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Aug 25, 21  |  

DropSurfing vs DropShipping - Which is Better?

If you've ever dabbled in the world of DropShipping, or if you've just been investigating the benefits and cons of beginning a drop shipping business, you've probably come across a new word that's getting a lot of buzz in the industry: Drop Surfing. Yes, you've probably seen drop surfing vs dropshipping comparisons or read drop surfing reviews in which people have discussed how this makes it a terrific new opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses. We shall be making it abundantly clear what the differences between dropshipping vs dropsurfing are.

What is Dropshipping?

When learning about the difference of dropshipping vs dropsurfing, it is important to know the essence of both terms. 

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment approach for companies that don't want to carry or store goods. Purchases are supplied straight from the manufacturer or wholesaler to these eCommerce sites. It's a popular beginning point because it doesn't require much capital due to the lack of inventory. 

Essentially, the company functions as a third-party seller, allowing it to: 

  • They take product orders from customers. 
  • Following the customer's payment, the DropShipper transfers the order to the product's manufacturer or supplier, who purchases it. 
  • The product is delivered to the customer by the provider. 
  • Customer service is provided by the DropShipper on a continuing basis. 

The majority of a DropShipper's profit comes from regions where they can either A) lower costs relative to typical retail supply chains or B) raise product pricing. Dropshipping expenditures are mostly related to marketing and sales, rather than product development, which can help keep overhead low. 

For most sellers dropshipping is a godsend since it completely eliminates any third-party costs and does not require any capital investment upfront. Since there is no inventory cost, the DropShipper just has to supply the product to the customer after the full price has been paid.

Once you starting creating credible relationships with the suppliers, dropshipping is great to immediately earn a profit. This article will help you learn more about dropshipping vs dropsurfing, dispel some myths, and see if it'll work for your eCommerce store. 

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What is DropSurfing?

Now that you have an understanding of dropshipping, it is important to learn about dropsurfing in detail so to understand dropshipping vs dropsurfing topic.

When you run a dropshipping business but use numerous suppliers for the same products, you employ the drop surfing strategy. When a consumer purchases something from your store, you look at several manufacturers or wholesalers to determine which is the best buying choice for that customer. There are a few compelling reasons to do so: 

  • Businesses may charge varying prices for the flat rate product. 
  • Some companies may charge fixed rates for shipping while others charge variable rates, so comparing each order might be beneficial. 
  • You can save money on shipping by choosing a supplier who ships slowly but still delivers on schedule, or by selecting one who is closer to the consumer (cutting transport zones lowers freight costs). 
  • You can negotiate better if you have a large order volume, and spreading out your orders allows you to achieve several minimum requirements to keep these offers. 

This is something that a lot of people do on Amazon and other marketplaces when numerous vendors sell the same product but have different pricing or shipping options. If your company is seeking products for this form of drop shipping, you may talk to wholesalers directly or go to marketplaces like AliExpress that specialize in DropShipping. Moving forward we shall be looking at dropsurfing vs dropshipping in greater detail in terms of value addition to the entire shipping process.

Surfing the Trends

Another definition of drop surfing that some people use is using all of your marketing budget and experience to predict which things will be hot next month and get them in your store this month. Instead of keeping a steady catalog, your store's inventory is always changing in order to catch the latest trends and make sales based on what's selling. 

When done correctly, this can be more profitable, but it is also time-consuming. You'll need to not only detect the current trends but also discover products that fit them and a partner who will ship them for you.  If you're thinking about doing this, you should start by looking for relevant trends so you can establish a brand around specific product categories. This encourages people to return to your store the next time they need anything. 

Drop surfing is merely a form of dropshipping, as should be obvious by now. Drop surfers, rather than working with a limited number of merchants and products to dropship, Dropsurfers are constantly changing what they sell. The business is more dynamic and carries greater risks, but you can strike it rich if you're lucky.

What is the Difference between DropShipping and DropSurfing? 

You've probably figured out what the difference between drop shopping and drop surfing is by now. Surfing the trends for the cheapest products + Drop Shipping = Drop Surfing, to put it simply. 

However, before you decide on drop surfing over drop shipping as your preferred business strategy, let's compare the two and discover which is the better fit for your requirements. We can easily state that by merely looking at the technique behind drop surfing, there is a tremendous possibility for you to maximize profit margins employing their approach – which is something that most firms are constantly after. 

Dropshipping is a great way for people to earn extra money for people that are already employed in a company. The catch however is that handling dropshipping is a full-time task and will keep you occupied 24/7. If you hire a person to handle the dropshipping orders for you then you shall be losing money from your monthly profits, a dropshipping software here can do wonders for you in decreasing the handling and shipment time for the customers. 

Why Should You Use Dropsurfing Software? 

Apart from decreasing the operational time and costs, DropSurfing also helps you to:

Guarantee Shipping Times 

You'll be engaging with a variety of merchants and suppliers for order delivery while drop surfing. This puts you at their mercy, and any hiccup in the delivery procedure will only tarnish your company's image.  With the correct drop surfing tools, you can be confident in the vendors'/suppliers' credibility and know that orders will be delivered on time.

Receive Notifications If Product Prices Change 

Similarly, another great benefit of DropSurfing software is that it shall update the latest prices of the goods that you are intending to sell on your website and shall notify you of any changes. A prior intimation of price changes is crucial in setting up on-time deliveries and quoting the correct price to the buyer. This also saves the DropShipper from paying out of the pocket and losing money over the item. Constantly updated prices keep you on top of your game and help retain the customer’s trust in your services. 

DropSurfing Ecommerce Pros 

  • Low-cost of entry
  • With the right software, you can scan from thousands of products and suppliers.
  • Focus kept on marketing as packaging handling and delivery is accomplished automatically.

DropSurfing Ecommerce Cons 

  • Without appropriate software, it can be a hassle to scale the DropSurfing business.
  • Paid monthly subscription for decent DropSurfing software.