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How to know if you're blocked on Marco Polo?

Aug 11, 2022  |  Raza Mehmood

If you're looking for information on how to utilize the Marco Polo software without a phone number, you've come to the correct spot. Yes, you may use the Marco Polo app without providing a phone number. But, before I explain to you how to utilize Marco Polo without a phone number, let me give you some background about Marco Polo. I hope you enjoy it.

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Marco Polo is a secure, user-friendly tool that combines the best features of texting, social media, and video conferencing. The nicest aspect about this software is that you can use it without a phone number.

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Is Marco Polo a Social Media App?

Marco Polo differs from other social networking applications in that it is authentic, trustworthy, and intended to benefit you. Unlike many other programs, Marco Polo does not sell users' data for advertising. Marco Polo isn't interested in social comparisons or likes. Parents sincerely desire that their children utilize this software. In addition to other social sites, it allows users to create a Marco Polo without a phone number.

How is Marco Polo different?

Life is frantic. Marco Polo is available anytime you have a spare moment, even if your schedules do not align. Unlike other video applications, you do not need to be connected to the internet to utilize this one.

When it comes to the people you care about, texts and social media don't provide a whole picture, and phone conversations are tough to plan. Face-to-face encounters are an excellent way to check in on your loved ones.

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How to Contact Marco Polo Without a Phone Number

  • Install the Marco Polo app on your iPhone or Android device. To download Marco Polo, go to the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android), search for it, and then hit "Get" or "Download."
  • Start using the app when you've launched it. To open the app on your phone, tap it.
  • From the drop-down option, choose "Start." The first step in the account registration procedure will be forwarded to you.
  • Fill in the blanks with your phone number. This information will be used to give you a verification code so you can start using the app right away. After entering your phone number into the provided space, click "Next."
  • To complete the purchase, enter the code that was sent to your phone. Marco Polo will send you a four-digit verification code via SMS. Go to your messages and enter the code into the proper boxes to validate your phone number.
  • Please include your first and last names, as well as your email address. This data will be used to monitor your app usage.
  • Make some new friends. Tap "Locate Friends" to find those with whom you'd want to utilize Marco Polo. Allow Marco Polo access to your contacts to display a list of contacts from your contacts folder. When you're finished, press "Done" and choose which friends you want to invite to the app.

How to use Marco Polo 

Marco Polo is said to be a walkie-talkie video. When you initially start the app, you'll be able to add friends to your Marco Polo by scanning the contacts on your phone. You won't be able to find anyone on Marco Polo whose phone number you don't already have. I appreciate how it's restricted in this way so that outsiders who don't know your children's phone numbers can't use the app to find them.

Is it possible to detect if you’ve been blocked?

If you receive a notice that reads, "Message Not Delivered," or if you receive no notification at all, this might be an indication of a potential block. After that, you might try phoning the person. You've most certainly been blocked if the call goes directly to voicemail or rings once (or half a ring) before going to voicemail.

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To put it simply, blocking a phone number on your Android phone prevents the caller from reaching you. Calls are sent to voicemail rather than ringing through to your phone. In contrast, the prohibited caller would only hear your phone ring once before being diverted to voicemail.

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How can I update my phone number on Marco Polo?

You have the option of changing the phone number linked to your Marco Polo account. We'll send you an email to confirm your account before guiding you through the process of transferring your account from your old number to your new one.

(Please keep in mind that if you already have a Marco Polo account connected to your new phone number, this step will block access to it.) If you wish to delete any polos sent with that account before proceeding, you must do so first.)

When you enter your account information here and hit "Verify Account," we'll send you a verification email to finish the process. In order for the verification procedure to succeed, you must use the email address associated with your previous account in conjunction with your old phone number.

So, if you change the phone number associated with your account, your previous account (contacts, groups, and Polo archives) will be transferred to your new phone number.

We offer two options for updating your phone number that is tied to your account! If you still have access to your former phone number, this is your first choice. Take the following steps:


If you already have an account for your new phone number, you must erase it first. Then you may switch your old phone number to your new phone number. The second way to alter your phone number is to send an email. If you no longer have access to your prior phone number, this is the best alternative.

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