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Mar 15, 22  |  Ibrahim Imran

Fix 308 Error Code: Troubleshooting Tips You Need to Know

What exactly is a 308 Permanent Redirect, and how do you fix 308 error code? Here's how to handle the status code without causing more harm to your site.

You've probably heard about 301 redirects if you own a website. Have you ever encountered a status code of 308 Permanent Redirect?

These are less well-known, yet they may be equally important to your marketing efforts.

Here's all you need to know about the 308 Permanent Redirect status code, as well as tried-and-true solutions for correcting it without causing more harm to your website.

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308 Error Code

What Is a 308 Permanent Redirect and How Does It Work?

Before we get right into how to fix 308 error code, let’s discuss what it is and how it works. 

Similar to 301 Moved Permanently, 308 Permanent Redirect indicates that the resource the user attempted to access has moved to a different URI.

The 308 is a relatively new code that was just introduced to the RFC7238 specification to fill the void left by codes like 301, 302, and 307.

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Is This a Client-Side Error?

Let's have a look at how the internet works before we answer this question.

On the internet, there are two key players: servers and clients.

Assume you're using your browser to access a website. You're using a web client to connect to the internet.

With your request to access the web page, the web client sends a message to the server. When you make a request to your server to access a resource, the server responds with an HTTP status code.

A successful request, a client error, or a server error are all possible status codes. In actuality, there are five different types of HTTP response status codes:

  • Status codes 1xx: Requests for information
  • 2xx status codes indicate that the request was successful.
  • Redirects are represented by the 3xx status codes.
  • 4xx codes of status: Errors by clients
  • Server failures are indicated by the 5xx status codes.

Despite their differences, they all inform a user whether a certain HTTP request has been completed successfully.

The 308 Permanent Redirect that we're investigating today is part of the 3xx status codes or redirects group. Some of the status codes in the category, such as 301 Moved Permanently and 307 Temporary Redirect, might have a direct impact on your site's user experience and SEO health.

In comparison, status codes in the 4xx group – such as the 404 Not Found error – indicate a problem on the client side. The 5xx status codes, on the other hand, indicate that the issue is caused by anything on the server side of things.

We can completely disregard the client-side of things because the 308 Permanent Redirect indicates a problem on the server side.

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What Is the Difference Between Redirects 301, 302, 307, and 308?

Let's understand the differences of each before we get into how to fix 308 error code.

One of the most prevalent redirects is the 301 redirect. It signifies that the resource has been transferred permanently and that change of the request method from POST to GET is permitted. If you want to permanently redirect a moved or deleted page, or if the structure of your permalinks has changed, you should use this redirect. To avoid a 404 error, always add a 301 redirect to your removed or moved pages.

302 Found: A 302 redirect is a one-time redirect that sends visitors and search engines to a different page for a set period of time. It indicates that the resource has been moved temporarily and that conversion of the request method from POST to GET is permitted. When you're rebuilding or changing your website, use this redirect.

307 Temporary Redirect: The HTTP 1.1 successor to 302 redirects is the 307 Temporary Redirect. It indicates that the resource has been moved temporarily and that converting the request method from POST to GET is prohibited.

As you can see from the list above, this collection of codes is missing a status code that signals a permanent redirect that prevents the conversion of POST to GET. The 308 status code serves this purpose.

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Wondering how to fix 308 Error Code

What Is a 308 Permanent Redirect Response Code and How to Fix 308 Error Code?

If your website is returning a 308 Permanent Redirect response code, follow these steps to diagnose and resolve the problem.

Make a Complete Backup of your Application.

This suggestion is more of a piece of safety advise than a code-fixing method. You must make a replica of your website on a secondary server that isn't online or otherwise active if you don't want to further damage it.

Before you try to remedy the problem and update the system, make a complete backup. This creates a safe environment in which you may test all potential fixes without jeopardizing the security of your live application.

Ensure that your Server is Configured Correctly.

The first real advice on the list is to examine your web server's configuration files for any unintended redirect instructions.

Your application is served by one of two web servers: Apache or Nginx. If it's running on an Apache server, make sure apache server and.htaccess are both checked.

If you're using Nginx, you only need to verify one file: nginx conf_. After you've found the files, look for a 308 status code and see what comes up. If it does, you must change it. If you don't require the status code, you may either remove it totally or apply it to a single page.

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Troubleshoot Your Application Code

Probably one of the best ways to fix 308 error code is to troubleshoot your app code. Server-side logs are kept by almost every web application. The history of what the application did while running a website is frequently stored in application logs.

If the troubleshooting step above didn't solve the problem, the issue could be due to custom code in your application.

You must manually debug your application code to discover if this is the case. When something goes wrong, go through a step-by-step troubleshooting process to replicate the exact scenario that caused the 308 Permanent Redirect and see the application code.

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Final Thoughts

The 308 Permanent Redirect status code indicates that the user's requested resource has moved to a different URI.

The best technique to fix 308 error code is to: 

Verify your server's settings.

Debug the code in your application.

You should invest in a reliable website maintenance solution to assist you automatically spot such mistakes in the future to avoid status codes severely influencing your user experience and SEO performance. Exai, for example, can detect an issue as soon as it arises. You can rest assured that your website is current and completely functional, allowing you to maintain a strong online presence.

If you are in need of professional help, connect with the best website development companies at Distinguished.io today. 

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