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Best Dropshipping Business Tips: Learn to Grow Your Store Faster

Jun 18, 2022  |  Ibrahim Imran

Starting a dropshipping business is one of the easiest ways to make money online in 2021.However, because the barrier to entry is so low, dropshipping has surged in popularity over the last decade, resulting in fierce competition to arise.

So, if you're considering beginning a dropshipping business as a side hustle or a way to quit your full-time job, the easy steps detailed in our blog can help you save time and grow a dropshipping business successfully.

Before we get into the tips to growing a dropshipping business, let’s cover some important questions. What is dropshipping? How does dropshipping work? and what are the best dropshipping business tips to follow? Keep reading on to find out! 

What is Dropshipping? 

A dropshipping business allows you to sell products to customers without having to keep any inventory. A customer pays full price for an item in your store. You next send the order to your supplier, who charges you at a wholesale price. When your supplier receives the order, they ship it directly to the consumer under your company's name.

Basically, when it comes to starting a dropshipping business, all you have to do is create an online store website, find consumers, and provide customer service. Ever Since people found out the potential of best dropshipping business tips has, thousands of people have started to make five-, six-, and seven-figure incomes from drop shipping around the world, and there's no reason why you can't do the same.

However, in order for you to use the right techniques to grow a dropshipping business, you must first have a good understanding regarding how the dropshipping business model works. This is because dropshipping isn’t the same as traditional retail and ecommerce businesses. 

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How Dropshipping Works

As you can see in the above paragraph, best dropshipping business tips model works like this:

  • Customer makes a purchase from your online store at the price you’ve set for that product.
  • After the customer makes the purchase, the order is sent to the supplier and you pay a wholesale price.
  • Once the supplier receives the order, it is then shipped directly to the customer under your business name.

Dropshipping Statistics 

Why’d we add this section to our blog? Well, we know you’re here for the best dropshipping business tips to grow your business, but it is also important for you to be well aware of what you’re getting into beforehand. Due to the drastic increase in popularity for dropshipping businesses, we understand that many people are a bit skeptical in regards to dropshipping businesses being a viable business model. Therefore, most people are cautious about getting into it. Well, if you’re not sure about starting a dropshipping business and need proof regarding its potential, here you go:

Although there is less information concerning best dropshipping tips in general, these numbers should provide you some peace of mind (and, hopefully, a sense of excitement).

  • Dropshipping has become the principal business model for 33% of internet retailers.
  • In 2011, dropshipping accounted for 34% of all products sold on Amazon, and the percentage has only increased since then. That's $14.2 billion in drop-shipped merchandise from just one website.
  • By 2025, the dropshipping industry is expected to reach USD 557.9 billion.

6 Tips to Growing a Successful Dropshipping Business

Follow the six steps below if you want to build a dropshipping business that can compete with retail behemoths on a low budget. While starting a drop shipping business does not require you to make a big investment, it does require a great deal of effort.

Select a Niche

The niche you choose should be laser-focused and something you're passionate about. It will be tough to advertise a product selection that is not of your interest. Since it takes a lot of work to successfully expand a dropshipping business, if you aren't passionate about the niche you choose, you'll be more likely to become discouraged overtime which surely won’t be fruitful for your dropshipping business and its future. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a niche;

  • Select a niche with higher-priced products
  • Find something that is inexpensive to ship
  • Make sure the product is highly searched by customers
  • Sell a product that is not easily available in local markets
  • Products should appeal to impulse buyers at disposable incomes.

Competitor Analysis 

Keep in mind that you'll be up against other drop shipping businesses as well as retail giants such as Walmart and Amazon. This is where many dropshippers go astray, as they begin to  search for a product with little to no competition. However, a product that has no competition is an indicator that the product isn't in high demand. So, don't make that mistake! 

In fact, when doing market research, you’ll realize that most of the products that don’t have competition are the ones with high transportation costs, supplier and manufacturing challenges, or low profit margins. Which is why a product may not have a lot of competitors. So, when doing marketing research/competitor analysis, look for products with competition, as this indicates a strong level of demand and a viable business plan.

Secure Your Supplier 

Due to the fact that partnering with the wrong supplier can be disastrous for your organisation, you must take this step slowly. You have to make sure you do your homework. This is because the majority of dropshipping suppliers are based overseas, and since communication is critical, you really need to be 100% confident in the communication abilities of your potential supplier before partnering with them.

Alibaba has grown to become one of the most popular online platforms for finding and communicating with potential manufacturers and suppliers. So, you can conduct your supplier search on this platform. Another factor to consider when securing your supplier is that in case your company expands rapidly, you have to be sure they'll be able to scale with you.

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Website Design & Development

Now, this is a very important aspect of your dropshipping business. You obviously need an online store to attract customers and provide them with a seamless customer experience. Hence, in order to do so, you’ll need a website. However, having just a website is not enough. Your website must be responsive, fully-functional, and aesthetically appealing. More importantly, the website must support a dropshipping business model. 

One of the quickest and most effective ways to kickstart a website that supports a dropshipping business model and has various features that can help you increase your sales is Shopify. However, you can explore more ecommerce platforms and determine which one suits your business best. 

Audience-Specific Marketing 

Once you’ve selected your niche, are determined what products are best for you to sell, have a strong supplier to help you out, and possess a responsive website to begin your online dropshipping business, you need to determine the right marketing strategy to gain visibility and attract the audience to your site. 

There are various strategies to attract potential clients, but starting a Facebook marketing campaign is the most effective. This helps you to boost sales and make money straight away, which can help you scale quickly. 

Other than this, pay attention to search engine optimization and email marketing. Start collecting emails right away and set up automated email campaigns with discounts and special offers. It's a simple approach to make revenue from your existing client base without having to spend money on advertising or marketing.

Consistent Testing & Data Collection 

In order to make sure your dropshipping business grows, you must keep track of all accessible data and indicators. If Facebook is your primary customer acquisition channel, this includes Google Analytics traffic and Facebook conversion pixel data. When you can track every single conversion, you'll be able to see where the consumer came from and what path they took on your site that led to a sale. This allows you to scale what works while eliminating what doesn't.

Bottom-line: Best Dropshipping Business Tips Explained

These are the best dropshipping business tips that you should know about.

When it comes to dropshipping, there will never be a marketing or advertising solution that you can completely rely on. You must constantly test new opportunities and fine-tune existing campaigns in order to determine whether to optimise or adjust campaign spending. That's how you learn and excel.

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