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Healthcare Mobile Application Development: A Quick Guide

Jun 01, 22  |  

In today’s world, people resolve the majority of their vital problems using their smart devices and the healthcare industry is no different. In the new covid-19 reality where so much of the business transactions has shifted towards remote services and added to this is the growing list of new diseases, healthcare systems are seeing changes across the board.

The healthcare mobile application development services are booming across the united states with the advent of newer technologies in the last decade, making the future of healthcare application development look bright and extremely promising for patients.

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The automation of the process of getting an appointment, diagnosis, and treatment from a healthcare facility is so lucrative that many entrepreneurs want to invest in this technology. To the investors, it makes sense to put money in areas such as primary research, product design, development, and maintenance.

Healthcare mobile application development services that assist patients in health-related tasks, from lifestyle apps like fitness and meditation apps to sophisticated products that help healthcare professionals identify and resolve complex issues.

The choice is obvious between standing in line to wait for a General Practitioner to see you when you are unwell or tapping a few buttons on your phone to schedule an appointment from the comfort of your home.

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Benefits of Mhealth App Development for Patients

  • Keeping a health-journal
  • Accurate information on Drugs and Vaccinations
  • News digests and reviews
  • Online Consultations over the internet

Benefits of Mhealth App Development for Business Owners

  • Save staff time

You can use an app that is integrated with the clinic's centralized database if you manage a clinic. After that, each doctor can look at the patient's electronic medical record and history, as well as test results, and add new information. The time previously spent on paperwork will now be used much more efficiently, resulting in higher service quality.

  • Increased customer engagement

A healthcare mobile application for a medical center that sends out notifications on news, promotions, special offers, and appointment reminders on a regular basis will be extremely valuable for the patients. By following this strategy, first-time clients will automatically convert themselves into loyal customers.

Different Types of Mobile Healthcare Applications 

  • For Patients
  1. Scheduling Appointments 
  2. Fitness and Wellness
  3. Mental Health Apps
  4. Self- Diagnosing 
  • For Medical Professionals
  1. Remote Monitoring
  2. Communication 
  3. Appointment Management
  4. Telemedicine

Important Features of Healthcare Mobile Application Development 

  • Reports and Analysis

In healthcare data plays an important role in determining the health of the patients. Many features of the apps include keeping track of medications and allergies. The data generated in the process can be presented in a visually pleasing manner so that data is digestible and accessible to the patient. 

  • Fetch Nutritional Information

There are several included available options in the healthcare application, for example, if a person is trying to monitor his diet, then micro and macro nutritional data should be available to the client regarding the food being consumed.

This will help the patient monitor his/her diet and figure out the best healthy combination with respect to their age and lifestyle. 

  • Fetch Clinical Report Data

A lab results feature can be integrated into the mobile application that can show the results from different labs and of different types of tests performed. This information can also be amalgamated in a manner that’s easy to look up and understand.

The feature may require a partnership with healthcare facilities to fetch data through an API. The fetched results can then be recorded and saved on the healthcare mobile application.

Factors to Consider Before Developing a Mobile App for Healthcare 

  • Minimum Viable Product 

A minimal viable product development method can help you increase your return on investment. The complete set of functionalities is added through several iterations in a minimal viable product.

You can start of with health care mobile application development by creating functionalities such as online booking and appointment scheduling, and then branching out towards different functionalities necessitated and informed by patient-doctor needs.

You keep changing the versions and upgrading the software after customer feedback and market response. The sooner you launch your product, the better chances you have for creating relationships with your customers and fill the market niche.

Plus, with an MVP you can test your app quicker and determine its weak points and adjust branding and marketing strategy, simultaneously working on its features.   

  • Target Segment 

Before starting on the development process it is wise to get accustomed to the different healthcare regulations of that specific country.

Medical and patient data is protected by law in the united states and you shall have to get the required approvals from the related authorities before being able to fetch data of your patients on your purpose-built application. 

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Top Healthcare Applications in Terms of Revenue

According to Sensortower, the list of top-grossing health & fitness apps worldwide looks like this (all are available for iOS and Android devices): 

  • Calm

Integrated healthcare mobile app features lets you set goals to reduce anxiety, improve sleep and increase focus. You can select from high-quality backgrounds and sounds and there is a section dedication to meditation and master classes improving quality of life. 

  • MyFitnessPal

 It has become the go-to app for the quick and easy calculation of calories and has become an indispensable tool in maintaining healthy diets for millions of people. It contains a broad database of products that customers can search for and figure out information such as micro and macronutrients, with a healthy eating plan attached according to different lifestyles. 

  • Strava

Strava has become an important part of many cycling sports enthusiasts who cannot imagine training without its popular features to help them in their workout sessions. The app has a GPS tracker, a daily workout tracker, and social media features to complement and record the daily achievements in exercise. 

  • Headspace

The healthcare mobile app features in this app contain minute-long mediation sessions for people that are new to it and are just delving into the meditation scene. This is a meditation app for people on the go. The interface is easy to use and understand and popular with business persons and frequent flyers.

Best Patient-Focused Healthcare Applications in the Us

Among the dozens of healthcare applications available, you'll find a few that are considerably more useful in improving ways that you can manage your health. These applications give you more control over your health at your leisure, from appointment scheduling to medication reminders and retrieving your medical data.

Some top-performing healthcare applications in the US include: 

  • ZocDoc

If you're tired of waiting for appointments for extended periods of time, the ZocDoc app can assist. MTI College and Becker's Hospital Review have both praised the app. It eliminates the inconveniences of scheduling a doctor's appointment by offering a fast online booking option. 

  • Medisafe

The Medisafe app provides you alerts on your smartphone when it's time to take your medications. This application functions as a "virtual pillbox." Patients who use Medisafe have seen dramatic changes in their health because it helps them to take prescriptions on time and exactly as recommended.

How Much Does Healthcare Mobile Application Development Cost?

The cost of designing an app is mostly determined by its complexity and number of screens, as well as the different embedded technological functionalities. Compare and contrast a basic meditation app with a complicated telemedicine system or a medical center administration platform.

The most practical method for calculating the ultimate cost of medical app development is to use an estimate of professional working hours. The total amount of hours is accounted for.

Depending on the service provider you select, the hourly charge starts at $20 and may go up to $150.

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Find an Agency That Has Worked in Healthcare

We at distinguished.io believe that only the best healthcare application development companies should be able to walk you through the whole process of developing your app, from conception to launch and beyond, while offering advice based on their prior work. Their expertise should extend well beyond a few apps created and should be able to provide expert consultation in areas where your company might require highly customized solutions.

We shall connect you with healthcare software application development companies that have built customized solutions for companies and are extremely gifted in their knowledge and the in-depth solutions provided to clients.

Gauging the portfolio of these companies and checking their previous work would be invaluable before hiring a company to work with. A high-level mobile application company will provide you with the best services since they believe that are only as good as their last project and this is done to keep the quality of work high in the organization.


The advancement of healthcare software application development provides us all with one of the most valuable benefits: the ability to save time. A smartphone with internet connectivity may now write a letter, identify a better route, or make a restaurant reservation in seconds. As a result, we're seeing an uptick in the creation of medical applications that may help people track their health, eat better, and communicate with doctors more easily and quickly.

Creating a viable product is a team effort. An experienced healthcare mobile application development company can help you to minimize the number of mistakes at the start of the project and quickly implement the MVP version, and in the long term — save your money and get a high level of service.

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