

What is Sandbox SAND?

Following that is the Sandbox, whose ticker is SAND. The Sandbox is a virtual environment where users may create and monetize their own game experiences using SAND, the Ethereum platform's utility coin. This platform intends to build an immersive Metaverse where users may collaborate to develop virtual worlds and games without the need for a centralized authority.


Where to Store SAND? SAND Wallet Explained

Sandbox's native coin, SAND, is also an ERC20 token. This means you may use any ERC20 wallet on the market for both projects, the most popular of which is My Ether Wallet; however, you can also use Metamask or Trustwallet if that's your taste.

Team SAND: The Sandbox Developers

  • The Sandbox team is spread across four countries, with expertise in startups, software development, finance, and blockchain business.
  • Sandbox has a core staff of five people, plus five advisers. There are higher chances that the Sandbox team will have stronger advancements, and as a result, the Sandbox team will win this round.

Buying MANA or SAND?

If you plan to buy MANA or SAND or land in any of these metaverses, the best option is to buy land somewhere near the main areas of attraction.

If you plan to buy MANA or SAND as a cryptocurrency, then you should buy both currencies on a dip. Just monitor the price charts for a monthly low. And start investing in those cryptocurrencies.

Experts forecast that the price of MANA, SAND, and other metaverse projects will skyrocket in near-future because Facebook is not creating hardware for metaverse projects.

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