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How Many Metaverse Platforms Are There: Top Metaverses You Can Enter Today

Jun 28, 22  |  Admin

How many platforms exist in the metaverse? Well, there are more in the developing phase than you could even imagine. Therefore, while we can’t pin down a number to answer this question “how many metaverse platforms are there?”, an estimation would be more than 10,000 virtual worlds. 

What began as a notion in the gaming industry has evolved into the Metaverse, a completely new 3D environment. Additionally, every business in the technology or entertainment industries wants a piece of it.

The era of the digital world is becoming increasingly bizarre. Technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence have completely revolutionized society.

Since everything in the metaverse is virtual, you can see and experience it even though it doesn't exist. If you're having trouble understanding this material, think about science fiction movies like Ready Player One and The Matrix. Recall how, in The Matrix, characters would enter completely new universes as soon as they were connected, functioning in ways that were alien to our reality.

Everybody wants new and exciting experiences, which has given rise to an entirely new idea in entertainment known as an immersive experience, which serves as the Metaverse's guiding principle and moral code. You may simulate the sensation of being in the Amazonian jungle or living in ancient Egypt with the push of a button.

This article will discuss important Metaverses platforms that are now available and give you completely unique immersive experiences that you have never had before.

So, if you were wondering how many metaverse platforms are there, here are the top 5 metaverse platforms you can enter and get started in right away. 

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The Sandbox 

When finding the answer to how many metaverse platforms are there, most people know there's one that is very popular and continuously growing; The Sandbox.

The Sandbox is a decentralized NFT gaming metaverse built on Ethereum. Tech-savvy users can make, sell, buy, and monetize their virtual reality NFTs using this platform.

Creators can earn money through their works and blockchain gaming experiences on this community-driven platform. The Sandbox gives you complete freedom to promote your originality and creativity inside your Sandbox. You could throw events, organize exhibits, build your own land, and so much more.

The Sandbox Whitepaper is the ideal resource for learning everything you need to know about the platform. The users of Sandbox, referred to as Sand holders, take part in the governance of the platform through a decentralized autonomous organization, making the ecosystem's operation as open as it can be.

The Sandbox is an asset; it's a setting where users/participants may create, own, and monetize their whole gaming experience using SAND, the platform's token.

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The virtual environment that the users also own can be created, traded, monetized, and explored on the platform known as Decentraland.

With Decentraland, you can push the boundaries of your imagination, which you'll almost certainly do by creating settings, pieces of art, obstacles, and even more. Utilizing the platform's basic builder tool makes it possible. The website includes everything for all different kinds of producers; for instance, the platform offers the most cutting-edge and in-demand technologies to increase the interactivity of your environment by adding social games and multimedia applications.

Even though the Metaverse is virtual, it is still a universe, and what kind of universe would it be if it didn't allow for interactivity, communication, and connections between its inhabitants? At Decentraland, you get the opportunity to explore the Land made by other users and pick up a few new skills while being amused by wholly unique and never-before-seen adventures.

The Decentraland Marketplace, which is the most fascinating and entertaining location to be, allows you to buy and sell land as well as things like avatars, wearables, and names. The Ethereum blockchain-backed latest and greatest digital items and accessories might be kept in stock.

To make the best of the Metaverse accessible to everyone, Decentraland also plans international events. The platform has put together some absolute bangers, including Magic Hours, the Australian Open Metaverse, Boxhead Friends, Drop, Buffalo Metaverse Tour, and many more.

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Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity's platform gives little indication of what to anticipate in its Metaverse. Flying robots, mutants with hammers in their hands, flying animals, and other creatures you've never seen before greet you. The medieval banners radically alter the atmosphere as you scroll down more, surprising you.

Primarily a video game universe, Axie Infinity is home to fascinating animals known as Axies. In conflicts and wars, players can pet them and use them to their benefit whether constructing, growing, or defending their world. At first glance, the universe appears to be no different from any other online multiplayer game, where new players complete tasks to level up and more seasoned players start battles and declare hostilities with one another to claim their wealth.

The key distinction between Axie and other traditional games is that thanks to the platform's blockchain economic design, players may build intricate economies that are interdependent on one another. Due to the game's open-economic system, players benefit from these economies as they advance to more advanced stages by receiving rewards and prospective resources that have actual monetary value.

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Sorare is the perfect online soccer game if you enjoy playing it. It provides collectible digital cards for users to trade with one another in the open market of the portal. At Sorare, you can instantly transform your fantasy into reality and enjoy football like never before.

Additionally, you can assemble and manage your team utilizing hitherto untried tactics, designate lineups, and receive points for the actual performances of your players. Doing all of this allows you to connect with football on a deeper level as you watch the chosen one make history on the field.

And wait, that's not all; when you demonstrate your mettle by fighting against other managers and moving up the divisions to win the game, you are rewarded with weekly offers and prizes based on how well you perform in the fantasy league.

With new teams joining the platform every week, Sorare has over 215 fully licenced clubs (the list includes clubs like FC Barcelona FC Bayern Munchen), which keeps the ecosystem interesting, engaging, and competitive all at once.

The Game in Sorare is a free promotional game that is run in a number of competitions to highlight the organizer's primary endeavor: selecting the best team to represent professional football players. A special point system that takes into account players' actual performances in real life during the competition determines whose squad is the best. On its Game Rules page, information regarding the matches and what's in store is provided.

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