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Oct 12, 21  |  ibrahim imran

Flappy Bird Revenue: What You Need to Know

How much did flappy bird make in revenue? This  article will not only provide you with a clear answer to the flappy bird revenue question but also a genuine explanation of what the end of flappy bird teaches regardless of how much revenue it made. 

The Launch of Flappy Bird 

Flappy Bird, a mobile game developed by Dong Nguyen in Vietnam and distributed by DotGEARS Studios, was released in May 2013.It immediately gained traction, and by January 2014, it had surpassed 50 million downloads, making it one of the most successful free Android and iOS games. The obvious question is: how much money did Flappy Bird bring in? The game's creator stated that in-app advertising brought in $50,000 each day.

It was quickly panned due to its Super Mario-like design. Developer Nguyen deleted the game from the app stores in February 2014, blaming its addictive nature and claiming shame as a primary factor.

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Flappy Bird Revenue Key Statistics 

So, if you’re already not aware of the flappy bird revenue, here are some key flappy bird revenue statistics;

  • On an annualized basis, advertising revenue amounts to $18 million (Source: The Verge)
  • By January 2014, there will have been 50 million downloads.
  • In app stores, there are 68,000 reviews.
  • In 53 nations, the game is the most popular free app.
  • The Twitter account of Flappy Bird's creator has 148k followers.

The number of downloads for Flappy Bird spiked at the start of 2014, then fell after the game was withdrawn. According to Zach Will, the game's extraordinary success was fueled by a spike in reviews on January 9th.

But, if the game was generated suching a high amount of revenue, why did it get deleted? Keep reading on to find out. 

What Does the Deletion of Flappy Bird Teach Us?

What can other developers learn from the creation, existence, and death of the viral blockbuster game Flappy Bird, which has captivated gamers and commentators alike, one week after developer Dong Nguyen deleted it from the iOS and Android stores?

Regrettably, the lessons are not pleasant. Flappy Bird's story paints a very grim picture for indie developers and small teams.

It's highly doubtful that your app will be able to cover your monthly rent, let alone provide you with a livable wage. It's no longer enough to have a solid game to get noticed. Be prepared for everyone to doubt the legitimacy of your appearance if you do manage to get your head above water with a little amount of notoriety. Then there's the issue of clones swarming the app stores, attempting to syphon off the user base looking for your game.

Flappy Bird Revenue of 50,000 Still Ends Game

Let's start with the revenue imbalance.While Flappy Bird's reported daily advertising revenue of $50,000 may seem impressive, which it is. It fails in comparison to the successful game - Clash of Clans. With an annual income of $892 million, that's a $2.27 million daily run.

The difference between the top-performing games, whether freemium (like Clash of Clans) or ad-supported, is two orders of magnitude. When you consider how few games achieve even Flappy Bird's level of success, the chances of striking it rich in an App Store are slim.

You can't rely on your game design to be unique. Flappy Bird may have been marketed as a "challenging" game, but there is no doubt that the mechanics of the game, from the almost instant desire to play a second game to the exact balancing of the physics as you flapped into the sky, Flappy Bird got the mechanics just right.

Despite this, it remained largely dormant in the app stores for seven months after its introduction in May 2013, before climbing the ranks to become the cultural sensation of Q1 2014. Flappy Bird needed outside help to get out of the digital slush pile, whether it was through bots, paid boosting, or some well-placed recommendations.

Why Did it Get Deleted?

Even if consumers engage with your game, even if your app becomes well-known, and even if you manage to create traction for your app, you'll still have to deal with clones. Hundreds of developers are releasing games that look the same, have similar names (in some cases identical names), and are all vying for your prospective user base.

Flappy Bird has brought attention to a problem with the Apple Store, Google Play, and Windows Phone Store's app testing methods. They may check code for API limitations, but they don't check for 'apps that look like other apps' right away. The app shops have only confirmed that checks are now in place a week after Flappy Bird was removed, and even then, it's based only on the game's name, and these regulations appear to be in place only for new submissions to the store.

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How to Avoid Flappy Bird Failure? 

If you’re interested in creating an app like flappy birds or something better, there is one thing you have to emulate in order to avoid failure. Firstly, Dong Nguyen's naivety rendered him incapable of dealing with Flappy Bird's success. Part of that accomplishment was growing large enough to attract sceptics. Big companies should never use unexpected success as an excuse for eventual failure, and tiny businesses, even individuals, can learn from Nguyen's example.

Prepare to communicate with customers, to use any feedback constructively, even if it isn't constructive, and to start thinking about the next version as soon as the current one is released. Consider how you'll safeguard your intellectual property in the event that you create something that others desire to copy. And if you aren't ready for success, you shouldn't be releasing things or services that the general public may like or dislike. Even large corporations fail when they create something that makes a promise they cannot keep.  

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