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DeepMind vs OpenAI: Brief Overview

Feb 01, 23  |  Bakhtain Afzal

From surviving the greatest industrial revolutions to fierce world wars that transitioned economic patterns into a world dominated by machines - humans have come a long way. Living through three different revolutions, we're in the midst of the 4th revolution - the Artificial Intelligence and Big Data revolution. 

Like the previous shifts in world patterns, Intelligence 4.0 promises digital transformation.

Undeniably, Artificial Intelligence has the power to do it all for you, whether it's playing a video game or writing lines of code.

Today, OpenAI's GPT3 chatbot, an A.I. powered interactive model, is already the talk of the town. On the other hand, in 2016 DeepMind's AlphaGo reigned as the new buzz until OpenAI's ChatGPT dethroned it like clockwork. Now that both companies offer extraordinary benefits, let's learn who rules the roost in this article comparing DeepMind vs OpenAI.

What Is OpenAI?

OpenAI is a non-profit research organization working towards developing Artificial Intelligence in a perspective that benefits all humans. Elon Musk and Sam Altman founded the company in 2015, with its headquarters in California. 

The primary reason that motivated its founders was the current concerns of a potential catastrophe due to misuse of A.I. Meanwhile, the company has a long-term focus on developing A.I. that benefits its users through its advanced features. 

Today, research papers and OpenAI tools, such as ChatGPT3, are accessible to the general public except for research cases that can negatively raise safety concerns. 

What Is a GPT-3 Bot?

GPT-3 bot (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) is the 3rd version of the OpenAI tool yet to be released. It uses a pre-trained algorithm for the GPT 3 bot to generate text, i.e., the OpenAI chatbot has already been provided with all of the information it needs for performing a task.

In other words, the GPT has been fed information and specific data by OpenAI. It includes the entire text of Wikipedia and around 570 GB of text information gathered by crawling the internet (a publicly available dataset known as CommonCrawl).

How to Talk to a GPT3 Chatbot?

The artificially intelligent OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT, one of the OpenAI tools, has the power to respond to almost any user query. Using OpenAi Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback, ChatGPT is taught to be an interactive language model i.e., to have conversations using Machine Learning and human intervention. ChatGPT requires developers to register for an OpenAI API key before leveraging its competencies in their projects.

Here's a step-by-step process for using the OpenAI chatbot:

  • To join OpenAI, head towards the website and sign up.
  • Now generate a new API key, visit the API keys page for more information.
  • Always keep the API key with you, in this you will be able to access the ChatGPT model anytime.
  • To access the ChatGPT model from within Python code, you must install the OpenAI Python module. Simply typing "pip install OpenAI" at the prompt will begin the installation process.
  • After having the OpenAI package installed, the ChatGPT model can be accessed to generate a response to any natural language question.

What Is DeepMind?

DeepMind is an Artificial Intelligence company that serves as the baseline for DeepMind Reinforcement Learning which enables computers to perform tasks that were beyond the traditional competencies of the DeepMind tools. Such as beating human opponents in a game or predicting how proteins can fold themselves into specific shapes. Initially, DeepMind started as a London-based start-up in 2010. Later on, it was acquired by Google in 2014. Today, the company is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., Google's parent company. 

Overall, Deep Minds focuses on offering solutions that come in use as real-world applications. The DeepMind tools include the AlphaFold consisting of 3D models, which the Biological Research Labs currently employ.

Currently, the rise of the GPT3 bot is pushing DeepMind to raise its bar in the area of Artificial Intelligence; Deep Minds is planning to launch the DeepMind sparrow as a competitor to the GPT3 chatbot

What is DeepMind Sparrow? 

Since the release of ChatGPT, one of the OpenAI tools, Google has been trying to develop a competing product. DeepMind, a Google subsidiary renowned for its groundbreaking work in Artificial Intelligence research, has announced the upcoming release of a new chatbot - the DeepMind Sparrow. The company plans to launch the private Beta version of Sparrow in 2023 after being acquired by Google nine years prior.

Sparrow is one of the top DeepMind tools, first revealed by Google as a Proof-of-Concept in a research paper last year; the company is now marketing it as "an interactive chatbot model that stands on a solid algorithm for DeepMind bot offering a high usefulness rate and decreasing the chances of unsuitable answers."

OpenAI vs. DeepMind: A Brief Comparison

When comparing the two giants, OpenAI vs DeepMind, both offer surprising benefits with a unique set of goals and objectives. Although both companies have their foundational concept of A.I. development, their ideas stand differently. 

Here are the critical comparison factors of DeepMind vs OpenAI: 


OpenAI has released APIs for a commercial subscription to capitalize on the marketability of GPT-3. OpenAI has a shot at making money off of its APIs. Open A.I. can take advantage of Microsoft's assistance when training the language model by employing its supercomputer. Microsoft's enormous enterprise presence can be leveraged to assist the corporation in winning over new business customers.

However, DeepMind has been concentrating on Proof-of-Concept, where its assistants have beaten humans in complex games using DeepMind reinforcement learning approaches, such as AlphaGo.

Practicality and Usefulness 

Businesses may put GPT-3 to work in the real world to perform human tasks, making it the most consistent language model available. It has been utilized by writers for various purposes, including but not limited to articles, songs, novels, essays, technical manuals, and more. Businesses could benefit from the system's potential to improve chatbots, write code, build websites, etc.

Whereas, DeepMind's A.I. and DeepMind reinforcement learning has few real-world applications outside of specialized fields. Knowing that DeepMind is focused on cognition, R.L., etc. Google is simply using the information to enhance the available products on the web.

Safety Features 

DeepMind Sparrow is developed with higher security barriers - reducing the chance of biased and harmful answers. The chatbot uses A.I. techniques like differential privacy to make sure that no personal information is viewable to the public.

Also, its advanced features like the ability to review user queries before giving a response. This makes it less likely that no inappropriate answers will be provided to the users. 

Microsoft's Chat GPT still needs to get these safety features, but the company mentions to be working on adding them in the future. Mainly, OpenAI is still working on integrations that it lacks at its current initial stage. 

The DeepMind Algorithm 

The Algorithm for DeepMind bot is based on neural networks and uses "Deep-Reinforced Learning." 

This means that the A.I. can learn from its mistakes and improve at everything it does. The A.I. is general-purpose, meaning it is not set up to do a specific task immediately.

Which Company Has the Best A.I. Research? DeepMind vs OpenAI

After reading about the practical implications and comparing OpenAI vs DeepMind, it's crucial to analyze which company provides the best A.I. research. While both stand as top-tier research companies working for the advancement of Science and Artificial Intelligence, after the launch of ChatGPT3, DeepMind is on the wheels to serve groundbreaking applications of "Sparrow." 

In terms of research, OpenAI and DeepMind implement a deep reinforcement learning approach. But, both share mutual synergies, making it difficult to compare their A.I. advancement approaches. Referring to research, DeepMind stands on top as it provides its paper for predicting 3D protein structures, leading to the development of new drugs. 

DeepMind has more than 1,000 employees, including hundreds of well-paid Ph.D. graduates. They continue to publish academic papers, but the mainstream media only covers a small portion of their work. And that's where it needs more general popularity, yet, its practical application terms make it a better A.I. research company. 

How Does GPT-3 Work?

While GPT-3 bot successfully attracts mainstream media attention, the main reason for its popularity is the accessibility it offers. But it's the algorithm for GPT 3 bot that should get the real attention. To explain the working of the GPT3 chatbot, here's how it works. 

GPT-3 uses some data compression to turn millions of sample texts into vectors, which are numerical representations of the words. Later, the language model turns the compressed text into readable sentences that people can understand. The OpenAI algorithm for GPT 3 bot mainly uses text samples and examples to generate relatable content based on the instructions it provides. 

How Does DeepMind Make Money?

DeepMind can help Google's bottom line in two different ways. Either to bring in money or to cut costs. So far, what's happening is the latter, which gets less attention than big sales numbers but is just as valuable. DeepMind gets "revenue" from other Alphabet projects that use its technology. The most recent financial statement shows that this number more than tripled to £826 million in 2020. The amount spent went up from £717M to £780M.

Still, the company lost 477M pounds in 2019. So, sales and profits tripled for the first time from 2019 to 2020. If Deep Minds were a separate company, it would be worth billions of dollars based on these numbers and the intellectual property it has built.

Is Elon Musk Still Involved With OpenAI?

No, Elon Musk is no longer part of the people who own OpenAI. He helped start the organization and was one of its co-founders, but in 2018 he stopped being part of the ownership group.

In 2015, Elon Musk, a cofounder of OpenAI, was deeply involved in the development of OpenAI. At that time, Elon Musk worked a lot on A.I. and talked about how dangerous it could be if it weren't controlled. He saw OpenAI as a way to ensure that A.I. was developed safely and responsibly.

But in 2018, Elon Musk left the people who owned OpenAI. It was said that this decision was made because he was the CEO of both SpaceX and Tesla, which could have led to a conflict of interest. Both companies have a lot riding on the development of A.I., and Musk's work with OpenAI might look like a conflict of interest. Even though Elon Musk left the ownership group, he has continued to support OpenAI and its mission.

Which Is Better, OpenAI or DeepMind?

DeepMind can also improve natural language processing (NLP) and make substantial language models that can be used on a large scale. DeepMind has been working on improving Google's language models up until now. Now, a new paper called "AlignNet: Unsupervised Entity Alignment" also gives A.I. agents the power to understand dynamic real-world environments.

Even though GPT-3 and the algorithm for GPT 3 bot are getting a lot of attention, making them popular and valuable, yet Open A.I. is in the lead. 


What Does Google DeepMind Do?

Google DeepMind is a machine learning system that learns and makes predictions using large datasets and techniques. Deep neural networks and reinforcement learning inspire it.

Who Is the World Leader in A.I. Research?

In one word, it's DeepMind. Without second doubt, DeepMind stands as the world leader when it comes to A.I. research. 

Does Elon Musk Still Own OpenAI?

At this time, Elon Musk does not hold any stock in OpenAI. However, he was a former investor and the cofounder of OpenAI during its early stages. However, later, he sold his shares to Microsoft in 2018.

What Does GPT Stand For?

GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. 

Who Owns Deepmind?

One of the best A.I. research facilities in the world, DeepMind is owned by Google - a subsidiary owned by Alphabet.

Final Note 

When it comes to deepmind vs OpenAI, one thing is for sure that these Technology giants are putting all their resources into developing A.I. systems with artificial general intelligence (AGI). Still, the market for such systems is skeptical whether it is capable of achieving the desired goal. 

While OpenAi vs Deepmind stands as a constant debate due to both sharing mutual aims, i.e., the advancement of Artificial Intelligence. It's important to note that DeepMind has a more authentic research basis and a better algorithm for deepmind bot compared to ChatGPT3 bot that uses OpenAI reinforcement learning. It mainly crawls and generates responses on the search intent. 

Now that you know about the comparison and uses of both research companies, if you look forward to increasing your business revenues by being more accessible to your customers, you can always get a mobile app developed. At Distinguished, we have a list of top mobile app development companies that can transform your project into reality.

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