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Gym Management Dashboard Software: Features, Pricing Details

Oct 27, 2022  |  Sharjeel Ashraf

The world is getting digital and with every passing day more technological refinements are coming in the real world. A few years ago, the whole gym management dashboard software in most countries were using hard copies. Tickets were issued on slips and cards that people used to keep with them when they visited the gym.

In fact, most gymnasiums had a particular stamp that ensured that the person had paid their bills. However, that is no longer the case.

With gym management dashboards, one can easily manage their gymnasium online. Now they can create accounts of their gym members and then accept and deny payments on the same.

How Can Gym Management Dashboards Help?

According to Technavio, the  gym management dashboard software management market is expected to increase by $150 million between 2021 and 2024, at an 11 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). According to the analysis, the North American area will account for 35% of the total market share.

Companies that are looking forward to launching SaaS software solutions for the health and fitness industry wonder what the Gym management dashboards cost will be? 

Let’s go through all the aspects you should know about Gym management dashboards including their features, cost, and benefits.

Cost of developing a Gym Management Dashboard 

The cost of developing  gym management dashboard software is determined by a number of factors, including 

  • Features
  • Technologies
  • Platforms
  • Scalability

For example, including biometric or sophisticated customer management features into your Gym management dashboard would undoubtedly cost extra.

In simple terms, a large amount of the Gym management software dashboard cost is related with development hours and hourly rate of developers. 

In the United Kingdom, for example, the hourly pay for a gym management software ranges from $60 to $80. Gym management software costs between $45,000 and $60,000 based on this.

Gym Management Dashboards Features

gym management dashboard software available today have a variety of capabilities. As a result, you should understand what features you should look for in the Gym management dashboard. Continue reading this post to learn about the features that are required for your Gymnasium solution.

Biometric Integration

Biometric technology may be used by gyms to improve security and authorisation on their premises. Multiple biometric devices may be linked with the Gym management dashboard system and placed at the facilities. Gym administrators will be able to block the account of any client or individual thanks to biometric integration if they are delisted or they have not paid for the period.

Client Management

Client/Customer management should be an element of the gym management dashboard. This gives the Gym administrators influence over a number of things. For example, they may provide the software solution with personal information about the consumer, such as age, birthdays, anniversaries, address, and so on. These may be used to maintain ongoing contact with clients.

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Marketing Tools

Although practically every Gym employs some form of marketing, a Gym management software must also have one. By incorporating marketing features into a Gym management software system, gyms will be able to use their client information to generate marketing campaigns based on this data.

Gym owners will need to devise a marketing plan to make advantage of these technologies. It is obvious that including marketing capabilities into Gym management software features assists Gym owners in streamlining their marketing activities.

Reports and Analysis

A significant amount of data has little value to an average individual unless it is reported and analyzed. The report and analysis capability generates reports and visualizes data using powerful data analytics capabilities. Customers, workers, appointments, stock, income, spending, and other information can all be included. All of these reports will assist gym owners in developing the best plan for their organization.

Online Appointment Booking

Another prominent aspect of gym management software systems. This functionality is already present in the majority of items on the market. Customers will find it handy because most people prefer to do their tasks via mobile devices or the internet. Customers can make online reservations for available time slots. The bookings are promptly updated in the software database, removing the possibility of two bookings being made at the same time.

This function is used by the majority of organizations in a number of sectors, including healthcare, to manage their clients' appointments.

Employee Management

Dedicated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems for gym centers to run their operations are pricey. It is a chance for your Gym management software solution to offer personnel management to these gyms. Gym owners should be able to manage their personnel effectively with the help of your Gym management solution.

You may activate this function by including employee attendance, wage calculation, leave management, and other similar tools into your Gym management software. Some sophisticated implementations of this feature include measuring employees' performance and awarding raises or bonuses based on their performance.

Different Access Control

The Gym administration software will be used not only by the admin, but also by the trainers and management personnel. As a result, access restriction should be dependent on the degree of personnel or designations in your Gym management software. The admin/owner, on the other hand, will have complete access to all information.

These are the essential characteristics of any Gym management software system. Other standard elements, however, like a trainee access portal and national ID integration, must be included in your Gym management software package.

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Gym Management Dashboard Software (Benefits)

More power means more efficiency. The incorporation of technology into gym management promotes operational transparency while also increasing consumer happiness. Gym and fitness management software has been shown in studies to improve revenue by 33% and customer retention by 25%. Additionally, the software solutions may save nearly two hours of administrative effort every day.

Billing Automation

One of the most major advantages of Gym management software systems is the integrated invoicing system. Gym owners will not have to worry about creating and handling bills because the software solution will do it for them when they pay for their subscription. Furthermore, gym administration software eliminates duplication and other human mistakes.

24/7 Gym Monitoring

Gym owners may manage their Gym centers from anywhere in the globe by using a cloud-based Gym management software system. With complete control over the business, the owners can boost Gym member retention and even attract new clients by offering discounts and promotions.

Book Meeting Online

Customers are more inclined to renew their subscriptions online if they have the opportunity. It gives them a more important sense of service excellence. Existing Gym members may also book personal training and classes. However, you must guarantee that the booking process is simple.

Manage The customers Better

Gym administration software with an integrated membership dashboard enables Gym managers to manage client memberships easily. The program may automatically give discounts or coupons based on the customer's connection with the Gym center.

Personal Trainer Management

Gym owners may control demand and supply for personal training by utilizing Gym software solutions. Personal training session demand is quite significant, making it tough for gym owners to handle. When consumers use the software solution to schedule advanced personal training sessions, the admin will know the actual demand and will engage additional resources accordingly.

Digital Signatures

Customers will be able to sign up for memberships digitally using the gym administration software. Customers can read the terms and conditions online and sign them whenever it is convenient for them. It will enhance their security, authenticity, integrity, and traceability.

Business Insights

Gym owners will gain important business insights from modern data analytics, allowing them to successfully manage their Gym centers. They will scrutinize every aspect of client payments, memberships, attendance, advancement, and so on.

Track Client Activities

The trainee's activities will also be tracked by the Gym centers. They can assess their workout preferences and utilize this information to determine the need for human resources (trainers). This minimizes the number of excess training teachers. Gym management systems can employ RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology to aid Gym centers handle trainee activities.

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